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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 149

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Chapter 149: The correct way to wear a green hat 4

Fan Fang was a meticulous person. To convince the other party, she believed it was important to act the whole set. Hence, she immediately packed her bags and went to the hospital the day her daughter Yu Hongmei returned to her natal home. As an older person, it was not uncommon to have minor illnesses here and there. Fan Fang found a painful spot at random and was successfully hospitalized.

She planned to let her daughter take care of her in the hospital these days. Even if someone from Jiang’s family doubted it and decided to investigate, she would have complete evidence at hand to confirm that her daughter was really at the hospital, taking care of her sick mother. This can also be used to wash away the bad reputation of her daughter.

Yu Hongmei was supposed to be vigil that day, but Fan Fang was not really sick. Furthermore, the condition for staying at night in the hospital was also not good. The hospital only provided a narrow folding bed for the caregiver. Fan Fang felt distressed for her daughter, so she asked her to find a small hotel next to the hospital to live in for a few days. Yet, Yu Hongmei did not do as her mother had planned for her. As soon as she left the hospital, she took out her handphone and dialled a number. With a joyful expression on her face, she flagged down a taxi and headed downtown.


A man and a woman lay naked in bed in a hotel in the city of Tianqing. The room still smelled musky from the love-making session.

The man has a burly figure. This was probably due to his perennial smoking and drinking habit. Not only his beer belly was a bit eye-catching, but even his appearance was also ordinary. The bridge of his nose was a bit collapsed, making his big nose appeared like a bullnose. At this moment, he has a cigarette in his hand while satisfaction oozing from his face.

“Mei-zi, are you going to divorce your man?”

Jiang Tiancheng let out a mouthful of smoke. Without looking at the woman next to him, he casually asked.

The Mei-zi in his mouth was referring to Yu Hongmei.

Like the original body, Jiang Tiancheng also originated from Fengyang County, yet Jiang Tiancheng came from a better background. Both his parents were workers. As soon as he reached the age of working, he replaced his father’s position and lived a very comfortable life.

[T/N: During the Cultural Revolution era, children could inherit their parents’ jobs.]

Yet, Jiang Tiancheng was a man with an active mind. He faintly perceived the signal that the state-owned factory may decline soon and saw the business prospects. Despite the blockage from his relatives, friends and the threat of a hunger strike from his parents, he still resolutely chose to quit his work and went to the south searching for fortune.

Jiang Tiancheng’s first attempt was unsuccessful. At that time, he did not know the sinister heart of other people and lost all his money. He was also almost caught by the police in the name of speculation.

Jiang Tiancheng was already married at that time and had a two-year-old daughter. Jiang Tiancheng’s wife’s family background was similar to that of Jiang’s family. His father-in-law and mother-in-law were also retired workers. Jiang Tiancheng’s wife married him due to their match condition rather than a matter of feeling.

He already had a fierce quarrel with his wife when he decided to quit his stable job. This time, his failure had utterly ruined his first marriage.

Jiang Tiancheng did not have any money at the time. In addition, out of guilt for her daughter, his ex-wife chose to leave the house and left the house and savings to Jiang Tiancheng. As for her, her relatives introduced her to a widowed engineer not long after the divorce.

For the high esteem Jiang Tiancheng, the departure of his wife rekindled his fighting spirit. After the divorce, he entrusted his daughter, Jiang Ruyi, to his parents and with the remaining money, he chose to go south again. This time he was fortunate. The trendy BB gun made him a fortune.

Now Jiang Tiancheng has several disc shops in Tianqing City. He also ran two net cafes. With a net worth of nearly 10 million yuan, he bought a villa covering an area of more than 300 square meters for his parents and daughters in his hometown at Fengyang County. He bought a commercial house of more than 200 square meters in the urban area. He could be considered a successful person in Fengyang County.

The acquaintance of Jiang Tiancheng and Yu Hongmei was also a coincidence.

Yu Hongmei likes to watch dramas from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Yet, at this time, they were fewer channels available on TV. More often, everyone was used to going to disc shops to rent the drama.

As a full-time housewife, Yu Hongmei does not have many things to do at home. Her children were transported to and from school every day. The school also provided lunch. After cleaning the house, she either spend her time shopping or watching TV.

Therefore, Yu Hongmei’s demand for drama discs was enormous. At that time, Jiang Tiancheng had just opened a new store in Fengyang County. As the owner, he stayed at this branch for a month or two and became familiar with each other.

Yu Hongmei has a delicate appearance. Apart from having no parent-in-law to control her, she is also willing to invest in her own appearance. Despite having a twin, she looks no different from those girls in their early twenties.

She likes those of Qiong Yao’s drama. Hence when she speaks and does things, she often likes to imitate how the heroine acted in the drama. She will speak softly and coupled with her gentle and quiet expression. It gave an impression of being a little timid and pitiful. Such temperament was relatively rare in the north. Soon, this beautiful female customer aroused Jiang Tiancheng’s interest.

[T/N: One of the most popular Qiong Yao’s drama is My Fair Princess/Huanzhugege. I guess she likes to act like Zhi Wei (Acted by Ruby Lin), though my most favourite character is Xiaoyanzi (Played by Vicki Zhao)]

At that time, Yu Hongmei was also lonely because her husband was not around all year-round. After knowing the identity of Jiang Tiancheng, the two of them started to play half-push and half-pull drama half-heartedly.

Nevertheless, Yu Hongmei was aware that she is a married woman. She was still satisfied with her current life and understood that she couldn’t marry Jiang Tiancheng. Hence, when she was dating Jiang Tiancheng, she would set the location in the urban area. After all, Fengyang County was too small, and she did not want others to know about her affair.

Even after few years, no one really noticed her affair with Jiang Tiancheng.

Yet, time can change a lot of things. It was precisely because of the long time spent with Jiang Tiancheng that Yu Hongmei was getting more and more indifferent to the man who can only take home three or four thousand yuan a month. It can be said that Jiang Liu’s accident became the last straw that overwhelms the elephant.

Yu Hongmei could not wait to rush and marry Jiang Tiancheng once she left Jiang’s house.

She should be happy when Jiang Tiancheng himself asked her when she was planning to divorce Jiang Liu. Yet, her mother’s persuasion during the day made Yu Hongmei calm a lot. She understood that Jiang Tiancheng might not really want her to divorce but instead planning to test her.

“No, I won’t divorce Liu-zi.”

Yu Hongmei tightened the quilt to cover her naked body. She then sat up and turned her head as if she didn’t want to look directly at Jiang Tiancheng’s face.

“I’m already feeling sorry to him for liking you. If I were to abandon him whenever something happens to him, am I still a human being?”

Yu Hongmei bit her lower lip tightly, her tears coming down.

“I have already figured it out. No matter how difficult the days were, I will always face it with him. As for the matter between you and me… I am already feeling sorry for him…”

Yu Hongmei stubbornly wiped her tears with her back against Jiang Tiancheng as if she was unwilling to show her fragile side to him.

“He is a waste person. If you divorce him, we will be able to be together openly.”

Jiang Tiancheng grabbed Yu Hongmei’s shoulders as he turned her to face him. Seeing Yu Hongmei’s red eyes and the teardrops hanging in them, he felt moved with a sudden feeling in his heart.

To be honest, he was indeed testing Yu Hongmei.

After several years of getting along, Jiang Tiancheng did have some affection for this gentle and beautiful woman. Still, her status as a married woman made him unsure whether the other party loved him or his money.

In addition to that, he was also not ready to remarry. After learning about Jiang Liu’s accident, Jiang Tiancheng worried that Yu Hongmei and Jiang Liu would divorce and she will start to pester him.

However, it seemed that he has nothing to worry about. After hearing Yu Hongmei told him firmly that she would not divorce Jiang Liu but would instead share the joys and sorrows with her husband, Jiang Tiancheng was inevitably moved.

When he compared this woman with his ex-wife, who abandoned him in his most challenging time, he felt that a steadfast woman like Yu Hongmei was even more commendable.

As for why such a loyal woman would have an affair with him, Jiang Tiancheng seemed to attribute it to his own charm. The image that Hongmei has created over the years was an image that showed she valued him over his money. After all, every time Jiang Tiancheng wanted to gift her valuable things, she had always refused to accept them.

Hence, Yu Hongmei’s refusal to divorce her disabled husband proved this point. Jiang Tiancheng felt that Yu Hongmei was only feeling responsible to Jiang Liu but harboured true love. He only hated that they did not meet at the most appropriate time. He could only look at such a good woman like Yu Hongmei wasting her best years on useless waste like Jiang Liu.

 “Tiancheng, don’t talk about this anymore. I would never divorce Liu-zi. I also have two children with him. I cannot let my children live in a broken family. I am already feeling very sorry for my husband for meeting up with you at this moment. I think I am really a bad woman. I know that this doesn’t seem right, but I still can’t help but come to see you.”

Naturally, Yu Hongmei did not miss the joy that flashed in Jiang Tiancheng’s eyes when she said she did not want to divorce. This made her understand that Jiang Tiancheng did not really want her to divorce Jiang Liu.

The other party did not plan to marry her, at least not now.

This made Yu Hongmei more convinced of her mother’s advice not to divorce Jiang Liu just like that. At least she should not become the wrong party.

Jiang Tiancheng’s pity towards her was the best proof to show that her choice of action was right.

Yu Hongmei lowered her eyes. She knew what she has to do afterwards.


Jiang Tiancheng hugged the woman in his arms, feeling his lust surging. It was apparent that he was already a man in his forties. Over the years, he has also experienced many young girls who came to him for money. Still, the passion brought to him by Hongmei alone cannot be matched by anyone.

At this moment, he felt Yu Hongmei’s entanglement between her true love and responsibility. As her true love, Jiang Tiancheng could not give a promise to her for the time being. Hence, he chose to express that he also loved her through action personally.

Jiang Tiancheng gasped and worked hard, and after a minute, he sighed comfortably.

For Yu Hongmei, she felt unsatisfied. Her desire was about to kick up, yet her partner had already arrived at the finish line.

Jiang Tiancheng was not young anymore. In these years, he also has been drinking and smoking. He has already come once before. For him to have such a result for the second time could already be considered an outstanding achievement.

Yu Hongmei restrained her desire and dissatisfaction. With a flushed face, she showed him a delicate and fragile appearance. Seeing Yu Hongmei like this, Jiang Tiancheng was naturally becoming more proud and loved her even more.

[T/N: I feel like vomiting translating this part. Such a white lotus, do you need to beautify your cheating, ah?]


“Yu Hongmei, you finally knew the way home!”

On the third day, just as Aunt Man Chun and several people came to Jiang Liu’s to discuss the plan to go to Yu’s family, Yu Hongmei unexpectedly returned with a large bag.

When Aunt Man Chun got the news, they ran outside and stopped her before she could walk into the gate of Jiang’s house.

“Aunt Man Chun, I heard that you are helping Liu-zi and the two children these days. Thank you so much.”

Before Aunt Man Chun could say anything, Yu Hongmei shook her hand first and expressed her gratitude.

“I received a call that day saying that my mother was hospitalized. At that time, I was shocked and drove directly to the hospital. I forgot to bring the charger because I was too much in haste. While I was busy taking care of my mother these days, I was unable to call home because my phone was out of battery.”

Yu Hongmei’s attitude was heartfelt: “At that time, I thought that Fugui was not too small, and he can take care of his dad. Since I plan to leave for two or three days, it shouldn’t be a problem. So, I didn’t expect to cause trouble for everyone.”

Before everyone could attack her, she immediately said a whole lot of reasons. No one had any mental preparations against her. Hence, when they heard such wordy excuses, they could not say anything to refute it. In fact, there were still many loopholes that could be detected from her long reasoning.

“Didn’t you running back to your natal home because of Liu-zi’s accident?”

An old lady hesitantly asked. Judging from Yu Hongmei’s sincere attitude, could it really be that her mother was really sick and she went back to take care of her?

“How can I not care about Liu-zi? Besides, we still have two children. As a mother, how could I abandon my children?”

The vast majority of people assented to Yu Hongmei’s words. Indeed, no woman could be so cruel that they ignored their own children. Wasn’t there an old saying that [I would be with my beggar mother than my official father]? Yu Hongmei doesn’t want to make peace. Everyone believed that Yu Hongmei might be reluctant to live with her disabled husband. Still, everyone hesitated to say that she could cruelly leave those lovely twins.

“What about the money? Why didn’t you leave a penny to Liu-zi? Why did you take all the compensation money and Liu-zi’s ID card?”

Nevertheless, Aunt Man Chun was not that easy to be deceived by her rhetoric. Suppose she really went back to her natal family to take care of her old mother. How could she forget that her husband was someone who had injured his leg yet, still remember to bring the money with her? If she has time to find the money, why didn’t she have the time to inform the neighbour that she would be leaving for a few days so that everyone could help her take care of Jiang Liu and his children?

How serious was her mother that she did not even have time to call back?

Because of the preconceived relationship, no matter how Aunt Man Chun looked at it, she still felt that Yu Hongmei was a restless woman.

“Money, when did I took the money away, ah?”

Yu Hongmei’s heart tightened. She did take away all the money from the family, but didn’t Jiang Liu said that he loved her the most and did not care about his money? Why did he talk about money to outsiders like Aunt Man Chun?

At this moment, Yu Hongmei could only deny it to her death: “Maybe Liu-zi has forgotten that I have changed the hidden place for the passbook. After all, Liu-zi has to take the money to see the doctor. I was afraid of losing it, so I changed it to a safer place. “

“And shouldn’t there still a few hundred yuan inside the drawers? I am only going away for a few days. It should be enough?”

When Yu Hongmei left, she already emptied the money in the house. How could there be a hundred yuan in the drawer where she used to put the changes in? Even so, she still had to say this.

As for the fact whether there is money or not in the drawer, she could always counter it with an excuse that she might have forgotten, cannot remember, or did not realize that the money was not there.

“So, it was like that, ah.”

The old lady hurriedly stopped Aunt Man Chun before she could interrogate Yu Hongmei again.

“I already said that Hongmei was not that kind of person. Any normal woman who can run away with her family’s money after her husband’s accident should be considered a beast. How could Hongmei be a beast? Isn’t it Hongmei?”

The old lady felt that the Jiang family’s situation should be regarded as a rare muddled outcome. Since Jiang Liu was like that now, no matter if Yu Hongmei really planned to abandon her husband and children, now that she is back, everyone should pretend to be confused as if that things had never happened.

Jiang Liu currently needs someone to take care of him. Those two children also could not live without their mother. It would not be suitable for Jiang Liu and his children if Yu Hongmei’s face were really torn apart by them.

It was said that the husband and wife were like birds of the same forest. Once the catastrophe was about to happen, they would all try to fly separately. Now that Jiang Liu is in trouble, No one would say anything if she wanted to divorce Jiang Liu as long as she did not take away Jiang’s family money. After all, caring for a disabled husband was not a simple matter. Yu Hongmei was still young, and it is understandable if she wanted to remarry and live a stable life.

If she is willing to stay, no one would say that she was not good. Even Jiang Liu have to assent that she was a good wife.

Therefore, the old lady chose to stop Aunt Man Chun and not let her question the loopholes in Yu Hongmei’s excuses. She only used words to remind Yu Hongmei and let her choose whether she wanted to be a human or a beast.

“Of course, I am not that kind of person.”

Yu Hongmei’s teeth were almost broken. Yet, she could only show a gentle smile on her face while cursed the older woman who secretly scolded her like a beast, thousands of times, in her heart.


When Yu Hongmei opened the door and entered the house, there were many villagers by her side. These people, including Aunt Man Chun, were a little worried. They wanted to see what Yu Hongmei planned to do or whether she really came back and willing to live a peaceful life with Jiang Liu.

At this time, Jiang Liu was calculating the time. As those people opened the door, he wiped his eyes in panic. He then stuffed the photo initially held in his hand under the pillow.

His movements were swift, but it was enough for all the villagers outside the door to see his unshed tears and the half of the wedding photo that was not wholly tucked under the pillow.

He was looking at his wedding photo with Yu Hongmei! Seeing an object makes one miss its owner. That was the first reaction of those outsiders.

“Hong, Hongmei, when did you come back? I know that you will come back!”

Seeing his wife, who was standing at the door carrying large and small bags, Jiang Liu’s expression could not conceal his surprise.

He seemed to be too excited and happy. He even forgot the injury on his leg. He subconsciously got out of bed to meet the wife who came back from her natal family. Aunt Man Chun, who was standing behind Hongmei, had quick eyes and quick hands and rushed over before the Jiang Liu fell to the ground as she held his shoulders and let him lie down on the bed.

“Why did you forgot about the injury on your leg? The doctor already told you not to walk these days. Have you ever thought what will happen to your leg if you touch the ground now?!”

Aunt Man Chun chastised Jiang Liu. Her word was also meant to censure Yu Hongmei, who abandoned such a husband and left for several days. Did you still have your conscience?

Although Jiang Liu was pushed back on the bed by the old lady, he still showed an extremely excited as his eyes fixed on Yu Hongmei and didn’t move away.

Liu-zi really loves his wife! These were the only thought of everyone present.

Everyone could not help but thought what had happened in these few days. When everyone in the village believed that Yu Hongmei had run away, Jiang Liu kept saying good things about his wife, explaining that his wife was not that kind of bad woman, saying that she would definitely return.

He loves that woman so much that he was able to trust her like that.

Women were all sentimental creatures. No woman did not want to have such a husband. Several women felt that they were really guilty of wronging Yu Hongmei. Yet, they do not think their previous malicious speculation was too much when they see such Jiang Liu. On the contrary, they felt that Yu Hongmei was unreliable in doing things.

Didn’t she know that her departure would worry her man? She already knew that Jiang Liu was inconvenient to move, yet, she still ran back to her natal house to take care of her mother. Is there no one else in her natal family? Is her mother seriously ill?

Yu Hongmei’s return in her previous life made many people feel guilty for speaking badly about her. Those who thought they had wronged Yu Hongmei were also the group of people who defended her the most. After the rumours of the original body’s alcoholism and domestic violence being spread around, this group of people also did not hesitate to condemn him.

Now because of Jiang Liu’s “infatuation”, her return did not earn her sympathy points. Instead, it made her image in the eyes of the villagers worsen.

In the eyes of everyone at this moment, Yu Hongmei was an unreliable woman. In the future, the villagers’ concerns over Jiang Liu’s family condition would undoubtedly pay more attention to Hongmei’s words and deeds. She wants to hide her own. Predictably, Yu Hongmei would need to spend more effort in hiding her true purpose.

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