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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 157

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Chapter 157: The correct way to wear a green hat 12

Liu-zi’s wife and the shop owner that she worked as a part-timer are having an affair!

The Boss’s serious girlfriend beat Yu Hongmei!

These two news spread throughout the village as if they had grown wings.

The lifestyle of the villagers was quite traditional. Men work outside or stay at home to farm and occasionally find odd jobs to earn extra money. Women were mainly responsible for housework and raising children and occasionally help to support the family.

 Generally speaking, the women in the village were quite a leisure. Their favourite entertainment was to gather together to chat and gossip about other people’s homes.

 So when there was such a piece of hot peachy news in the village, whether it was really sympathizing with the Jiang Liu or wanting to join in the fun, many people immediately gathered at the gate of the Jiang’s house. They stood on tiptoes and listened to the movement inside the house, fearing that they will miss any word.

“This little sister, you have to be responsible for speaking and doing things. Our family Hongmei is innocent and could not tolerate your slander.”

Inside the room, Yu Hongmei’s mother, Fan Fang, was fighting hard for her daughter to be exonerated.

“How long did my daughter went to the disc store to work? She has a good relationship with Liu-zi. How could she be so easily hooked up with someone else? Besides, to catch the thief, you must find the stolen goods. To catch the adulterer, you must find the pair. Aren’t you guilty of assuming that my daughter has done wrong to Liu-zi because of other people’s words?”

Don’t look at Fan Fang’s firm words at this time. In fact, her heart was full of guilt. She never expected her daughter’s extramarital affairs to be exposed so quickly. Hence, she had never thought about what to do after her daughter’s affair with Jiang Tiancheng was spread to the village.

What worried her even more, was the current situation of her daughter. This person said that the person claiming to be Jiang Tiancheng’s genuine girlfriend found the shop, smashed the shop, and beat her daughter. There was also a group of people who followed his girlfriend to make trouble. Well, it seemed that her daughter also got her hair pulled and her face slapped. Her girl might have suffered a serious injury from all that.

 At this moment, Fan Fang could not wait to fly to her daughter’s side to see how her injuries were.

 It was just that she knew in her heart that she could not become panic right now. She had to kill this matter and made it become a false rumour. She must not let it affect her daughter’s reputation.

“Hongmei’s mom, of course, I speak responsibly. I saw this incident with my own eyes. If it weren’t for your daughter’s improper behaviour, would that girlfriend come and beat her? The old saying always said there is no smoke without a fire. If it wasn’t for your daughter, Yu Hongmei and her boyfriend to be unclear, would she smash the shop and beat them up angrily?”

Hong Hong’s mother was originally only here to spread the news. Yet, since Fan Fang scolded her for being wicked, she naturally could not help it.

“Besides, I’m just a messenger. How can you compare with me?”

Hong Hong’s mother curled her lips and murmured: “It’s not like I saw your daughter have a mole on the root of her leg and then go around telling people about it because your daughter left her leg to be seen.”

Although her voice was soft, everyone still heard everything that should be heard.

“Does Yu Hongmei have red moles on the base of her legs?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, everyone knows the news now. If I were Yu Hongmei, I would be ashamed to death.”

Fan Fang heard the discussion from the people around her, and her mouth was directly slanted.

Fan Fang wanted to say that her daughter had no moles on her legs, but Jiang Liu was still on her side. As the husband of her daughter, Hongmei, he also had two children with Hongmei. Would he still be unclear whether there was a mole in Yu Hongmei’s leg or not?

She was afraid that if she were to say that her daughter did not have moles on the roots of her legs, Jiang Liu would slap her with the truth in front of everyone. After all, not all men can bear to wear a green hat on their heads and help their wives to cover up the facts.

 Wait a minute!

 Fan Fang raised her head fiercely. She had been arguing with those women just now but forgot to observe the reaction of her son-in-law.

What kind of reaction did Jiang Liu have at this time?

He was sitting on a chair with his head down and a pair of crutches next to him. His hair blocked his face. They could not see his expression now.

Yet, even if you could not see it, just thinking about it, you would know that Jiang Liu definitely not happy right now.

Fan Fang’s heart became even guiltier as she secretly scolded her daughter for being unreliable. However, no matter what, she had to help her as a mother.

When the affair between the two people came out, the Jiang family would definitely blame her daughter, especially the two elders of the Jiang family. How could they allow a married woman who had an affair with their son to enter the gate of their Jiang family? After all, what happened once might happen twice. They also might be afraid that a green hat might adorn their son’s head.

Empirically, if Yu Hongmei were not her daughter, she would also look down on this type of woman and would never want such a woman to be her daughter-in-law.

Therefore, after this incident, her daughter and Jiang Tiancheng’s affair could be considered as half-over. After thinking about it, Jiang Liu has become the best choice for her daughter and the life-saving straw that she needs to grasp the most now.

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“Liu-zi, you should know what Hongmei is like. If she really has a heart, she would have divorced you when the news of your lameness comes.”

Fan Fang played the emotional card at this moment: “Hongmei had only been working for 13 days. Do you think 13 days are enough for Hongmei and her Boss to start an affair?”

The old lady’s head moved quickly as her thoughts became clearer in her panic.

“Besides, is it really a secret that Hongmei had red moles on her legs? You know this, Hongmei’s father and I know it, and the relatives and friends who met her when Hongmei was young as well as her friend who took a bath with Hongmei…This is not ancient times where women have to be wrapped up tightly. As long as they have been in the bathhouse together, who would not know if there are some birthmark moles on their bodies?”

As she spoke, the old lady straightened out her thoughts. Her tone was no longer flustered. On the contrary, it became more fluent and smooth.

“It’s not that I’m partial to my daughter, but I think this matter is really not that simple. Maybe someone who doesn’t understand Hongmei wanted to get her out, or someone who is not used to seeing Hongmei’s goodness and wanted to bring her down. It seemed as if some people wanted to ruin Hongmei’s reputation. There must be a catch behind this! “

Jiang Liu, with his head down, was amused by the old lady’s rhetoric.

If you are talking about people behind the scenes with something to catch, it was him, ah!

“Liu-zi, mother asked you, do you believe in Hongmei? Do you really think that the mother of your two children, who still sticks to you after you are lame, would do something wrong to you?”

The old lady’s words were so wonderful that everyone present couldn’t help but waver.

“Yes, Hongmei doesn’t look like that kind of person!”

“Yes, if Hongmei is so easy to be hooked up, she should have run away when the accident happened.”

“That’s not necessarily true. What the old lady said was too interesting. It was so coincidental that people wanted to target Jiang Tiancheng, and by the way, they chose Yu Hongmei as Jiang Tiancheng’s mistress. You also said that someone might be targeting Yu Hongmei. What’s the reason that Yu Hongmei deserves such a game of chess to frame her?”

 The old lady’s remarks bewitched some people, and naturally, some were clear in their hearts.

“That’s right. To trap Jiang Tiancheng, you have to find a way to find out the marks on Yu Hongmei that ordinary people do not know. For Yu Hongmei, you have to inquire about the marks on Jiang Tiancheng. I heard Hong Hong’s mother told the incident so clearly. That woman was obviously right that Jiang Tiancheng and Yu Hongmei were very familiar with each other and were not like someone deliberately designed them.”

 “It does not make sense. Sister Fan is right. Hongmei has only gone out to work for a few days. How could she get along with the owner of the store so quickly? Hongmei doesn’t look like that kind of person.”

 “Yes, I think this matter may really be a misunderstanding. We should wait for Hongmei to come back and listen to Hongmei’s explanation.”

 Everyone was saying their opinion one by one. Fan Fang heard these words in her ears as she breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. Anyway, at least the situation is not as bad as it was at the beginning.

 “No, no.”

Aunt Man Chun looked at Jiang Liu, who had not spoken from beginning to end, always feeling that she had missed something.

 Liu-zi’s bad mood began after his mother-in-law Fan Fang came over. It did not take long for Yu Hongmei to secure a job as a shop assistant to make money, and then, something like today happened.

 Looking at Liu-zi’s attitude, he did not seem surprised. The state he showed from beginning to end was decadent and disappointed.

 Suddenly, a flash of lightning struck Aunt Man Chun’s mind, and that light illuminates all the things that Aunt Man Chun was unable to understand before.

“Liu-zi, tell auntie, have you already known about Yu Hongmei’s affair with other men?”

 Aunt Man Chun’s voice trembled a little. Perhaps only in this way could she explain the reason for Jiang Liu’s depression during this period of time.

“That dog-like Yu Hongmei, did she already had an affair with her Boss before she started working? Did the two of them had already hooked up a long time ago? Liu-zi, tell auntie, Auntie will uphold the justice for you!”

Aunt Man Chun could not imagine how much heartache Jiang Liu felt when he first learned about the news. He liked Yu Hongmei so much. Therefore, after the doctor sentenced him to death, he still endured the pain and rehabilitated his injured leg. It was all to get well soon and continue to earn money to support his family.

At this moment, Aunt Man Chun’s heart was gripping fiercely. Even she, as an outsider, felt wronged and saddened for Jiang Liu. What’s more, Jiang Liu, the person himself, probably didn’t feel better these days.

 “Huh, did it mean that she had an affair from early on?”

 “Aunt Man Chun, what do you mean by that?”

Everyone’s observation of Jiang Liu was not as meticulous as Aunt Man Chun, so they were confused when they heard her words.

Fan Fang turned her head and looked at the son-in-law, whom she ignored from the beginning.

She thought of her son-in-law, who had come out of the toilet the day she first arrived.

Did he actually hear it all?

In an instant, Fan Fang’s eyes widened as if being struck by lightning.

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