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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 153

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Chapter 153: The correct way to wear a green hat 8

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“You are?”

Fan Fang was not from Sanlin Village, so she was stopped at the entrance of the village.

It was unknown why children kidnapping had been going on rampant these days. Some time ago, a child in the neighbour village did not return home after playing. The parents also make a police report. Even today, they do not know what had happened to that child.

Most people think that the kid might have been abducted. Now that the roadway was so developed, the kidnapper might already have run far away. They were afraid that the chance for this kid to be found was almost impossible.

After that incident, the villagers became more vigilant. Every time a stranger enters the village, they would cross-examine each of them before being let in.

“I am Jiang Liu’s mother-in-law, Yu Hongmei’s mother. Some time ago, my son-in-law had an accident. I was so anxious that I accidentally sprained my waist while I was working. I lived in the hospital to recuperate some time ago and only managed to visit him today. Now that I am cured, I have come to take care of my son-in-law.”

The woman in Yu Hongmei’s family may have the gene for twins. Her mother, Fan Fang, has three children. The first two sons were twins, and Yu Hongmei was her only daughter. So she had a bit of favouritism towards her daughter. Hence, she also spent quite an effort while looking for her daughter’s husband. Fan Fang also selected many families before finally choosing Jiang Liu.

She believed that Jiang Liu was a rare honest man and hence would not maltreat her daughters.

Yet, who knows that the times are developing so fast. Today was no longer the age where one feel full enough just by drinking water, nor does an age where spouses are willing to endure hardship and not afraid of starving to death. In addition to living, people also strive to live and enjoy life.

Even if Jiang Liu was a rare honest man, as a lame, honest man, Fan Fang felt that he was no longer worthy of her daughter. If Hongmei still lived with him, she would definitely be living hard in the future.

“So, you are Yu Hongmei’s mother. By the way, I seem to have a bit of an impression. When Jiang Liu got married, I also went to pick his wife up with them. That’s why you look familiar.”

The person who stopped Fan Fang thought about it. In fact, it has been eight or nine years since then. So how could he still remember Fan Fang’s face? It was just that Fan Fang and Yu Hongmei looked somewhat similar, which gave him a familiar feeling.

Even though Fan Fang and Yu Hongmei did have similar facial features, but they were still somewhat different overall.

Because of her age, Fan Fang was a little plump. These years, her children are filial and willing to pamper her. Hence her face got rounder compared to when she was young. Yu Hongmei, on the other hand, pursues fashion and pays attention to her figure. All these years, she had deliberately dieted. Therefore, her chin was sharp. In the eyes of the older generation, her looks were not as blessed as her mother.

At this moment, Fan Fang had a kind smile on her face. Matching with her big round face, she looked incredibly kind, amiable and sensible old lady.

“I haven’t been to my son-in-law’s house in these few years. Can you help me show the way? I have brought many good things to the children, and I have also especially found the old Chinese doctor to make a medicated wine for him. I heard about Liu-zi condition, and it’s best for people who hurt their legs to drink this potion.”

Fan Fang had come prepared. Simultaneously, carrying big bags and small bags, the first impression she gave was a majestic mother-in-law. Therefore, although the person who stopped her just now had some opinions on her daughter, his impression of her was very good.

“It’s just right. I’m going to see Liu-zi now. Auntie, I’ll show you the way.”

The man nodded and took some gifts that Fan Fang was carrying. The two then walked towards Jiang’s house together. Along the way, they met some villagers, and Fan Fang’s identity was also being introduced to them.

“Hongmei’s mother, you finally came here. Of course, there were things that we can not say to Hongmei, but you, as her elder, should be able to persuade Hongmei.”

More and more people gathered, and soon some elders in the village surrounded Fan Fang before she walked through Jiang’s house’s door.

“As for me, I am Jiang Liu’s father’s distant cousin. We shared the same grandfather’s blood. Although this relationship is farther apart, it was still within the family relationship. Even when Jiang Liu sees me, he will still address me as an aunt. This child no longer has elders in his family; hence as his aunt, even though I have to thicken my face, I still need to help him say this thing.”

An old lady who was much older than Fan Fang walked up to her.

“It’s not easy for Liu-zi to earn some money. Many young people in our village went out to work. Yet, no one likes him, who sent money home as much money as he earned them. He eats frugally outside, yet he did not demand his wife to act like him. Even so, you cannot count it without saying it. Now Jiang Liu lost all the money he earned by selling his life. “

The old lady stared at Fan Fang: “Madam, you are also a mother-in-law. If your son worked hard outside and married a wife who spends money like water and did not even save a penny after a few years, what would you think of it?”

Of course, she would slap her daughter-in-law a few times and then asked her to return to her natal family to cool down. Where could she afford to have such a prodigal daughter-in-law?

This was Fan Fang’s first reaction, but she soon realized that the prodigal daughter-in-law in everyone mouth was her precious daughter.

“Is there any misunderstanding in this? I know what kind of person Hongmei is. When she yet to get married, I wanted to buy some new dresses for her, yet she refused it because she loves being thrifty and filial to her dad. I think that even if the money was spent, it was probably not spent on her. “

Fan Fang had already thought about what she had said before she left. She originally intended to tell her son-in-law to listen to these words and temporarily stabilized the people for the moment. But, unexpectedly, before seeing her son-in-law, she would first meet the villagers trying to seek justice for Jiang Liu.

She thought to herself in her heart. It seemed that her son-in-law’s reputation in the village was far better than she had imagined. Her daughter’s reputation, on the other hand, was far worse than she had presumed. That is why there were so many people trying to stand behind Jiang Liu.

“Where can you spend so much money? Raising children would not take that much, ah. Which household has no children? As the old saying goes, you can eat as much as the size of your belly. You can’t eat ten bowls with a belly that can eat two bowls of rice. In the end, you still need to think about your home condition. We are all ordinary people. Yet you still wanted to eat and raise children like those rich people. Isn’t this a foolish act?”

The old lady couldn’t listen to Fan Fang’s words. She only knew that since the Jiang family chose the family model of the male working outside. But, at the same time, females stay inside. Yu Hongmei should take responsibility and managed the household and family affairs well.

The old lady didn’t like how Yu Hongmei spent money like water without considering unexpected accidents.

And after listening to Man Chun’s recounts, it’s clear that she did something wrong, yet, she still could not say a few soft words to appease Jiang Liu? Liu-zi likes her so much; he would definitely not going to scold her for that. After all, things already happened, and she only needs to work well in the future. Yet, she got angry at Jiang Liu and accusing Jiang Liu of her mistake.

What with this? Are they bullying Jiang Liu just because there is no elder in the family? Did she think that an honest person, like Jiang Liu, could be compelled and won’t get angry at her?

“Misunderstanding. It must be a misunderstanding.”

Fan Fang’s heart sank. The situation was far worse than she had imagined. Depending on the situation, these people had a very grieving feeling against their daughter.

This hapless child, why did not you follow her word? Otherwise, a woman who persists even after her husband fell ill would not have such a reputation.

“I don’t know the details. When I get to Jiang’s house, I will talk to Hongmei.”

After saying that, Fan Fang paused: “But no matter what, Hongmei’s heart is definitely good. Even though people might scold me but once the news of Jiang Liu being crippled due to the accident, I also hesitated whether to ask Hongmei to divorce Jiang Liu or not. So, when she came to take care of me at the hospital, I also tried to test her.”

“But Hongmei, this child is stubborn, ah. In those three days, despite my persuasion, she did not say anything. What Hongmei kept repeating was that she wanted to share the joys and sorrows of Liu-zi, saying that she had to take care of the two children. So, I have no other choice but to let her come back.”

Fan Fang said this while observing the expressions of the people around her.

When she saw everyone’s eyes moving, she knew that she had made the right move.

She was not the same as Hongmei. For example, if Hongmei filed for divorce after Jiang Liu’s accident, others would only think she was cold. However, if she, the mother-in-law, made this statement, of course, others would think she was not kind. Still, they would think that she was doing this from the standpoint of not wanting her daughter to suffer. Hence, everyone would be much more tolerant of her.

“Everyone is also a father and a mother. We should understand what kind of impact will a family have if a man became disabled and thus unable to make money, especially when the main source of money in the family came from Liu-zi. Hongmei has devoted all her energy to her small family since she got married. How much money can she make? I know that I was so sorry for what I thought before. Nevertheless, as Hongmei’s mother, give me another chance, and I will try to persuade her. “

“So, no matter what Hongmei has done to make everyone dissatisfied, I hope that you can be tolerant in this matter. This child is not easy, and her hard days are yet to come.”

Fan Fang’s tone was too sincere. Everyone was looking at each other, and the mood to take care of Yu Hongmei’s matter suddenly disappeared.

Yes, no matter what, it was a fact that Jiang Liu may be disabled. However, Yu Hongmei’s ability to stay in Jiang’s house at this time shows that her nature was not too bad. As for her habit of spending money lavishly, this can still be corrected.

Indeed this woman has been around Hongmei to help her in her previous life. Fan Fang destroyed half of the grand scheme that Jiang Liu had set up these days with just a few words from her.

As for the rest of the time, unless Yu Hongmei makes the trouble herself, everyone would also become more tolerant and forgive her just from this highlighted unswerving loyalty.

This was precisely what Fan Fang wants.


“Mom, why are you here!”

Yu Hongmei, who was washing her underwear in the yard, rushed to her other happily when she saw her mother coming over.

“Mom, come into the house quickly. Why did you bring so many things? Are you tired? You should call me earlier so I can pick you up at the station.”

These days, Yu Hongmei was in a bad mood. She also heard the rumours in the village, which made her wonder if it was a mistake to listen to her mother and return to Jiang’s house.

When she saw her mother at this moment, Yu Hongmei felt that she had found her backbone. She planned to discuss with her mother what she should do to divorce Jiang Liu while retaining her excellent reputation.

“Where is Liu-zi?”

Fan Fang walked to the living room, saw the empty camp bed, and asked curiously.

“Who knows, maybe he went out on crutches.”

Yu Hongmei curled her lips. She had been upset since their disagreement regarding the money matters a few days ago. Hence, whenever there were no outsiders, she had been ignoring Jiang Liu’s existence. So, naturally, she would also not care about his whereabouts. Yet, since Jiang Liu would always use his crutches to walk a few laps around the village or exercise his injured foot in an open place, she thought it would be the same today.


Fan Fang was stunned. She thought that her son-in-law was seriously injured and could not get off the bed. However, it doesn’t seem to be so.

“Tell mom, what’s the situation with your husband’s legs?”

Fan Fang put the things she had brought aside and taken her daughter by her hand as she sat on the camper bed.

“What else is the situation? The doctor said that even if he could walk in the future, he would still be limp. However, Jiang Liu does not give up his heart. Now he had been doing those rehabilitation exercises from day to day.”

Yu Hongmei was determined to get a divorce. Hence, she does not care if Jiang Liu’s legs are good or not.

“I see.”

Fan Fang frowned. She and her daughter seemed to have different ideas. If Jiang Liu’s legs could be raised well, she really did not want her daughter to divorce Jiang Liu.

First, it was hard to find a man like Jiang Liu who was obedient to his wife. Second, Jiang Liu still has more than 200,000 yuan in compensation. With this money, her daughter’s life would not be much worse. When the time comes, they can buy a bigger house in the county or the city. Suppose Jiang Liu continues to go to other places to work. In that case, she, as his mother-in-law, could also use the excuse to help her daughter care for the children to live in her daughter’s home at that time.

Even though Fan Fang was a scheming woman, she was not so idle that she wanted to involve herself in the family’s intrigues with her daughters-in-law. After all, she was already at the age of enjoying the blessing. This way, living in her daughter’s house was the best choice. Additionally, Jiang Liu’s parents had died early, so there should not be any objection if she were to live in her son-in-law’s house.

 “It’s been a long time since my son-in-law went home to recover from his injuries. In a few days, you should take your husband to the big hospital in Haishi or the capital to see what the doctors say. If the son-in-law’s legs could be recovered, let’s forget about those things before.”

Fan Fang originally wanted to let her daughter divorce her husband because she was afraid that Jiang Liu would become disabled and drag her daughter. However, if Jiang Liu’s legs are good, they don’t need to go to that last step.

“Mom, what do you mean by this? Didn’t you say that you will let me divorce Liu-zi?”

Yu Hongmei said in a hurry. Why did her mother suddenly want her to take Jiang Liu to see the doctor for his legs? Even if his legs were good, she did not want to live with her anymore.

She was confused before. What happiness can there be with such a man with a monthly income of several thousand yuan? She wants to fight for her future. If she can successfully marry the Jiang family, her happiness would not be far behind.

“What are you worried about? Mom doesn’t necessarily prevent you from divorcing your husband. However, if his legs can heal, there is no need for you to divorce him.”

Fan Fang was taken aback by her daughter’s sudden outburst. The reason she wanted to divorce her son-in-law was that he might become disabled. If he were not disabled, then there would be no such thing as divorce.

She felt that she had a clear mind. However, it seemed that her daughter was adamant about having a divorce like a one-tack mind.

Wait a minute!

A guess arose in Fan Fang’s heart. First, her eyes widened, and then she grabbed her daughter’s hand.

“Hongmei, tell your mom honestly. Do you have someone outside?”

If it were not for someone outside, why would she insist on divorce?

“No, Mom. What are you talking about?”

Even if she was her mother, Yu Hongmei had trouble telling her mother that she had a relationship with other men. However, the mother knows their child well. Hence, looking at Yu Hongmei’s erratic eyes, Fan Fang knew that her guess was correct.

“Who is that man? Where is he from? What is his job? Does he have a wife? Does he have children…?”

Fan Fang asked a bunch of questions in one breath. The more she asked, the more anxious she became. Finally, she stood up and pointed her finger at her daughter’s forehead.

“You fool, how could you do such a thing? If others saw you, would others still look at you as a good human being?”

A heavy rock weighing down on Fan Fang’s heart. She could almost imagine what kind of public opinion her daughter would have to endure if this incident were exposed.


This was the first time her mother scolded her by pointing her finger at her nose. Yu Hongmei felt self-conscious and very wronged.

She was not the one who wanted to marry Jiang Liu. Jiang Liu himself took a fancy on her and then begged the matchmaker to come to the door. Her mother also thought Jiang Liu was good, so she agreed to this marriage.

Her marriage was an arranged marriage. However, in this boring marriage, she suddenly met her true love (money). Hence, it was not her choice.


Yu Hongmei was about to explain when the door to the bathroom at the corner was opened by someone. Jiang Liu walked out of it and greeted Fan Fang.

Suddenly, the blood on Yu Hongmei and Fan Fang’s faces faded utterly.

Jiang Liu was actually at home?

Did he hear all those words just now?

Yu Hongmei’s heartbeat was like beating a drum. Do not look at her mouth being harsh. She was too aware of the curses that a woman would face if she were discovered cheating by people at a small place like them.

Cheating would not bring considerable consequences to the male counterpart. Some people may even think that Jiang Tiancheng’s had a big blessing for being able to sleep with a beautiful woman like Yu Hongmei. Yet, for Yu Hongmei, the title slut would be forever attached to her name. People who know her would spit on her whenever they crossed her in the future.

Yu Hongmei held her mother’s hand tightly, that she almost cracked the older woman’s hand. However, in the current environment, Fan Fang did not dare to hum with the pain.

“Mom, why are you here? Why didn’t you tell me in advance that you wanted to come and visit?”

Jiang Liu, who came out of the bathroom, leaned on crutches and slowly walked in the direction where they were.

His expression was very calm, not at all like a man’s normal reaction after hearing his beloved wife had been cheating on him.

“I brought you some supplements.”

Fan Fang looked into his eyes. Did Jiang Liu miss the conversation between them?

“Just come and visit. Why do you need to work hard to bring those things?”

Jiang Liu works outside all year-round. Hence, he did not have much contact with his mother-in-law. Therefore, getting along between the two people was rather more on the polite side than being affectionate.

At this time, listening to her husband and mother’s polite words, Yu Hongmei calmed down a lot.

Judging by her husband’s behaviour, he really did not seem to hear anything.

Yu Hongmei squeezed her sweaty palm as she hurriedly pretended to help her mother clean up the guest room and took the old lady upstairs.

At this time, Jiang Liu looked at the recording mode on his phone that had not been paused and showed a playful smile.


“Liu-zi, Liu-zi!”

Aunt Man Chun received two boxes of apples from her son, Linye. It was said that it is the best Xinjiang’s Aqsu apples. These apples were distributed to these workers by the real estate developer. Linye had asked his mother to take some to Jiang’s house because Jiang Liu loves to eat apples.

She was about to go out when she saw Jiang Liu coming out of the house in despair as he leant on his crutches. Despite being called several times, Jiang Liu did not seem to react to her.

She heard that Jiang Liu’s mother-in-law was here today. She already planned to go to the other party to have a good chat. However, could Jiang Liu show such an expression if it was only related to the visit from his mother–in–law?

“Man, Aunt Man Chun.”

Aunt Man Chun grabbed Jiang Liu’s sleeves and finally woken the person in front of her. Jiang Liu returned to his senses as he showed a smile that was uglier than crying.

“What’s wrong?”

Aunt Man Chun’s heart twitched. He had never shown this expression even when everyone suspected that Yu Hongmei had run away before.

“No, nothing.”

Jiang Liu avoided her gaze. Aunt Man Chun only had enough time to grasp the oppressive pain in his eyes.

“It’s nothing. Aunt Man Chun, I want to walk by myself. Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Jiang Liu said in an imploring manner. Even though she could not see Jiang Liu’s expression, Man Chun could felt the despair surrounding him.

“There must be something.”

Aunt Man Chun stomped her feet anxiously and looked at Jiang Liu’s back, staggering away on crutches as she became more worried.

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