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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 154

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Chapter 154: The correct way to wear a green hat 9

“Don’t you think that Liu-zi is acting weird these days?”

When the women in the village gathered to knit a sweater, suddenly a middle-aged woman spoke.

“At this point in the past, you could always see Liu-zi passing by on crutches. Yet, since his mother-in-law came over, we have never seen him come out to exercise.”

The villagers still have a keen sense of Jiang Liu. Yet, he used to work outside all year long and never spent more than a month at home in a year, so it would be a lie to say they were very familiar with him.

 Now Jiang Liu was injured and could only stay at home. Hence, the relationship between the two sides has become familiar.

 Jiang Liu treated other people very warmly. Every day, he will saunter around the village a few times. Most of the time, he will use crutches. Yet, there will also be a small amount of time as he tried to amble without using those crutches. As long as he met people, whether he was familiar with them or not, he would still say hello.

This kind of positive attitude amidst the despair infected the people in the whole village. Looking at how Jiang Liu actively faced his life, they started to feel that they should not complain too much regarding God’s injustice towards their not-so-rich life.

Whenever they watched Jiang Liu gritted their teeth and practised walking, they would unconsciously recognize and admire Jiang Liu.

In less than a month, everyone even got used to saying hello to Jiang Liu, who often went out to exercise while imparting the word of encouragement to him.

 Yet, Jiang Liu seemed to have been coping inside his house these days. The village itself already lacking in beautiful scenery. Hence, people in the village who have become accustomed to the energetic greetings by Jiang Liu started to feel a little uncomfortable.

“Maybe there are guests at home, so it’s not easy to come out.”

An old lady knitted the sweater slowly as she said uncertainly.

“What an idle. Liu-zi is now recovering. Whether his feet could return to normal depends on this period. Didn’t Yu Hongmei’s mother say that she was here to take care of Jiang Liu? Yet, her son-in-law still needs to accompany her, thus delaying his exercise. In my opinion, she should go back early.”

“Can’t say that. Yu Hongmei’s mother is still very good. These days, she is responsible for killing the chickens and ducks. Yesterday I saw her go to the vegetable market to buy some pork leg. This old lady is much more diligent than her daughter. I saw that she also took advantage of the good weather these two days to take down the sheets and bedding and clean them. She patted the cotton core under the sun. She was not worse than being a birth mother.”

Some people accused Fan Fang’s mother and daughter of making trouble. Naturally, some people speak on behalf of Fan Fang.

 It has to be said that Fan Fang’s means was relatively high. Only two days after coming to Jiang’s house, the neighbours were already familiar with her existence. Every time she kills chickens and ducks at home, she will give them to the next door.

 No one lacked food these days, but Fan Fang’s attitude makes everyone feel at ease. Many of them thought that Fan Fang was decent and understood the world better compared to her daughter.

“Yeah, there is nothing to complain about Yu Hongmei’s mother. It was already selfless for a mother-in-law to come and take care of her son-in-law in person. In my opinion, Yu Hongmei is not bad. In fact, she might be too young, hence having no experience in running a household. It should be fine if her mother taught her by example.”

“Right, right. With Liu-zi current condition, Yu Hongmei is still willing to stay with him. Therefore, I think that he should be grateful to her. If Yu Hongmei was being cruel and left him and the child, where would he go to cry?”

People’s hearts are changeable. Within a few days of Fan Fang’s arrival, Yu Hongmei’s reputation has been dramatically reversed.

 Everyone still feels that Jiang Liu is not having it easy. They have an impression that he was a man with perseverance and responsibility. Yet, at the same time, they also began to sympathize and recognize Yu Hongmei’s effort. Even the group of people who talked about her spending money in private before rarely criticized her again.

 Aunt Man Chun sat aside, listening to these people’s discussions.

It makes sense that Jiang Liu’s mother-in-law was a capable and sensible woman. She should breathe a sigh of relief, but she does not know why. The scene that she saw that day has been reappearing in front of her eyes these days. She always feels that things were not as simple as they thought.

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“I plan to go to work. Previously you told me that we should not move the compensation money. Yet, there are still four people in the family in need of food and drink. We could not always spend money without making a profit.”

At dinner, Yu Hongmei suddenly spoke.

“I heard that it is quite easy to find a job as a shop assistant. Although I have low education, I still look good. Some shops selling clothes and shoes are still willing to hire employees like me. This kind of job should be able to pay at least seven to eight hundred yuan per month, which is enough for our family to eat and drink.”

“Yes, I will stay at home during the period. During the day, while Hongmei went to work, I will help cook and clean. After Liu-zi recovers and can give Hongmei a hand, I will go back.”

 Fan Fang immediately made a follow-up.

 She thoroughly understood her daughter’s extramarital affairs. To be honest, she was not optimistic about the future between her daughter and Jiang Tiancheng.

 A man who could seduce a woman to have an affair with him while knowing that she is married, in her opinion, was not a good man.

 In the eyes of a mother, her daughter could not do anything wrong. Therefore, while accepting her daughter’s extramarital affairs with difficulty, Fan Fang attributed all the mistakes to Jiang Tiancheng. Yet, since the matter was already foregone, they still need to find a way to correct this error.

 Now there were two options. The first option was to conceal this mistake and let her daughter make a clean break with Jiang Tiancheng. From now on, she should strive to live well with Jiang Liu.

 Fan Fang knew her daughter better than anyone. Her heart was already wild, and her eyes were already blinded with Jiang Tiancheng’s money. Even if she could break off contact between her daughter and Jiang Tiancheng now, there is no guarantee that they will not be rekindled one day.

 The paper could not contain the fire. If someone knew the relationship between Yu Hongmei and Jiang Tiancheng, it would be a disaster for them.

 The second option was to break this error onto the right path completely.

 To choose this path, the first thing that needs to be resolved was the marriage relationship between her daughter and Jiang Liu. In other words, the plan they discussed before must still be carried out, and this time it must be flawless.

 Although Jiang Tiancheng was a second marriage, he was still a small boss. Among many girls available, her daughter, Yu Hongmei, might not be Jiang Tiancheng’s best choice. If they wanted to achieve this wish, Yu Hongmei must have a good reputation. Fortunately, Jiang Tiancheng’s parents do not mind her second marriage status.

 Fan Fang asked her daughter about Jiang Tiancheng’s previous experience and felt that his last marriage could become their good breakthrough.

 Jiang Tiancheng’s ex-wife left him after he failed during his first time business at sea. Although his ex-wife was kind enough to leave the couple’s property to Jiang Tiancheng and chose to go home completely, Fan Fang also had a son and a daughter. She understood the feeling of being a mother. That is, people all over the world may be wrong, but their children will never be bad.

I am afraid that in the hearts of Jiang Tiancheng and his parents, it was his ex-wife who abandoned Jiang Tiancheng because of her unwillingness to suffer with him. However, when there is such a woman who is willing to accompany her disabled husband through the difficulties but was let down by her husband in the end, this comparison will make her more commendable.    

 The more people are lacking, the more they want it. Similarly, the more they have, the less they care about.

 If Yu Hongmei had such a good reputation, she might not have to worry about getting married into Jiang’s household.

 The parents are always looking for a long-term plan for their beloved child. Fan Fang knows precisely what kind of the wrong path Yu Hongmei was taking, but because Yu Hongmei was her daughter and her darling baby, she is willing to do it for Yu Hongmei.

“Will it be too hard?”

Jiang Liu was silent for a while, then looked up at his wife and asked.

“No hard work. These are the things that I should do.”

Although she felt that her husband had not heard what they said that day, Yu Hongmei could not help but feel a little uncomfortable. Hence, her attitude towards Jiang Liu was much better these days, as if the previous cold war because of the money were just a dream.

“Mom, Huakai will miss you.”

Jiang Hua ate the chicken drumsticks that his father had clamped for her before kissing her mother’s face with her oily little mouth, affectionately.

Jiang Fu was immersed in his bowl of rice. His mind was much heavier than that of his silly, white, sweet sister.

Even so, the matter was already set. The next day, the people in the village also knew that Yu Hongmei was going to the county to find a job.


“Hongmei, you are amazing.”

“Wait for a little while. When Liu-zi’s legs are healed, the days will get better.”

This news has added a lot of points to Yu Hongmei. Compared with the empty words before, everyone likes to see such fundamental changes in Yu Hongmei.

 Talking about money was tacky, but it is indeed a crucial thing. The Jiang family’s current idle life made the surrounding people worry. Now that Yu Hongmei is going to work, it will be a different matter. After all, no matter how little she earns, it is also an income.

 The voice that disliked her for spending money lavishly disappeared completely. All the dissatisfaction was finally attributed to her being young and ignorant.

Fan Fang was happy to see such a change, which showed that she was again on the right step.

“Liu-zi, are you unhappy?”

When everyone was boasting about Hongmei, Aunt Man Chun noticed that Jiang Liu’s expression seemed to be a little reluctant, as if he did not seem to want his wife to go out to work.


Jiang Liu shook his head and then returned to the house with his cane.

 It has only been a few days; yet, Jiang Liu seems to have become more silent. Aunt Man Chun appeared to see the shadow of Jiang Liu, who had just been injured and sent back to the village. At that time, he was so depressed and decadent.

However, things are getting better, right? What happened to make the already cheered Jiang Liu seemed to revert to his previous shell?

Aunt Man Chun glanced at Fan Fang and Yu Hongmei. She intuitively felt that everything was related to these two women.

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