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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 155

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Chapter 155: The correct way to wear a green hat 10

 “Are you really looking for a job as a shop assistant?”

Jiang Tiancheng leaned on the back of the bed as he smoked a cigarette and asked in a low voice.

“Well, with the current conditions at home, it won’t work if I don’t go out to work.”

Yu Hongmei changed to a more comfortable posture and leaned her head on Jiang Tiancheng’s arm: “Since he hurt his leg, Liu-zi’s mood has become a bit unstable. He even quarrelled with me about money. It is clear to me that he dislikes me for not coming from a good family. He has only saved tens of thousands of yuan over the years.”

“Now, when I told him to let me hold the compensation money, he started to suspect that I am interested in his money. Yet, because of his wounds, he needs to replenish his body with nutritious meals. The money in my hand is not enough to cover everything. So I thought that I still need to come out to find a job to cope with the daily expenses of the family.”

In different positions, people’s ideas are definitely different.

The people in the village felt that Yu Hongmei had not saved a penny in these years. However, with Jiang Tiancheng’s net worth, on the contrary, he thought that Yu Hongmei had been wronged too much by Jiang Liu for only being able to give her 200 000 yuan all these years.

“In fact, where did I have been spending lavishly? I never buy anything for myself. I just want the two children to live better. Therefore, I buy them new clothes and shoes. I also enrol them in various tutoring classes. However, Jiang Liu was in a bad mood and would not listen to my words. He just regards me as those money-hungry women, eh –“

Yu Hongmei sighed: “But I forgive him. Understandably, he was in a bad mood now. Now he was holding the money by himself. I could only come out, find a job, and earn money. But, I believed that my life would get better and better.”

With these words, Yu Hongmei made a strong effort to show her enthusiasm while looking firm and resolute. Her shining eyes were full of hope and eagerness for her future life.

In Jiang Tiancheng’s heart, Yu Hongmei was a delicate and timid little woman. A dodder flower who needs a man to survive. He rarely saw such a strong Yu Hongmei.

 To be honest, Jiang Tiancheng was not a nostalgic person. He and Yu Hongmei have been together for so many years. If it were not for the excitement of cheating, he would have been tired after a few years.

 At this time, Yu Hongmei, who was different from the past, gave him a different experience. This experience made him felt a little novel and a little like.

 “If that so, you should come to work in my disc shop. Since last year, the disc shop’s business has been a bit difficult, and there is not much work to do during the day. This is a good place to get started. I will give you a salary of 1,200 yuan every month.”

 Jiang Tiancheng deliberately wanted to help Yu Hongmei. Now the salary of a shop assistant was not high. The monthly salary of those staff in Jiang Tiancheng’s shop was around 600-800 yuan. Yet, he gave Yu Hongmei such a high salary was actually based on the relationship between the two lovers.

“Will I bring trouble going to work in your store?”

Yu Hongmei hesitated while secretly being delighted.

 In fact, she was just saying it for show. What she was waiting for were Jiang Tiancheng’s words.

“No trouble.”

Jiang Tiancheng shook his head and looked at the worry on Yu Hongmei’s face. He felt very comfortable. He felt more and more that Yu Hongmei was a good woman who was hard to find in this world. She never thought of abandoning her disabled husband. She also continues to care and consider his need, fearing that their affair will affect his work. She was totally unlike some women who racked their brains and wanted to get on his account book to become Jiang Tiancheng’s genuine wife.

“It’s just that we still have to keep a little distance after you come to my shop for work.”

Yu Hongmei nodded after listening, thinking about her mother, who said that now was indeed not the time for her to make this relationship public.


“Hongmei, I heard that you had found a job?”

“Well, it is in the disc shop on the first floor of the Huiguang Department Store. The morning shift is from 7:30 am to 2:00 pm, while the evening shift is from 1:30 pm to 9:00 pm. There are four days off each month, and the morning and evening shift is rotated every half a month.”

“What about the salary? Did it pay well to watch over the store?”

“It’s not bad, 800 yuan a month. This is the average salary for a shop assistant, but it’s enough to support the family and save some money for the children.”

“It’s pretty good. Is it hard to work as a shop assistant?”

“It’s a little tiring when there are many people. Additionally, when new stock came in, you also have to move those discs to the warehouse box by box. Nevertheless, what else can you do? You must work hard to make money.”

Yu Hongmei rode a bicycle to work every day. This kind of conversation has occurred several times in recent days.

“It’s not easy for Hongmei. This is the first time she’s gone to work since she got married.”

“Who said no? In my opinion, Hongmei’s family are all kind people. After Liu-zi’s accident, Hongmei didn’t run away but started to earn money to support the family. Liu-zi’s mother-in-law also came to their home to take care of him and the children. Where could you find such a mother-in-law now?”

Everyone sighed while looking at Yu Hongmei’s away back. In a short period, they were completely subdued by Fan Fang’s mother and daughter. Yu Hongmei has been married to Sanlin Village for almost nine years, yet her shining reputation has never been like today.

“Liu-zi, are you going for a walk?”

Just then, the door of the Jiang family has opened again. Jiang Liu came out on crutches with a gloomy expression.

“Well, Uncle and Aunt, you talk slowly.”

During this period, Jiang Liu had lost a lot of weight. The weight that he managed to gain before started to shed off once again. He seemed to have a deep worry in his. His eyes were gloomy, as if they were thick ink that would not melt. However, his mouth was hard, too. When others asked why he was upset, he continued to keep silent.

Everyone guessed that it might be because his foot injury did not improve even after exercising during this period of time.

“Liu-zi, you should be more relaxed. You already have a good wife. As long as you work hard together, there are no difficulties that you could not overcome.”

“Yeah, today your mother-in-law killed the chicken for you again. As long as there is good food and drink, your legs will definitely get better.”

Everyone tried to comfort Jiang Liu with some encouragement. However, they did not know if it was an illusion or not, yet Jiang Liu’s mood seemed to become even lower when Yu Hongmei and Fan Fang were being mentioned.

“I know.”

Jiang Liu twitched the corners of his mouth as he responded. He then walked away slowly, leaning on crutches.

“What’s wrong with Liu-zi?”

“I don’t know. Why did it seemed like he was unhappy when we praise Hongmei and his mother-in-law?”

“No, right? How could Liu-zi act like a small-minded person? It is already hard for Hongmei to support their small family. How could Liu-zi has any complain about Hongmei?”

“Who knows, maybe he just could not accept this gap? In the past, he was the one who made money in the family, but now the main source of money in the family came from Yu Hongmei. Maybe he feels that he no longer has any place in this family and thus feel unhappy?”

Everyone was talking in a low voice, fearing that Jiang Liu would hear what they said.

“I didn’t expect Jiang Liu to be such a person!”

“Don’t say it like that. It was also not easy for Liu-zi. No matter who, no one can accept the fact that they are disabled all at once. Liu-zi is already pretty good now. Maybe after some time, he’ll think it over and come around.”

“Hey, Hongmei is so pitiful, ah. I hope Liu-zi could think about this matter quickly and don’t let a good woman like Hongmei be wronged.”

“Right, ah. There is also Liu-zi’s mother-in-law. These days, she bought chickens and eggs from people in our village and even paid it out of her own money. If it was not because her daughter cares for her husband so much, how could she be so nice to her son-in-law? Yet, Liu-zi kept a cold face every day. I’m afraid his action already hurting his mother-in-law’s heart.”

While Yu Hongmei’s reputation had been on the rise, Jiang Liu’s gloomy behaviour naturally made his reputation became much worse in the eyes of the villagers.

Many people think that Jiang Liu is a person who did not cherish happiness. They felt that he deserved it if his wife were to run away someday.

And this gap was exactly what Jiang Liu wants.

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“Hongmei, can you help me rent [Da Song ti Xing Guan 2] from the store where you work? Recently, I am so busy, ah, that I can’t fully see when it was broadcasted on TV.”

“I want to watch [Gaoxiao Yijiaren], Hongmei; can you help me borrow this film from your store?”

When Yu Hongmei went to work that day, she also received a request for a DVD rental from the people in the village. Yu Hongmei rode a bicycle to the department store where the disc store was located with everyone’s gratitude.

As usual, the first thing Yu Hongmei did when she came to the store was to find the discs that everyone asked her to borrow. She then rent those discs in her own name and then put the DVD in the locker inside the employee’s restroom. She will take it back when she gets off work at night.

“A group of troublemakers. Are you so lacking in your leg that you have to let me do things for them?”

Yu Hongmei murmured. She was really annoyed by the unscrupulous people in the village who almost treated her like a servant. If she had not listened to her mother that she needs to gain a good reputation, she would already turn her face against them.

Yu Hongmei threw the discs into the locker rudely. She also did not forget to write a note on it. After all, different discs have different rental fees. A popular disc is usually sought after by many people. Typically, for those single discs, it will cost between 2 yuan to 5 yuan. As for other less popular discs, it will cost between 50 cents to 1 yuan.

Most of them were pirated discs, often with several episodes of TV drama burned within one disc, so the rent was still acceptable.

The villagers asked Yu Hongmei to help them rent the discs because they wish to give money to her. Additionally, they also asked Yu Hongmei to rent the discs because they feel that it would be easier for her to rent discs since she was also working. They have never thought of taking advantage of her, but Yu Hongmei did not think so. She felt that she was on the losing side once she helped others. If it were not for her mother’s warnings, she would have thought of a way to push this errand down.


While thinking about it, Yu Hongmei heard the voice of another colleague outside the staff room.

There were two employees in the store for each morning and evening shift. They usually have half an hour for handover every day, so one of her colleagues is watching outside while Yu Hongmei puts her groceries away.

She knew Jiang Tiancheng was here when she heard the other party’s voice.

“Boss, here are the bills for this week.”

When Yu Hongmei came out, that colleague was handing over the sorted bill to Jiang Tiancheng.

She remembered Jiang Tiancheng’s previous instructions. She restrained her emotions and only used her eyes to entangle Jiang Tiancheng vaguely.

This feeling of having an affair under the eyes of outsiders was even more exciting. Jiang Tiancheng’s heart started to get hot, and he thinks it was a good idea to hire Hongmei to work in his shop.

He looked at the account book carelessly while wondering whether he should close the shop early and take Hongmei to relax in a new love hotel in the city.

“Jiang Tiancheng, you old dog, die for this old lady!”

“Where’s the bitch? Where is the bitch who hooked up someone else’s boyfriend? Get out for me too!”

While Jiang Tiancheng was reading the account book, a group of women rushed in. They appeared to be drinking too much and hence intoxicated.

Their words were too vulgar that Jiang Tiancheng could not help frowning as he looked at these uninvited guests.

“You stinky and shameless dog, don’t you dare to say you do not know the name of Bawang Hua from Feng Yang County. Not only you did not want to be responsible after eating and wiping me clean. You even went out to raise a small three and a small four. If this old lady didn’t teach you a lesson today, I would not deserve myself being an Overlord Flower!”

With that, the woman took out a stick and knocked over the shelf aside as the discs on it were scattered on the ground.

“Jiang Tiancheng, you scumbag. Not only you bullied my sister. You even dare to play with other women. It seemed that you no longer want your third leg, huh?”

“Bitch, I’ll let you know why the flowers are so red.”


Two times, before Jiang Tiancheng could recover, his face was already being slapped on the left and right.

At this time, there were already many people watching outside. Not to mention that it was currently the peak time of the mall. The movement in the store was so big that it naturally attracted all the people near the mall.

“Who are you? I don’t know you.”

Jiang Tiancheng felt the hot pain on his cheek and asked inexplicably.

As he spoke, Jian Tiancheng could feel the pain coming from the cut in his mouth. He could not help but feel anger in his heart.

“Oh, it seemed that you still did not want to admit, huh!”

One of the women pointed to his nose and said to those onlookers.

“It’s this man Jiang Tiancheng, who plays with women everywhere because of his own bad money. This man, thinking that he would marry her, so she gave herself to him, but ended up being deceived by him. As a result, when this man slept with my sister, he called out a woman named Mei-zi instead. Fortunately, my sister had a good heart. After getting drunk, she asked who this woman named Meizi was. Do you know that Meizi has a husband and two children? How could that old bitch acted so shamelessly and slept with other men behind her husband? Isn’t this an adulterer and an adulteress?”

The woman’s words caused an uproar. Everyone’s eyes were full of lively flames. One by one sat on a small bench holding a handful of melon seeds to listen to the live broadcast.

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Jiang Tiancheng and Yu Hongmei were both shocked. This Mei-zi should be referring to Yu Hongmei, right?

Jiang Tiancheng did not know where the other party heard the news. He was confused now because he did not know these people in front of him at all, and he did not even recognize the woman who said to have sex with him.

At this moment, he began to wonder whether his competitors had sent this group of people to discredit him or whether a woman who had a relationship with him before asked these people to retaliate against him.

How did these people know about the relationship between him and Yu Hongmei? You know, he has been cautious when dealing with the matter between himself and Yu Hongmei.

Yu Hongmei is different from Jiang Tiancheng, who was full of conspiracy theories. She only regards the woman who came to make trouble as one of Jiang Tiancheng’s mistresses. In her heart, this woman came to make trouble because she knew of her existence.

At this time, she felt a little panicked. She even blamed Jiang Tiancheng, a man who didn’t know how to keep his secret well. Didn’t he know that if this matter were spread, she would be the one who has to bear the biggest brunt? At the same time, she was still a bit jealous. Although she knew that Jiang Tiancheng had many women outside, it was another thing when she saw it. Subconsciously, Yu Hongmei started to compare herself with that woman who called herself the Bawang Hua of Fengyang County.

But now, the most important thing was to suppress this matter quickly. Yu Hongmei did not want her own affair to be pass back to the village.

“Mei-zi, which of you is called Mei-zi? Hurry up and die for this old lady. How could you, a woman with a husband, become so shameless outside and grab someone’s boyfriend? Are you so hungry and thirsty that you have to have four, five or six big men to satisfy your hunger? Okay, if you are really so hungry, this old lady will find eight or ten brothers to feed you.”

The drunken woman, who had already destroyed half of the store, rushed in first, and the woman who claimed to be Jiang Tiancheng’s girlfriend pointed her stick at two employees.

“That Jiang Tiancheng old dog said that Mei-zi is working in this shop. Now you just have to tell me which of you is Mei-zi.”

One was Yu Hongmei, and the other was a middle-aged woman who is more than 50 years old. Among these two people, the one who was more likely to be the cheating partner of Jiang Tiancheng was clear at a glance, was what everyone is thinking in their heart. A boss like Jiang Tiancheng was unlikely to sleep with the older woman.

“It is she. Her name is Yu Hongmei, and she has a husband and two children!”

The employee in her fifties shrunk while looking at the group of arrogant women. She confessed Hongmei’s identity without hesitation.

At the same time, the look in her eyes that fell on Hongmei was also a bit contemptuous. She did not expect this woman to be so shameless. She had only been working for a few days, ah, and yet, and she was already on a good term with the Boss.

“Old bitch!”

As soon as she heard Yu Hongmei was Mei-zi, that woman grabbed Yu Hongmei’s hair as Yu Hongmei screamed in pain.

“Who are you guys? I don’t even know you!”

Jiang Tiancheng held his cell phone: “I will call the police.”

“Pei, like I care!”

His threats did not affect, and the leading woman spits on Jiang Tiancheng’s face.

“There is a fingernail-sized birthmark on the back of your butt, and you also have a big mole on your chest. There are two long hairs on that mole. You dare say that you didn’t know me?”

The woman opened her mouth as she shouted the location of the birthmark mark on Jiang Tiancheng. Hearing that, Jiang Tiancheng became even more panicked.

If she only mentioned the mole on his chest, then it is fine. After all, she might have seen it when he was shirtless in the summer, but his underwear blocked the birthmark on the buttocks. Unless it were his parents or the women he slept with, it would not be so clear.

Did he really have a relationship with this woman before?

Jiang Tiancheng was also a little confused.

“Also, even though your thing has grown such a big head, it was only impressive looking yet totally useless. Every time we are together, you would finish less than a minute without satisfying me in the end. Just because I praise you for being great, do you really think that you are so capable?”

The women’s words made the onlookers sneer and cover their mouths. Many women looked at Jiang Tiancheng’s lower body and could not help shaking their heads, while the men outside the door found a sense of accomplishment in Jiang Tiancheng. After all, they are all men who last longer than a minute.

“Nonsense, I don’t even know you!”

Jiang Tiancheng’s angry face turned blue, and this woman’s words seriously hurt his self-esteem.

Yu Hongmei believed that this woman really had a leg with Jiang Tiancheng because she described Jiang Tiancheng as she knew it.

“Let you grab someone else’s boyfriend!”

“Let you mess around outside with your husband and children on your back!”

After teaching Jiang Tiancheng, these women naturally began to deal with Yu Hongmei.

None of the women was fuel-efficient lamps. They were pulling Yu Hongmei’s hair and slapped her face. Yu Hongmei’s beautiful little face was quickly tortured that it was miserable to see

“I did not!”

“I am not!”

Naturally, Yu Hongmei could not admit it since so many people were watching her.

“You dare to quibble. Jiang Tiancheng told me everything after he was drunk. There is a red mole in your thigh. If he had not slept with you, how could he know that you have a red mole there? Believe it or not, should we strip your pant now?”

 “That’s right, strip her quickly, let everyone take a look!”

Yu Hongmei was struggling frantically when she heard that. If they were to strip her pants in front of so many people, she would not be able to live.

But her attitude at this time also showed a lot of things. Everyone present felt that Yu Hongmei did have an affair with Jiang Tiancheng, and the women who came today really came to catch the adulterer.

“The police are here!”

The people in the mall called the police, and the police quickly evacuated the crowd. Then, they took Hongmei and others back to the police station.

Yu Hongmei, who was lucky enough to keep her pants, breathed a sigh of relief, but she never thought that all this was just the beginning of a storm for her.

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