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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 159

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Chapter 159: The correct way to wear a green hat 14

The Internet wasn’t widespread like in the later years. Most homes didn’t even have high-tech gadgets like computers. Hence, television, newspapers and the radio were the only ways for others to get the latest news.

Fengyang County was just a small county town. Usually, there is no big news happening on a typical day. Every day, the report published in the newspapers was about the major national events or trivial things happening around them. However, today day is different. When everyone turned on the TV, they were immediately attracted by the explosive news happening around them today.

 In 2006, the number of channels that the TV could receive was far less than that of later generations. Among these dozen or so channels, local TV channels would inevitably occupy one of the positions.

 At half-past six, it was the prime time for every family to sit around at the dining table and watch TV programs. This time was also the time when Fengyang County TV Station broadcasts the local news. In order not to clash with the usual 7 o’clock news broadcast from the National TV Channel, local TV stations often broadcasted their report at this time.

“Today, violent delinquency occurred in Huiguang Department Store due to a relationship problem. The person involved, Huang XX (pseudonym) and the disc storeowner, Jiang XX (pseudonym), were a couple who are dating. Unexpectedly, Jiang XX confessed his cheating to his girlfriend after being drunk once. The cheating object was Yu XX (pseudonym), an employee in Jiang’s store. Therefore, Huang XX rushed to the disc store with her friends, destroyed some of the items in the store and injured Jiang XX and Yu XX. Fortunately, the police arrived in time, and the situation did not continue to deteriorate. “

The news was accompanied with pictures, and looking at the quality of the images, it should be taken by onlookers present at the time.

The face of involved parties was covered in mosaic, though it seemed to be poorly made. They only blocked part of Jiang Tiancheng and Yu Hongmei’s faces. As long as people familiar with them saw these photos, they could still easily recognise their identity.

 “According to the investigation by the police, Jiang XX and Huang XX are indeed a couple. Evidently, Jiang XX also commit deviant behaviours during the relationship and kept improper contact with married women, as shown from Jiang XX’s mobile phone. After undergoing disciplinary teaching by the police, Huang XX finally realised the wrongness of her aggressive behaviour and compensated for the loss in Jiang’s store and his and Yu’s medical expenses. Jiang XX and Yu XX also forgave Huang XX’s behaviour. Because Huang XX’s extreme behaviour came with a cause, the police choose to criticise and educate, and not to detain…”

 “How come the surname Jiang and the surname Yu forgive that Huang XX? How did this TV station broadcast the news? This is not how it works. Later I will call their TV station to complain.”

 Those who were watching today’s news broadcast stopped eating and stared at the TV. They were surprisingly angry when they heard that the result of the verdict that only let Huang XX had lost some money and apologised.

 “And who on earth is that surname Yu? How did the TV station hide her name? This kind of married woman who is still playing with other men outside must be exposed and let the public condemn her!”

 There were too few entertainment activities in this era. The masses were still counting on TV news and newspapers to live their lives. Furthermore, it was also rare for them to see such hot peachy news in the local area, making people naturally excited to gossip around.

 These people did not recognise Yu Hongmei. However, people from Sanlin Village and Shima’ao, Jianghua County, where Yu Hongmei’s home was located, know her, ah. Except for the people from Sanlin Village who have already heard the rumours during the day, Yu family’s relatives and friends, on the other hand, were all dumbfounded. One by one, they picked up their mobile phones and called Yu Hongmei’s parents and brothers to inquire about it.

Even people from Sanlin Village who have been mentally prepared in advances still felt the difference between hearing the hearsay and confirming the news.

The news continued to report that the police had confirmed that Yu Hongmei and her boss did have an improper relationship. Hence, they determined that Huang XX’s excessive behaviour had a cause. Otherwise, she would have been detained for at least ten days for beating and injuring people.

Who else can be more reliable than the police? In the current era, it was yet to reach the stage where the masses questioned the police credibility like in the later generation. Since the police confirmed it, then Yu Hongmei really indeed had an affair with the other party.

 Damn, this is big news. The people in the village stopped eating and talked to each other about it.

“Liu-zi is so pitiful. It seems that Yu Hongmei had really had an affair with an outside man a long time ago. I guess she decided to go out and work because it’s easier to work in his shop, and she could also plan on how to be upright with that cheating partner.”

“To think that I praised her well before. I didn’t expect her to be such a person.”

How high the villagers lifted Yu Hongmei before is how hard she fell now.

 Who can accept the fact that the affectionate and righteous woman they boasted not long ago had already betrayed her husband?

Especially those little daughters-in-law like Yu Hongmei. Because of Yu Hongmei’s good reputation, their in-laws often berated them. Even their husbands would show envy expression whenever they mentioned Yu Hongmei. They kept saying that they admired Jiang Liu for having a wife who can share the joys and sorrows with him.

Which woman can accept to be compared to another woman by her husband and in-laws? Even if they also thought Yu Hongmei is excellent, this slight bitterness remained in their heart.

Now, it’s all right. Yu Hongmei, who was praised for being affectionate and righteous, was actually a woman shamelessly having an affair with an outside man. These little daughters-in-law, who their in-laws and husbands constantly berated in the past, started to snide. Didn’t you say that you want a daughter-in-law/wife like Yu Hongmei? Maybe I should also have an affair with the outside man like her, huh?

 Fan Fang never expected that her daughter’s news would be broadcast on TV. Now, she was already powerless to prevent it.

She could only pin her hopes on Jiang Liu. As long as Jiang Liu is willing to forgive and accept her daughter, Hongmei still makes a comeback.

Now she did not only have to worry about her daughter because even her own reputation was already on the verge of being jeopardised.

Since her daughter has a problem, who will people thought of first, ah? If it was not the daughter’s mother, who knows from where did Yu Hongmei learn to act so defiantly? Furthermore, as Yu Hongmei’s birth mother, did Fan Fang really not know that Yu Hongmei was having an affair?

Before, everyone thought that Fan Fang was a kind mother-in-law who came here to take care of her son-in-law after the incident. Now, not everyone thinks so.

 Why did Yu Hongmei go out to work after Fan Fang came to take care of Jiang Liu? Is it possible that Fan Fang was actually trying to allow her daughter to continue her affair? Since Fan Fang was going to be responsible for taking care of the family, naturally, Yu Hongmei could get away to spend time with that male adulterer.

Thinking back on Fan Fang’s words and deeds during the day, there were also faults everywhere.

Not only did she keep trying to excuse her daughter, but she also put pressure on Jiang Liu. Clearly, the wrong person was Yu Hongmei, but Fan Fang’s attitude was like Jiang Liu was a bad person as long as he said Yu Hongmei was on the wrong side.

This old lady was obviously not kind, ah. Her scheming was much deeper than that of Hongmei.

Pushing forward, did Yu Hongmei really returned to her natal home to take care of her mother, who was sick before? Or was it because Yu Hongmei didn’t want to live with Jiang Liu at that time but was persuaded by her shrewd mother to come back?

I have to say that after those people broke free from Fan Fang’s smoke and mirror tactic, everyone’s brains started to sober. A lot of their speculations were really consistent with the truth.

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The next day, several strangers appeared in the village, carrying video cameras and microphones, asking around for the Jiang family’s home address.

The villagers sharply recognised the pretty girl with a microphone among them, who was the local TV station’s news program reporter and often appeared on TV.

What’s more, reporters from the city newspaper also came. They were accompanied by the mayor and headed for Jiang’s house under the direction of the village’s head.

The purpose of these people was evident. It must have something to do with yesterday’s news.

“I don’t know if Yu Hongmei has come back or not.”

 A group of people whispered behind the reporters.

 “Who knows? I do not think so. I wouldn’t have the face to come back if I were her.”

 “Moreover, who are these people? Are they coming to interview Liu-zi? Is he in a state that can be interviewed by reporters?”

“I also not clear, ah. I feel a bit iffy.”

 Everyone was talking in a low voice, and the head of the village also explained the situation of Jiang’s family to the reporters.

 “Liu-zi is really a good husband. He went out to work soon after he got married and earns 4000 yuan a month. He even lives frugally so that he can send back 3700 yuan home. He loves Yu Hongmei so much that he had never fought with her even after many years of marriage. As you know, it’s common for men in the village to quarrel with their wives, but it’s not the same as Liu-zi. He treats his wife as a treasure and never let her do any hard work.”

 “Some time ago, he had injured his foot due to some accident at the construction site. The doctor said that he would probably become lame for life. Yet, because he did not want to drag his wife and children, even though the rehabilitation was so painful, he still clenched his teeth and insisted on doing the exercises every day. He walked around the village on crutches to rehabilitate his leg, yet his wife was not worthy of him. In the past few years, Liu-zi has sent home nearly 200,000 yuan, but all of them have already been spent by his wife, hey—”

 The village’s head sighed. He said these things hoping that the reporters would consider Jiang Liu’s mood when interviewing him. At the same time, when writing articles and broadcasting news, they should say some good things and do not let some people think that Liu-zi had done something sorry to Yu Hongmei that leading her to derail.

 There has never been a shortage of these black-minded people in this world. The village chief said so much just in case.

“Here we are.”

As he was talking, they finally arrived at Jiang’s family.

The village head stepped forward and knocked on the door of Jiang’s house.

It was not Jiang Liu or Fan Fang who answered the door, but Jiang Fu, the elder son of the Jiang family.

The village head was stunned. At this point, Jiang Fu should have gone to school. Why is he still at home?

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