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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 158

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Chapter 158: The correct way to wear a green hat 13

“Liu-zi, you are about to kill me with anxiety!”

Aunt Man Chun was impatient. Jiang Liu’s silence was making her anxious.

“Anyway, just give me a word. All of us here are your uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, and they would never let others bullying you.”

If Yu Hongmei really had a leg with that owner of the disc shop before working at the store, it would definitely not happen overnight. Perhaps they already had an affair way before Jiang Liu went home from injury.

There was no reason why her husband should be exhausted to make money outside, but his wife was cheating with others at home. A few decades ago, Yu Hongmei would have been soaked in a pig cage with her adulterer. Even if the law does not care about cheating, as the elders who have watched Jiang Liu grow up since childhood, they couldn’t just watch him being bullied.


Jiang Liu finally raised his head.

There were red blood streaks all over his eyeballs, and it was after he looked up that everyone found that he had bit his own lips. There was a visible tooth mark on his lower lip that had already bitten to bleed.

It was conceivable just how hard he had been restraining himself from getting angry or making a sound.

“Liu-zi, my poor Liu-zi.”

Aunt Man Chun was distressed. After Jiang Liu’s incident, it can be said that she has been taking care of him. Jiang Liu was a caring and careful man. Other children do not want to listen to her chattering, but Jiang Liu has the patience to accompany her. He did not feel tired hearing her nagging all day long. Hence, in the eyes of Aunt Man Chun, Jiang Liu was her half son.

How could there be a mother who does not feel bad about seeing her son being bullied? At this moment, Aunt Man Chun felt her chest was extremely stuffy, and she could not wait to hammer it a few times.


It seemed that she realized that what Jiang Liu had to say would be very detrimental to her daughter. Hence, amid the chaos, Fan Fang hurriedly interrupted what Jiang Liu was about to say.

“You have to think about it clearly. Hongmei is your wife. She is also the mother of Fugui and Huakai. Have you ever thought of Hongmei’s reputation when these unfounded words were being passed on? How the two children would be laughed at?”

Fan Fang took a deep breath. She had to calm down. Even if Jiang Liu heard their conversation that day, he still endures from saying it for a long time. This meant that he didn’t want to break that layer of window paper.

Jiang Liu likes Hongmei. He also loves his two children. Fan Fang has to tell him what he was interested in and let him know that some things cannot be said in front of outsiders.

“You should know what kind of person Hongmei is. It would be best if you did not believe in the words of outsiders. Should not you wait for Hongmei to come back and explain it to you?”

Fan Fang asked in a deep voice: “When some words are spoken, it hurts the human heart. If something is broken, it can be repaired. But, if the human heart is broken, can the chest be cut open to repair the heart?”

She was taking a big gamble. Since he had been putting up with it for so long, he might continue to put up with it now.

Sure enough, after hearing her half-threatening and half-warning words, Jiang Liu trembled all over. His mouth closed tightly as he became even more depressed.

“Fan Fang, what do you mean by this?”

Aunt Man Chun was also a person who knows wordplay. After hearing Fan Fang’s words, she immediately understood the key points.

“Could it be that you also knew that your daughter is having an affair? Otherwise, why don’t you let Liu-zi speak about it?”

When this sentence came to the point, Fan Fang did not know how to respond for a while.

“You mother and daughter are really good. The daughter is having an affair, and her mother is helping her to wipe her ass. What is the matter? You even dare to threaten Jiang Liu in front of so many of us. Is it really because your daughter is a slut?”

“It’s really making people laugh. You even keep blaming Liu-zi for her mistake. Did Liu-zi force your daughter to have an affair by pointing a knife and gun at her? Did someone force your daughter to sleep in a bed with another man while she spent the money his husband worked so hard to provide her for? It is weird how she wanted to keep her beautiful persona when she was actually a slut? On the other hand, she still blames her husband for not being generous enough, still wanted to blame her husband for being narrow-minded. You even wanted us to applaud your girl and praise her for her affair!”

Aunt Man Chun cursed at Fan Fang with hands on her hips. Her saliva splashed on Fan Fang’s face.

Part of Hongmei’s pretentious posture was learned from books, and another part was inherited from Fan Fang. This old lady had always used a scheme to get things done. She never uses brute force but soft tactics. Hence, facing Aunt Man Chun’s cursing like a shrew in the country was an experience Fan Fang had never had before.



After holding back for a long time, Fan Fang spew out these two words to fight back against Aunt Man Chun’s cursing just now.

“Pei, no matter how vulgar I am, I will be a hundred times stronger than you and your daughter.”

Aunt Man Chun straightened her chest, and she decided on this matter today.

“Liu-zi, are you just going to watch others discredit your wife? She is your wife and your child’s mother.”

Fan Fang understands that she could not scold Aunt Man Chun anymore because this was not her home court. Anyway, Aunt Man Chun and Liu-zi were from Sanlin Village, and she was an outsider. Hongmei was previously regarded as the people of the village also because she was Jiang Liu’s wife.

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Now there is a quarrel between the two sides. No matter what, these people here must be biased towards Aunt Man Chun and Jiang Liu. Hence, Fan Fang has to make sure that she could pull Jiang Liu into her camp.

“The husband and wife do not have an overnight feud. Some things are good for the husband and wife to talk privately unless you really don’t want to live with Hongmei anymore.”

Fan Fang also broke the jar. When things reached this point, it would be difficult to come back. Fortunately, people have a lot of forgetfulness. As long as the husband Jiang Liu chooses to forgive and forget, these people will gradually forget about this matter after a while. When the time comes, let her daughter behave herself and stop having a private meeting with that Jiang’s surname. By then, everything will go back to normal.

“Sorry, aunt, I’m tired, sorry.”

Jiang Liu walked up to Aunt Man Chun, bowed deeply to her, then bent over and walked upstairs on crutches. He chose to shrink from these people’s questioning.

“How could you have done anything sorry to me?”

Aunt Man Chun wiped her tears. Just now, she patronized and quarrelled with the woman Fan Fang, but forgot how much it was for Jiang Liu to admit that his wife had cheated on him in front of so many people.

It was like tearing away the scars on Jiang Liu’s body. It was tormenting for Jiang Liu’s self-esteem and the true heart that he once loved Hongmei so profoundly.

Aunt Man Chun understood Jiang Liu’s embarrassment and grievance. Hence, even if he does not stand up and say anything now, Aunt Man Chun was not angry. Not to mention that even at this time, Jiang Liu still said thank and sorry to her. In addition to feeling distressed, Aunt Man Chun still worried about him.

“Liu-zi is tired, no matter what happens; wait until Liu-zi gets better.”

Jiang Liu’s attitude made Fan Fang feel as if she had taken a reassurance. She let out a long sigh of relief and then issued an order to dismiss the group of people.

“As for Hongmei, I believe there must be a misunderstanding here. When Hongmei comes back, I will ask you questions here to give you an answer.”

These people present and Jiang Liu were already very distant relatives. Fan Fang would not be happy to say these words if it were not for his daughter’s reputation.

In her opinion, this group of people were simply eating radishes and worrying about them. Except for a few people who really care about Jiang Liu, most of them are here to watch the excitement. They do not care whether Jiang Liu or her daughter Hongmei was right or wrong. What they want is just a topic for after dinner’s chat.

“Cheap people would surely reap their harvest.”

Aunt Man Chun gave Fan Fang a fierce look. This was something that she could not let pass. When Liu-zi’s mood gets better, she must put this matter forward. She would not let Yu Hongmei and Fan Fang become arrogant.

“Sister Man Chun, I respect you as Liu-zi and Hongmei’s elder. Please be careful when you speak.”

Fan Fang replied with neither hard nor soft words.

Out of the three protagonists at the centre of this topic, two of them were said to have been taken away by the police. At the same time, one of them ran to the second floor on crutches to avoid them. The onlookers naturally dispersed.

Jiang Liu did not say a word just now, but sometimes silence was precisely an answer. His silence gave everyone unlimited space for reverie.

Combined with the question from Aunt Man Chun just now, everyone now thinks that Yu Hongmei should have had an affair for a while, and Jiang Liu had only learned about it recently. In this way, there is a reasonable explanation for Jiang Liu’s silence these days.

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