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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 156

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Chapter 156: The correct way to wear a green hat 11

“What’s your relationship with the owner of this disc store? You are smashing things and beating people. Do you know that you are breaking the law by doing this?”

Jiang Tiancheng and others were taken to the mediation room in the police station, as the police interrogated them separately.

“That Jiang Tiancheng is a dog thing. He said that he was going to marry me and tricked me into sleeping with him. At the same time, he has a leg with that woman named Mei-zi. This dog is an idiot. I already have a good temper for not crippling him!”

“It’s this dog man who plays with my sister’s feelings. If we don’t beat him to vent her anger, can we be worthy of our sister’s relationship?”

No matter what the police asked, these drunk women insisted that Jiang Tiancheng and the leading woman among them were in a relationship.

“This is the police station. Please be serious.”

These gangsters’ attitudes were too ugly to speak, and the police officer who asked them couldn’t help but warn them.

“But Jiang Tiancheng said that he didn’t know you at all. You said that you had a relationship with Jiang Tiancheng. You have to show evidence and take ten thousand steps back. Even if you really dated Jiang Tiancheng, you still could not go to the store and beat others. In any case, you are responsible for the medical expenses and the losses in the store.”

“Isn’t it just money? How much should I pay him? Anyway, I’m out of breath today, and my sisters are also happy.”

The leading woman did not care about losing money at all. The person who asked them to make trouble before gave them a deposit of 10,000 yuan. After the incident was completed, there was still 10,000 yuan. Is not there just some damaged discs and shelves. In addition to the medical treatment for those two, it will not even exceed two thousand yuan even if they were forced to pay.

In the end, she still made a lot of money.

“Comrade police, we are all good people. If it were not for that dog’s Jiang Tiancheng and that stinky girl named Mei-zi for being too irritating, we would not be so drunk and do such things. Do not worry; we will be responsible for our actions. I won’t escape, but if Jiang Tiancheng and that woman named Mei-zi dare exaggerate the facts deliberately, I am not someone to be trifled with. I will sue them for extortion and blackmailing.” 

“Yes, we will pay for the money that should be lost. But as for the two of them, one is playing with feelings, and the other is derailed during the marriage, should not police control it?”

The police officer who took their confession right now was questioned. How could the police force manage this kind of thing?

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On the other side, the police were also questioning Yu Hongmei and others.

“Say, what is the relationship between the two of you?”

The person who asked Yu Hongmei was a policewoman. She had already heard the ins and outs of this incident. She was a woman. She naturally had no good feelings for people like Yu Hongmei, who corrupted women’s reputations. This sentiment was incidentally brought to work. Hence when she questioned Yu Hongmei, she seemed to be extremely impatient.

“We have an ordinary relationship between bosses and shop assistants.”

Yu Hongmei refused to admit it.

“Do you have a red mole on the base of your thigh?”

The policewoman asked with contempt and annoyance.

If it really does not matter, would someone’s girlfriend make such an ugly fuss? If it weren’t for Yu Hongmei’s relationship with Jiang Tiancheng, how could his girlfriend hear from her boyfriend about Yu Hongmei’s body after he was drunk?

Yu Hongmei blocked her throat and said with difficulty after a long time, “This must be someone who plans to frame me.”

“It’s all about catching thieves when they found the stolen goods; catching adulterer when they found a pair of people. Just because the woman knew that there was a mole on my leg, she believed that I had an affair with my Boss. How did your police handle the case?

Yu Hongmei was also a bit quick-witted while she is agitated inside. In the end, the person who could not speak became the policewoman.

Jiang Tiancheng also acted similar to Yu Hongmei. He refused to recognize the relationship between him and the woman who smashed the shop. He also refused to recognize the relationship between him and Yu Hongmei and clamoured for the police to explain.

“Jiang Tiancheng, you a dog, do you really treat the police as eating rice, that they could not find out that you are a liar?”

After the interrogation, the group of female gangsters who came out of the small room heard Jiang Tiancheng’s “denial” words and were immediately became excited. The man who claimed to be Jiang Tiancheng’s girlfriend took out her handphone.

“Comrade Police, look at this. When I was dating him, he sent me messages every morning and evening, saying [Xiao Tiantian, be careful]. Now that he has a new love, he won’t even recognize me as his previous serious girlfriend.”

The woman in front took out her mobile phone. She did not know how the people behind the scenes did it, but text messages from Jiang Tiancheng’s mobile phone did appear on her mobile phone.

 This big sister only thought that there is a powerful person who wanted to punish Jiang Tiancheng. Anyway, she is also here to make money, so naturally, she does not feel scared.

 Besides, it is a fact that Jiang Tiancheng cheated with a married woman. She saw the relationship between the two people as early as when she entered the disc store. Even if she did this, she could also be regarded as a way of doing things for heaven. Anyway, that Mei-zi’s husband should also be thankful to her if he knows it.

Thinking of the labour fees promised by the mysterious man, that big sister’s tone of framing Jiang Tiancheng became more determined. After self-brainwashing, she vividly performed the anger, resentment and mania of an abandoned person.


Jiang Tiancheng angrily took out his mobile phone and handed it to the police. How could he send such a nasty message to this woman with yellow hair and heavy makeup?

“Boss, it is true, but it should have been deleted. I found a message in the draft box that has not been sent. Before I came here, Jiang Tiancheng did have many text messages with her. Just go to the telecommunications and get a list.”

“How is that possible?”

Jiang Tiancheng could not believe it. How could there be a draft message for this yellow-haired woman in his draft box?

The policewoman received Jiang Tiancheng’s cell phone, “Yes, I also saw these text messages.”

With that being said, she swiped the phone and found some text messages that the recipient noted as Mei-zi. Most of the text messages were about their hotel room’s appointments. The farthest text message was six months ago, and the phone was bought six months ago. Therefore, it is possible that Yu Hongmei and Jiang Tiancheng were already in a relationship at a very early time. Otherwise, would a man and a woman make an appointment to book a hotel room just for the sake of laying and chatting?

“Who told you to search my handphone?”

The expression on Jiang Tiancheng’s face was even uglier, and he directly grabbed the phone from the policewoman.

Just now, he had only planned to use his phone as a piece of evidence to refute that yellow-haired woman, but he forgot that these police officers could have seen the text messages between him and Yu Hongmei.

After all, he is a golden bachelor, and he never worries about someone checking his mobile phone. Naturally, he did not see the need to delete text messages and calls between him and those women.

Jiang Tiancheng turned on the phone and hurriedly deleted the text messages between him and Yu Hongmei, but there were so many text messages that they could not be deleted as he wishes.

Now the situation was apparent. In the eyes of the police, Jiang Tiancheng had stepped on many boats and finally capsized.

Nevertheless, except for this yellow-haired woman and others who smashed the shop and hurt people, the police would not manage this problem ah. Whether Jiang Tiancheng is stepping on multiple boats or the matter related to Yu Hongmei’s affair, at best, the police force could only criticize and educate them.

The result was that a yellow-haired woman and her friend just lost hundreds of yuan to pay for the medical expenses and the damage incurred to the disc store.

Jiang Tiancheng was naturally not reconciled. Yet, inexplicably, the list pulled from the telecommunications company contained hundreds of text messages sent from his mobile phone to the yellow-haired girl’s mobile phone. Even if Jiang Tiancheng jumped into the Yellow River, he still would not be able to clean himself up. The police even persuaded him to calm down when he said he wanted to sue the Yellow-haired woman. After all, it was his fault first for playing with other people’s feelings.

Jiang Tiancheng, who was triggered yet could not explain, could only admit his loss. He watched the yellow-haired woman and her friends who beat him and Yu Hongmei, as well as smashing his shop, swaggeringly left the police station.


“Something had happened!”

A sharp and high-pitched female voice broke the peace of Sanlin Village.

“Hong Hong’s mom, didn’t you go to the department store to buy a skirt for Hong Hong? Why did you come back so soon?”

The village people were enjoying the cool shade under the big tree at the village entrance and looked at the woman who hurried to the village after jumping out of the bus.

“I’m did went there to buy clothes. But what you don’t know is that something big has happened!”

The woman stomped her feet anxiously. Her face was full of anxiety and a little bit of excitement as if looking forward to a good show.

“What big deal are you talking about? Quickly tell us about it.”

“Yes, Hong Hong’s mom. Don’t worry; tell us, we can help you figure out the solution.”

“It’s not me. It’s the Jiang family!”

That woman waved her hand repeatedly. She didn’t have an affair with the outside man. How could something happen to her?

“Jiang family? What happened to Jiang Liu’s family?”

Many people in the village have the surname Jiang, but due to the recent matter related to Jiang Liu, everyone is chatting about their topics most frequently. Everyone intuitively felt that the Jiang family referred to by Hong Hong’s mother was the Jiang family.

“Yu Hongmei, Yu Hongmei and her Boss are having an affair. The disc storeowner’s girlfriend personally came to the disc store to catch the adulterers. You are not there, so you could not see how much that woman is splashing. She did not only smashes the disc store. Yes, she even beat Yu Hongmei and her Boss. Especially Yu Hongmei, even her pants were almost picked off by them!”

“What? You should not talk nonsense like this!”

“That’s right; Hongmei doesn’t look like that kind of person!”

The vast majority of people did not believe what Hong Hong’s mother said. Yu Hongmei was so good that she did not abandon her husband after the accident and even took the initiative to find a job to supplement the family.

Now she had only been working at the disc store for less than half a month. It was impossible to think that she was already having an affair with the disc store’s Boss.

“Yeah, could it be that the Boss’s girlfriend made a mistake? Maybe she thinks Hongmei looks good, so she misunderstood?”

“I think it’s possible.”

Everyone was trying to justify Yu Hongmei; Yet, Hong Hong’s mother pouted her lips and said disdainfully: “That Boss’ girlfriend even knows that Yu Hongmei has a red mole at the bottom of her foot. If you do not believe it, let us go and ask Yu Hongmei’s mother if she has a red mole on the bottom of her ankle.”

“Go, let’s ask her clearly!”

“Yes, no matter what, you have to tell Liu-zi about this first.”

Whether they believe it or not, a group of people packed their belongings and walked toward Jiang’s house mightily.

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