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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 148

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 148: The correct way to wear a green hat 3

“Fugui, Huakai, you two finally back. Go home and take a look. Your mother had run away!”

Jiang Fu and Jiang Hua just got off the school bus. There were also a few classmates who studied at the central elementary school in the town. Before they could walk into the village, they were stopped by a few meddlesome people.

They were talking in urgency, but their eyes shone with amusement.

This kind of silly niubi was indispensable everywhere. It was as if they feared that the disturbance at home was not hard enough.

“What are you talking about? Fugui, Huakai, don’t listen to him, your mother has gone to your grandma’s house. It was said that your grandma is sick. Don’t worry. Your mother will be back in a few days.”

“Yes, Fugui, you are an elder brother. Take good care of your dad and sister these days. If you lack anything, come to grandma’s house to find grandma, OK?”

Several kind-hearted villagers stared at these troublemakers and quickly comforted the brother and sister.

“What did I say wrong? Isn’t that Yu Hongmei hates the poor and loves the rich? She ran back to her natal family after seeing Jiang Liu in an accident. Else could it be so coincidental that her mother fell ill at this time? “

The man murmured a few words, looking unconvinced. Jiang Fu could not hear what he said. He only knew that he took his sister by the hand and hurried in the direction of home.

“Hoo-hoo-hoo -“

Jiang Fu was the eldest brother. When he was very young, his dad taught him that he was a boy and he should protect his mother and younger sister when dad was not around. Therefore, although he was only seven years old this year, the little boy was far more sensible than his much older peers.

He was running fast now, but his sister, who was being pulled by him, obviously could not keep up with him. As she panted for breath, she couldn’t help crying out, “Waa–” 

“Run, can’t run anymore.”

Huakai was a bit squeamish because Yu Hongmei was different from most homemakers in the village. She is a woman who likes to enjoy herself. In addition to buying things for herself, she also likes buying beautiful clothes for her children.

Aunt Man Chun previously estimated that the Jiang family should have saved 100,000 yuan in recent years. She far overestimated Yu Hongmei spending. In fact, the money in her hands was less than 30,000 yuan. Most of the money was spent on dressing up.

When the women in the village were using lipsticks worth only ten to twenty yuan bought from the small shop, Yu Hongmei was already familiar with luxury goods like Chanel and Dior. With the development of the news media, Yu Hongmei saw a whole new world from TV and newspapers.

She often felt that her appearance was not much worse than that of a female star. Still, because she was young and ignorant, she was married to an incompetent construction worker who can’t give her anything except a few thousand yuan a month.

This growing unwillingness made her look at her daughter, who looks similar to her five or six points and even more beautiful than she does. When taking care of her daughter’s Huakai, Yu Hongmei had a kind of impulse that what she hadn’t gotten before, her daughter must be able to obtain it. Yu Hongmei often thinks that maybe her daughter was the opportunity for her to cross classes.

Therefore, Jiang Hua was the most beloved baby of the whole family before Jiang Liu’s incident.

However, because of the change in the original body, Yu Hongmei realized that she might not have to rely on her daughter to change the status quo. She could also do the same. This kind of selfish love naturally gradually faded away.

However, Jiang Hua, who was only seven years old, did not know the change in her position in her mother’s mind. She only knew that her brother had been dragging her to run. Her heels were very painful because she had just put on these small leather shoes for a few days. Hence, she didn’t want to run with her brother anymore.

“Huakai, you have to be good. Brother will give you marshmallows to eat at night, OK?”

Jiang Fu was too anxious. At this moment, he was not in the mood to spend too much time coaxing his sister. He casually said something to her and continued to pull her towards home.

Jiang Hua sniffed. When she heard that her brother would let her eat marshmallows, she wiped her tears with her little hand and finally followed obediently.

“Dad, Dad!”

The first thing Jiang Fu did after entering the house was to find his dad.

The Jiang family’s bedrooms were all on the second floor. However, due to Jiang Liu’s leg injury, Lin Ye set up a camper bed and temporarily divided the living room on the first floor as his good brother’s bedroom.

To relieve his boredom, Lin Ye also bought a small colour TV, some DVDs and placed them on the opposite side of the camper bed. He hopes that when there is no one, the original body can watch TV to relieve his boredom.

When Jiang Fu rushed into the living room, the TV was turned off. He only saw his dad lying on the bed with his back facing him. There were a few pots of vegetables on the table, covered with a plastic dining table cover. The room was quiet without the slightest bit of resentment.

“Dad, Dad!”

Jiang Fu called his dad repeatedly as he rushed towards the camper bed.

“Both of you already back? Your grandmother, Man Chun, had helped us cook some dishes for dinner. The rice is on the stove. Go and bring some bowls.”

Jiang Liu got up, ready to get the crutches beside the bed.

He needs to recuperate now and could not walk on crutches for a long time. In fact, he shouldn’t move. During this month, he should only lie on the bed and let others bring food and drink to him. Even faeces and urine should be settled on the bed using the potty.

However, he couldn’t lie down on the bed to rest under the current situation, so Jiang Liu picked up the crutches on the side and prepared to walk to the dining table to eat.

“Dad, you can’t get up. Uncle Lin said so.”

Like a little adult, Jiang Fu grabbed the pair of crutches before Jiang Liu could reach it.

This pair of crutches was made for the original body. They were pure solid wood and obviously not light. Jiang Fu was only seven years old this year. Hence, it was still a bit difficult for him to carry that pair of crutches.

“Dad, I’ll bring you some food. You have to be obedient. Don’t move.”

As he held his father’s crutches, Jiang Fu could not help but wiped his tears. He had not seen his mother appearance for so long after he went home, and he had a vague premonition in his heart.

Do not say that a child of this age could not understand anything. In fact, in the days after his father came home with injury, Jiang Fu had seen the impatience in his mother’s eyes countless times. Such a mother was strange to him. Before that, Jiang Fu had always felt that his mother was very gentle and kind-hearted.

He did not know why his mother had such a significant change. He only knew that there were so many things that started to change following the accident. The original harmonious atmosphere of this family seemed to disappear in an instant.

Mother became anxious and irritable, and she no longer had that quiet and gentle smile on her face.

Dad was no longer the once firm and courageous father. He always rushed to take the wine mother handed to him. He then drank until he becomes so drunk. Every day when he came back and wanted to tell him about the fun things he had experienced in school, he could only get a cold response from him.

Jiang Fu did not dare to cry. He comforted himself. Maybe as what grandmother had said, his mother just went home to visit her grandma. It was not like his mother wanted to abandon him and Huakai.

The little boy resisted the dull pain in his heart. He ran to the kitchen, took out a big bowl from the cupboard, stepped on a small stool, and filled some rice from the rice pot into the big bowl. When he left the kitchen, he glanced at the cupboard where mother often took the wine from. After thinking about it, Jiang Fu still did not get the wine for his dad. He felt that wine was not a good thing. After all, every time he drank wine, he would not pay attention to him and his sister.

When he came out of the kitchen, Jiang Hua finally ran to the door of the house.

This little girl who was doted by the whole family was obviously not as mature as Jiang Fu was. The first thing she did after reaching home was cry and ask for her mother.

“Brother, where did mom go?”

Jiang Hua pouted. She had been running too fast just now, so much that stones rubbed her leather shoes. She wanted to complain to her mother and blame her brother for pulling her to run and making her little leather shoes broken.

Jiang Hua rummaged through the room and even ran upstairs to find her mother. The squeamish little girl was so sad that she simply fell down and cried.

“Mom went to grandma’s house and will be back in a few days.”

Jiang Fu knelt on the chair, put some dishes in the big bowl, then took the chopsticks and spoon before walking to the camper bed and handed the bowl and chopsticks to his dad.

“Why doesn’t my mother come back? I want my mother.”

There was no way to reason with a crying child. Jiang Hua’s cries are getting louder and louder. Jiang Fu looked at his father and saw that he was eating quietly. He did not appear as if he would coax Jiang Hua anytime soon. Jiang Fu felt his mouth was a little bitter. He could only resign to his fate and ran to coax his sister.

Yet, he was just a child. He was tired, and his sister did not plan to stop anytime soon. Jiang Fu had no choice but to give up. He went to the kitchen, took out two rice bowls, and then silently ate his bowl of rice.

Not only dad ignores her, but even her brother also ignored her. Jiang Hua covered her eyes with both hands and cried while opening two small slits with her fingers together. When he saw his father and brother eating quietly and did not mean to coax her, Jiang Hua’s cry finally changed from howling to sobbing.


Finally tired of crying, she wiped her eyes with her sleeves and then sat down at the dining table to eat.

When her mother comes back, she must tell her that today dad and brother had bullied her.

The little girl shed tears while eating. The rice was mixed with salty tears, and her appearance was so pitiful.

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“Host, this is not like you.”

After watching the scene, 001 asked curiously. In its heart, the host’s patience with children was very high. Yet, his attitude towards Jiang Hua today was obviously too cold.

“Have you heard a story?”

It was late at night. Jiang Fu and Jiang Hua had already fallen asleep in their respective bedrooms. Jiang Liu looked at the ceiling of the living room and opened his mouth.

“One day, someone went to the psychiatric department to see a doctor. He told the doctor that he had severe depression and asked the doctor if he could treat it.”

“The doctor told him that they have the funniest clown in the city, and the clown could cure him.”

“The man was silent for a moment and replied. Doctor, I am the clown.”

After listening to this passage, 001 seems to understand something.

For a long time, it felt that its host was an unfeeling, optimistic and jovial person. The past life experience never seems to leave a trace on him. During their first contact, Jiang Liu acted like a silly man with a glib tongue. No matter what happens, he was always laughing and joking. It rarely sees him getting angry, and he rarely loses his mind.

 Before that, 001 felt that someone who had experienced that kind of life should be extreme and cynical. At the very least, he should have all sorts of complaints and dissatisfaction with the suffering brought to him by life.

Yet, these characteristics had never appeared in Jiang Liu.

When in actuality, it was not as if those experiences had never left a trace on him. Instead, those obscure and dark things were buried deep in his heart.

Yet, Jiang Hua’s performance today had immediately pierced the scar in his heart, slapping those bad and bloody things in his face.

001 could not help but wonder if Jiang Liu had once cried and asked his grandfather, where is his father? Where is his mother? Did others laugh at him for being a motherless child? Did he fought with others who called his mother a ruthless bitch and then ran home and asked his grandfather why he had such a mother…

001 has no way of knowing all this. For the first time, 001 understood the feeling of distress.

“Hahaha, I just boasted that you are a mature system. Why are you being deceived again? It is nothing. I just wanted to grind that little girl’s temper. Do you really think that I am sad because of that scene? I have already forgotten about the things that have been going on for so long. “

Jiang Liu was laughing and joking. The previous haze on his face was nowhere to be seen.

001 could not tell the difference between the previous Jiang Liu and the current Jiang Liu; which one is true and false.


001 grunted angrily, then disappeared in midair.

Although it was not smart enough to distinguish Jiang Liu’s emotions, it understands that Jiang Liu does not want it to know. Hence 001 decided to pretend not to know. Even if they were each other’s closest partners, in some small corners in the depths of their hearts, it also understands that Jiang Liu does not want it to know. It should leave that secret to Jiang Liu and let him guard the secret of his heart by himself.

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