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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 151

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 151: The correct way to wear a green hat 6

“Dad, I’m back.”

Jiang Fu came back from school with his twin sisters. As usual, he would put down his schoolbag first and then served his dad with his meal.

“Fugui, Huakai, your mother is back. Do you miss me these days?”

These few days were obviously different from their other days. As soon as they walked in, Jiang Fu and Jiang Hua heard a familiar voice and saw their mother Yu Hongmei standing at the stairs, looking at them with a smile.


Jiang Hua reacted faster as she rushed into Yu Hongmei’s arms like a small cannonball.

Compared to his younger sister Jiang Hua, Jiang Fu seemed hesitant. He first glanced at his father, who was lying on the camper bed, moved his toes as his hold over the shoulder straps on his hands tightened.

“Fugui, did you not recognize your mother after not meeting a few days?”

Despite the smile on Yu Hongmei’s face, her heart suddenly turned cold. She single-handedly brought up this pair of children. Apart from giving money, Jiang Liu had done nothing, but she had suffered so much because of being pregnant with twins. Yet, in the end, the son still favoured his father.

Before this, Yu Hongmei had also thought that giving up her child’s custody would make her appear too unsympathetic. However, when she saw the behaviour of her son, Jiang Fu, she felt that she had done nothing wrong. After all, this bastard would not favour her over the Jiang family.

It was only her daughter who could be considered as an intimate padding jacket. Yu Hongmei lowered her head, tightened her eyebrows, and touched her daughter’s head while assessing the credibility of her mother’s word.


Jiang Fu called out with some doubts in his heart. Didn’t other people claim that his mother had abandoned their family?

“Fugui, are you unhappy that mom is back?”

Jiang Liu beckoned to his son: “It was your grandma who was sick before, and your mother rushed over to take care of her. Now your mother is back, and she won’t leave again.”

“Right, Hongmei?”

Jiang Liu looked at Yu Hongmei and asked with a smile.


Yu Hongmei frowned. She always felt that her husband seemed to mean something, but when she met the hopeful eyes of her husband, she thought that she was overthinking.

This man loves her to death and obeys all her words. How could he say something aggressive to her?

Jiang Fu was still a little awkward. He wanted to ask his mother. Even if she went to his grandma’s house to take care of his sick grandma, couldn’t she call back to inform them? Did she know how scared he was these days?

“Mom, my brother is not good. He forced Huakai to run and ruined Huakai’s new shoes.”

Jiang Hua, who has a relatively simple brain, did not think about so many things in this short period, unlike her brother. She was just excited that her mother was back.

These days, both father and brother do not care about her. Jiang Hua felt that after her mother comes back, she finally has someone who can let her act like a baby.

“Hahaha, since your brother is bad, did Huakai want mother to punish brother for you?”

Yu Hongmei restrained her emotions and asked with a smile as she patted her daughter’s head.

“Punish, punish him–“

Jiang Hua happily nestled in his mother’s arms as she stared at her brother not far away. She was pouting as her eyes looked a bit tangled.

“Forget it; I still don’t want to punish my brother.”

The little girl hugged her mother proudly, “Mom will buy another pair of new shoes for Huakai, OK?”

In fact, her elder brother loves her very much. Just now, she just wanted to act like a baby with her mother. Even if she said that she was angry, she was still reluctant to see her brother being punished.

“The shoes are just being scratched a little bit. You can still wear it, right? We currently need to spend some money at home. So, Huakai be a good girl and let’s not buy a new one, OK?”

Yu Hongmei looked at the face of her daughter. Although the girl was only seven years old, she already showed good features in her facial features. Her eyebrows followed her, looking gentle and delicate, while her high nose followed her husband, Jiang Liu. Her daughter facial features were more three-dimensional than she was. There were basically no blemishes on the skin of a child of this age. In addition, Yu Hongmei also paid great attention to the protection of her daughter’s appearance. In summer, her daughter was basically forbidden to go out. Hence, her skin was extraordinarily white and tender.

No one would dislike such a pretty girl.

It was just that her daughter’s temperament was too spoiled. If she really marries Jiang’s family in the future, Huakai’s current character would not work well. After all, Jiang’s family also has a daughter. Hearing Jiang Tiancheng’s inadvertent disclosure of her love for her daughter, it could be deduced that the little princess of the Jiang family also has quite a temper.

She had to grind her daughter’s temperament during this time. She couldn’t let her daughter followed her to Jiang’s house and cause her trouble.

Thinking this way, Yu Hongmei refused her daughter’s request to buy new shoes.


Yu Hongmei was usually very generous to herself and her two children. She knew that she had to rely on her two children to support her in old age, so she loved them three points and calculated their benefit seven points. Hence, she had been playing the role of a loving mother in the past few years. 

Yet, the present is different, and the future is uncertain. If Yu Hongmei can marry Jiang Tiancheng as she wishes, she must also bear a child for him. The last time she had a good time with Jiang Tiancheng, Yu Hongmei deliberately did not take contraceptives to get pregnant smoothly and increase her bargaining chip.

Suppose there would be children between her and Jiang Tiancheng. In that case, she and Jiang Liu’s two children would naturally be in an awkward situation. But, after all, she was also the child’s biological mother. In the future, if her daughter Jiang Hua follows her, she would also find a good in-law for her.

At this moment, Jiang Hua was looking at the toe of his shoes in despair. There was a noticeable scratch on the small black leather shoes. This scratch seriously damaged the aesthetics of the shoes.

Yu Hongmei thought that her arrogant daughter would get angry. She also planned to take advantage of the trend to educate her, but she did not realize that this daughter was far more sensible than she had imagined. After a bit of sadness, she nodded and agreed aggrievedly.

Yu Hongmei underestimated the strange eyes and rumours that Jiang Hua had experienced during her absence in the past three days.

Although she was young and a little squeamish, Jiang Hua also vaguely realized what kind of predicament their family was facing now. She did not dare to cry unscrupulously like the first day because she was unsure whether this family could be held if she continued to be as ignorant as before.

Sometimes children were far more sensitive than adults are. Even if Jiang Hua wanted a pair of new shoes, after his mother said that she would buy them after his father got better, she stopped.

The persuasion that had been brewing in her mouth could only be left unsaid. Yu Hongmei looked at her daughter, who was a little bit different from the past. She could only smile stiffly as she praised her daughter a little uncomfortably.

It was only three days away. Why did everything seem to be out of control?


“Hongmei, ah, this Panax Pseudoginseng is something I specially asked my relatives in Yunnan to send over. The number of its head is small, and it is from Wenshan. This is the best thing in Wenshan, Yunnan. It nourishes blood and qi and can also dissipate blood stasis and reduce swelling. For Liu-zi’s current situation, drinking Panax Notoginseng with stewed chicken is the best. “

As she was listening to that person’s babble, Yu Hongmei had an extra bag of Panax Notoginseng in her hand.

This Panax Notoginseng with stewed chicken was not easy to cook. The countryside people believed that the best chicken that could provide the most nourishment was a giant rooster. This chicken must be slaughtered just before it was needed to be stewed. The enthusiastic villagers had sent several roosters and hens a few days ago. Yu Hongmei found it hard to kill those chickens, so she kept them in the yard without even touching them.

“You should kill these chickens. Drinking bone soup for so many days could be a bit tiresome.”

The middle-aged man who came with the Panax Notoginseng pointed at the chickens in the yard and looked at Yu Hongmei with slight dissatisfaction in his tone.

Everyone knows that bone soup was easy to make because those bones can be bought directly from the vegetable market. However, a chicken stew is different. You not only have to kill the chicken but also drained its blood. After that, you also have to boil the chicken before plucking the feathers yourself. The preparation time could be a hassle.

Yu Hongmei was a born-and-raised country girl. No one believed that she had never killed a chicken when she grows up. In the final analysis, she was, in other words, a lazy person.

So today, this person sent the herb over not only because it was indeed suitable for Jiang Liu’s injury, but he also wanted to remind Yu Hongmei that Jiang Liu’s injury should be well cared for. As Jiang Liu’s wife, she needs to be more careful about it.

To this day, she only knew how to go to the vegetable market to buy bones, which was obviously a manifestation of being indifferent to Jiang Liu’s best interest.

Yu Hongmei, who still had a bag of pork bones in the food basket, twitched her mouth when she heard the person’s words. She secretly cursed these nosy people for intervening in everything she does.

“Uncle Kun-zi.”

Just as she was thinking how to reply, Jiang Liu came out to the yard with a cane.

Now he was able to get out of bed and walk a few steps on crutches. Jiang Liu’s willpower was unyielding. Everyone could think of how painful his wound would be at this moment. Still, he gritted his teeth without saying a word as he did the recommended rehabilitation exercise several times.

Many villagers watched the scene where Jiang Liu did the rehabilitation exercise. His forehead was dripping with sweat, and his face flushed red. When he tried to move his injured foot, the blue veins on the back of the neck and hands could be seen bursting to their limit.

His step by step was no different from walking on the tip of a knife. Yet, he clenched his teeth and persisted. He only wished to recover better, to continue shielded Yu Hongmei and his children from the wind and rain.

Onlookers saw the performance gap between the husband and wife. Unbeknownst to Hongmei, her image in the eyes of others had begun to crumble.

“Uncle Kun-zi, I love drinking bone soup. Hongmei also knows my preferences, so she only cooks bone soup for all meals.”

Jiang Liu obviously heard Uncle Kun-zi word. Out of the defence of his wife, he stood up and put everything on his own head.

Yet, this Uncle Kun-zi was not a stupid person. When he was eating at Jiang’s house more than a week ago, Jiang Liu also said that he had to take good nutrition to heal his leg quickly. At that time, everyone asked him to drink stewed chicken and eat animal liver. Jiang Liu even nodded his head repeatedly.

This uncle and Jiang Liu were not unfamiliar. How could he not know if this kid likes to eat chicken or not? When eating together before, he was the one who loves to grab the butt of the chicken most.

“You, ah, you!”

Uncle Kun-zi could only shake his head. Jiang Liu likes his wife too much, ah. Such a sincere person would actually talk nonsense with his eyes wide open.

“Hongmei, logically, I shouldn’t care about your husband and wife’s affairs. However, as an elder, Uncle wanted to advise you. You should cherish a good man like Liu-zi.”

After saying that, uncle Kun-zi shook his head again and left Jiang’s house with a grievance towards Hongmei.

About half an hour later, Aunt Man Chun brought two grandmas to Jiang’s house.

“I heard that Hongmei could not kill those chickens. I am good at this. Didn’t your uncle Kun-zi sent the best Panax Notoginseng? I will kill a chicken for you. Later, Hongmei, you help stewed it for Liu-zi.”

Aunt Man Chun smiled, but her words made Yu Hongmei wanted to find a hole to hide.

She did not come here until she heard the news that Yu Hongmei did not dare to kill those chickens. This aunt, Man Chun, must have heard from that troublesome Kun-zi that she did not want to kill chickens for Jiang Liu.

Yu Hongmei does not know how many people have heard these crooked words. She was afraid that even if she kills those chickens now, it still would not be able to wash away her bad reputation for being lazy and refusing to stew the chicken soup for her injured husband.

Yu Hongmei was very angry. After listening to her mother’s words, she did not even get the desired effect. How could the public opinion be biased towards Jiang Liu? Yu Hongmei realized that she had to change her way, or else even if she became a nanny for a lifetime, no one would think that she was virtuous.

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