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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 150

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Chapter 150: The correct way to wear a green hat 5

“Wife, if you are not here, I can’t even find any money at home. These days, our dishes were bought and cooked by Aunt Man Chun. Since you are already back, remember to return the food money to Aunt Man Chun. We have to thank auntie too for her effort. “

Jiang Liu was a man, after all. It was embarrassing to be seen crying by so many people. He rubbed his face with his hands, calmed down, and began to order his wife in an orderly manner.

“That’s right. Many families were very concerned about me these days. They either brought milk or bought calcium supplements for me. Since everyone is here today, let’s have lunch at my house. Home, go and buy more vegetables and dishes so that we can serve everyone.”

Liu-zi is really a grateful person. After hearing Jiang Liu’s words, the people present felt very comfortable. After all, no one wanted to help a white-eyed wolf.

“No, if you really wanted to let us eat, wait until you get better. We should not bother Hongmei too much.”

Even if they feel good about Jiang Liu’s gratitude, no one was so silly that they expect to have lunch in Jiang Liu’s house that day.

“No, I should thank you all!”

Yu Hongmei secretly scolded Jiang for his horrible idea. Yet, since Jiang Liu had said it, she still had to do it. Her previous action of leaving home was too reckless. She was afraid it has caused a bad influence on her reputation and might affect her relationship with the villager in the following days. Therefore, she had to perform this set to highlight her virtuous and considerate character.

“I was anxious before, but fortunately, everyone helped me to take care of Liu-zi and the two children. I will buy some good wine and food. Today, everyone must have lunch at our house.”

There were still quite a number of people if they combine the people at present and the people who had come to Jiang house a few days ago with gift and condolences. Even if Yu Hongmei could buy some cooked food back to make up the number, she still has to prepare many side dishes.

Yu Hongmei was not a woman who likes to go to the kitchen. After reading some health magazines from Hong Kong and Taiwan, Yu Hongmei believed that a light diet was healthyier. She basically did not cook meat on average days and only ate braised vegetables and steamed seafood at most.

The original body actually likes stir-fry food. Yet, because he likes Yu Hongmei, every time he comes back home, he forced himself to adapt Hongmei’s taste and eat those salt-seasoned dishes that were basically without oil.

You must know that the original body engaged in physical work, and when he was on the construction site, he saves money to send it home. It was already rare for him to come back home. Yet, he did not get nutritional supplements. Even his appetite was drastically reduced because the food tastes too light.

Yu Hongmei may have noticed this, but she was already accustomed to the accommodating nature of the original body. Not only did she not cook more dishes that meet the original body’s appetite, she even did not allow him to buy chilli, green onion, ginger and other seasonings to cook on his own. Her reason was that she was not accustomed to that kind of taste.

This was also why Aunt Man Chun could not see any traces of cooking in the kitchen when she was making Jiang Liu’s food these days. After all, Yu Hongmei’s cooking method did not produce too much oil fume and naturally did not deposit grease.

Now that they wanted to invite outsiders to eat at home, no matter how stupid Yu Hongmei was, she still knew that those plain dishes in the past could not be served to these outsiders. When she thought of frying heavy-tasting dishes in the kitchen and having her carefully maintained face exposed to those greasy foods while cooking, Yu Hongmei could not help but felt irritable.

“Hongmei, thank you so much.”

Jiang Liu said gratefully and then scratched his head with a smirk, looking silly and happy having his wife at home.

Yu Hongmei smiled, then took her wallet and went out to buy groceries.

After that, Aunt Man Chun stayed at Jiang’s house while the others went back to their homes. However, before leaving Jiang’s house, they also agreed to come over for dinner when it’s time to eat.


“I think Liu-zi is pretty good. Who said that he was a drunkard before? Isn’t this too different from the rumours?”

After those people left Jiang’s house, they could not help but talk in a low voice.

Hearing Jiang Liu’s word just now, his command was still evident. He doesn’t seem to be abandoning himself because of his leg injury.

“I don’t know about this. However, on the day Yu Hongmei returned to her natal home, he did drink a lot of wine. Could it be that he was shocked by Yu Hongmei’s return to her family that he decided to cheer up? “

The other person replied.

“I think people who might divulge this matter is more interesting.”

Jiang Liu was drinking too much, apart from himself; it was only Yu Hongmei who probably knew about it. Jiang Liu himself would definitely not tell others that he was drinking too much, so it was only Yu Hongmei who could spread that news.

This makes it interesting. What Yu Hongmei planned to tell others from this information? What good is it for her to spread these words?

Perhaps because Jiang Liu’s performance today was too affectionate, everyone’s emotions were biased towards thinking Jiang Liu was not an alcoholic and decadent man. Maybe the injury on his leg made him drink some alcohol, but he obviously not at the point where he was addicted to it.

As for Yu Hongmei’s return to her natal home. They were still undecided if it was really because her mother was sick or because she didn’t want to live with Jiang Liu anymore. Now that they discovered that Yu Hongmei had been saying something specious outside, they could not help but felt that Yu Hongmei’s motives were not so simple.

These people glanced at each other and decided to continue to observe Yu Hongmei.

As for the questions that made people puzzled, how could Aunt Man Chun, a woman who had lived for so long, not see the possible motives behind it?


“Liu-zi, although you may not want to listen to what your aunt wanted to say, I still hope that you can listen to it.”

The sadness on Aunt Man Chun’s face has not subsided since Yu Hongmei’s return: “Since Hongmei is back, I would no longer mention what had happened before, so I will treat her as if she really went back to take care of the sick old woman. “

As she said, Aunt Man Chun’s voice paused, “I know you love your wife and did not want to think about a lot of things, but auntie still has to remind you to ask your wife to give back your ID card and your compensation money.”

Aunt Man Chun had thought over it seriously. Whether Yu Hongmei really wants to stay with Jiang Liu or not, he must take the compensation money and kept it in his hand.

Didn’t the news report also say that this kind of compensation was personal’s assets? Even if Yu Hongmei wanted to divorce Jiang Liu, this compensation was also not her to touch.

More than 200,000 yuan was not a small amount. If Jiang Liu’s legs were really lame, this money would likely become his future survival asset. With this money, he can at least see a doctor and would not starve to death. However, if Yu Hongmei took this money away, it was unknown how he would survive henceforward.

“Auntie didn’t mean to deliberately provoke the feelings between you and your wife. If Hongmei plans to stay with you sincerely, it does not matter whether that many are in your hand or her. If she finds out that the burden of taking care of you is too heavy for her and plan not to stay with you, this money can save a lot of trouble if it is in your hand.”

She and Jiang Liu’s parents were old friends. Her second child also regards Jiang Liu as brothers. Otherwise, Aunt Man Chun was unwilling to tread on this problematic territory.

“After all, you are not alone. Even if you do not think about yourself, you have to think about Fugui and Huakai. They might not spend much money to go to elementary school, but when they go to high school, which tuition fees and accommodation would cost less money? Especially, Fugui. Once the time comes for him to get married, you still need to prepare a house for him. If he becomes a college student and stays in the big city, can you give him a down payment for the house? There is also Huakai. She is also in a special situation. In this era, where there is only one child per family, she still had a brother above her. Though you did not have to prepare house and care for her, you still need to prepare some dowry in the form of furniture for her, and these all cost money.”

Aunt Man Chun broke the matter up, hoping that Jiang Liu would not be stupid, and believed that Yu Hongmei had come back to live with him wholeheartedly.

Although the old lady didn’t know why Yu Hongmei went back and forth, she instinctively felt that Yu Hongmei’s return this time was definitely not so simple.

“Auntie, I know.”

Confusion and entanglement flashed in Jiang Liu’s eyes, and soon his emotions calmed down as he gratefully bowed to Aunt Man Chun.

“I will discuss money matters with Hongmei, but I still believe in Hongmei. I believe she is a good woman.”

Jiang Liu’s face revealed a silly air: “In fact, I’m still too selfish to let Hongmei stay by my side. If I really become a waste person, Hongmei will be wronged staying by my side. She is still young. There is no need to smash her life for my handicapped body.”

As he said, his mouth twitched: “If Hongmei really doesn’t want to live with me one day, I will agree to a divorce.”


Aunt Man Chun wanted to scold this foolish man. How could there be such a stupid man who was willing to let his wife run away after an accident? However, it was also because Jiang Liu was so foolish and straightforward that she could not bear to scold him. She only hoped that Yu Hongmei had a little conscience. Even if the two would get a divorce in the future, at least do not bring up this matter while Jiang Liu was recuperating.


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At lunch, Yu Hongmei finally made a table of decent dishes with the help of Aunt Man Chun. Since married to Jiang’s family, Yu Hongmei has not been these tired because the original body’s parents were also kind. When they were still alive, the New Year’s Eve dinner was organized by themselves. After the two elders of the Jiang family passed away, because Jiang’s family did not have close relatives, even the New Year’s Eve dinner was very ordinary. Today, she has to wash the vegetable, prepare the meat and kill the fish and chicken. Yu Hongmei had only experienced this kind of life where she wishes to cut herself into three parts when she was yet to marry Jiang Liu.

Since Jiang Liu could not move, several men kindly carried Jiang Liu’s bed to the dining table. Although he could not eat at the table, he could still converse with the people sitting at the table with the dish he had served specially for him.

 “I have thought about it. The doctor said that my leg is likely to be lame, but there is a certain chance that it will recover. From tomorrow, I will drink a few bowls of bone soup every day. I hope to raise my body and not let it break down before the injury is healed.”

Jiang Liu resolutely said, “I am a man, and my wife, as well as my children, still need to rely on me to earn money. If my legs are lame, the family will collapse. Therefore, even if it is difficult to recover, I have to make it through. “

Everyone unanimously affirmed Jiang Liu’s remarks. Yes, he had to be confident. Maybe things were not as bad as everyone thought was.

“I do know some recipe. It was the combination between Panax Notoginseng and stewed chicken. A man in my wife’s family was hit by a car and broke his leg. The doctor advised him to drink more of this. Now he walks like a normal person and can still work on the ground.”

“I heard that pork bone soup and lamb bone soup are also good. There is also Caulis Spatholobi wine. It would be better if you can get an authentic tiger bone wine.”

“Animal liver is also good. You should have calcium supplements if you have broken bones. So buy more of this supplement. Liu-zi, you should not feel bad spending some money now. Your health is the most important thing. You can earn more after the money is spent.”

Everyone started to talk about the remedies known better for bone healing. Aunt Man Chun at the side listened and memorized it so that Jiang Liu and Yu Hongmei can be reminded when the times come.

“I think so too. I have to trouble Hongmei for this. I know it is troublesome to cook chicken soup every day.”

Listening to the folk remedies proposed by everyone, Jiang Liu started to look a little agitated, as if his legs would definitely become good after eating those things. However, he was a little hesitant, as he said. After all, there were too much bone soup and wine that needed to be prepared, and he was a little unwilling to troubled his wife.

Jiang Liu felt sorry for his wife and was afraid that she would be tired, so he was slightly embarrassed.

“What’s so troublesome about this? Isn’t this a special situation for you?”

The people on the side really did not feel any trouble. His man had hurt his leg. Isn’t it right for his wife to help cook some soup for him? Besides, it was not easy for Jiang Liu to make money outside these years. This time, he was injured for the sake of his family livelihood. This was not a dishonourable injury. If Yu Hongmei still felt that boiling this soup was too troublesome now, they could only view her as a heartless woman.

“No trouble.”

Yu Hongmei squeezed her hand under the dining table tightly as she squeezed out a smiling face.

She still remembered the purpose of her return. She wanted to let others know that she was a virtuous wife; hence she could not turn her face.

Yet, when she thought that she would have to do so many things afterwards, Yu Hongmei could not help but feel irritated. With no way to vent, it causes her to feel heartburn.

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