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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 160

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Chapter 160: The correct way to wear a green hat 15

“Fugui, why didn’t you go to school today?”

 The village chief lowered his voice subconsciously. Thinking of the reporters’ intentions, he could not help but sympathize with the two children of the Jiang family.

 In any case, the child is innocent. Still, because of Yu Hongmei’s misbehaviour, it was easy for Jiang Liu’s ill-feeling towards Yu Hongmei to extend to the child. People often said that lousy bamboo could hardly produce good bamboo shoots. Since they were born and raised by Yu Hongmei, how good could they be?

Significantly after Huakai grew up, with her mother’s bad reputation, the one who would be affected the most will be her daughter. If she stays in the local area, her future marriage would undoubtedly be affected by this incident.

 “Did your mother come back last night?”

 The village chief saw that Jiang Fu was not speaking and then lowered his voice and asked through the gap in the door, “Today, some reporters came to find your dad to ask some questions. Fugui, could you open the door for them?”

 The village head was also embarrassed. Some of those reporters were from the county, and some were from the city. Not to mention that it was the mayor who brought them over. He, as a small village chief, did not dare to go against them.

 “Our house is busy. We don’t have time to entertain guests.”

 It was unknown when Fan Fang appeared at the back of the door. She could not sleep all night. With a sullen face, she squeezed her grandson away and was about to close the door.

After the accident yesterday, she had been calling her daughter all night. When no one answered the phone until the phone was out of power, Fan Fang did not know the current situation with her daughter. She was also worried about her daughter’s health and the subsequent impact of the incident, so she could not sleep at night.

She also watched the TV news last night. At this moment, seeing reporters and villagers preparing to watch a good show at the door, her headaches got even worse. Although she did not know how long she could avoid facing this matter, for now, Fan Fang does not want to accept any interviews from anyone.

“On what ground, ah? Who are you, by the way, ah? You really thought that you are one of Jiang’s family masters. Liu-zi did not even say anything. Who are you to decide to keep the reporters out?”

A woman in the crowd yelled.

After her daughter had done such a shameless thing, she still had the bashfulness to live in the Jiang family. How thick-skinned she must be. Her daughter must have learned this fault from her so that she could do such a shameless thing.

 “Who are you scolding? I am Jiang Liu’s mother-in-law. Now Jiang Liu is sick, and there are no other elders in the family. Why can’t I take charge of the family?”

 After a sleepless night, Fan Fang lost her usual calmness and stared darkly at the people outside the door with big eyes.

 “My daughter and Jiang Liu haven’t divorced yet. Even if they are divorced, I am also Fugui and Huakai’s grandmother. I still have the power to decide for this house.”

Anyway, Fan Fang decided not to open the door and let these annoying reporters go back to wherever they came from.

“Open the door!”

 At this time, a low and thick male voice sounded from behind Fan Fang.

 Jiang Fu raised his head fiercely and saw his father, who had not been out of the room since yesterday. His eyes lit up suddenly. Yet, thinking of his family’s predicament today, the flames in his eyes gradually disappeared until it was completely extinguished.

What happened in just a few days was a torment for this seven-year-old child.

 “Liu-zi, why did you come out? Your wound has not healed yet. Mother will boil bone soup for you.”

Turning around to see that Jiang Liu had come out, Fan Fang’s attitude suddenly softened. She talked to Jiang Liu softly and took a few steps forward, intending to help her son-in-law back to the room.

 Initially, Jiang Liu slept on the camper bed downstairs. Still, after what happened yesterday, to avoid the eyes of outsiders, Jiang Liu went to the room upstairs with a cane. For the whole night, they did not see him coming out from the room.

 Fan Fang hoped that he would stay in that room longer. After all, that was the wedding room between him and his daughter, Hongmei. On the wall near the back of the bed, there were still their wedding photos. Maybe, after looking at those photos and remembering the bits and pieces of their couple’s life, he would be soft and forgive her daughter.

 Yet, looking at her son-in-law’s attitude now, she felt that she had gambled wrong.

 Why did he let these reporters in? Was it because he kept looking at objects with fond memories of the past that his love gradually turns to hate that he becomes totally unwilling to forgive his wife?

Fan Fang was anxious in her heart, but Jiang Liu’s attitude was so firm at the moment. Even if she wanted to block the door from outsiders, the villagers of Sanlin Village who had a close relationship with Jiang Liu would disagree with it.

“All right, Sister Fan, you quickly get out of the way.”

Jiang Liu, the head of the family, has already spoken up. Fan Fang, who was unknown whether she will soon become an ex-mother-in-law or not, naturally could no longer block the door.

The village chief stepped forward, pushed open the door of the Jiang family, and then led the reporters in.

The villagers following the crowd at the beginning also followed inside, filling the spacious front yard with virtues.

 “Are you Mr Jiang?”

 Reporters had learned about the Jiang family before they came and had been given special access to the photos of the Jiang family.

 Before they set out, their impression of Jiang Liu was of a straight-looking young man, but now what they see in front of him was a broken and dejected man.

 According to the information, Jiang Liu had injured his leg, but now he was not even lean on the crutches. He seems to be recovering well and able to walk normally.

 Several reporters looked at Jiang Liu’s two legs. They could still see the traces of the injuries. He also placed most of his weight on the other leg while standing. Even so, it proved that his rehabilitation had achieved significant results.

 “Mr Jiang, we came here today to interview and ask you a few questions. Do you know about your wife’s extramarital affairs?”

 “Mr Jiang, do you have any thoughts on this?”

 Several reporters took out their own recording equipment and asked questions that they have prepared in advance.

 “This is our family’s private matter. Do you reporters still think we don’t have enough chaos as of now?”

 Fan Fang answered before Jiang Liu could.

 “You are Yu Hongmei’s mother. Aren’t you ashamed of your daughter’s behaviour?”

 “Did you already aware of your daughter’s extramarital affair a long time ago? Can you tell us exactly when your daughter started having an affair?”

 “As a mother, do you think your daughter is doing things right? Your daughter has two children. Can such behaviour set a good example for the children?”

 It was okay if Fan Fang did not start to speak. However, as soon as she opened her mouth, the reporters began to stare at her. Fan Fang could almost see the stars when she heard a lot of thorny questions aiming at her.

 “I don’t know anything. My daughter would not cheat. It must be someone else’s framing my daughter.”

 Fan Fang gritted her teeth and refused to admit it.

 “Are you accusing the police of wronging your daughter?”

 “Can you be responsible for what you just said?”

Another series of questions hit Fan Fang, but she was just an ordinary person who naturally had a kind of fear for the police. How dare she say that she thought the police had wronged her daughter? She opened her mouth and then shut her mouth again in frustration.

 However, Fan Fang’s performance just now was enough to become the material for their news. The reporters have all thought about writing this part of the manuscript after they go back to their agency/TV station later.

 “Liu-zi doesn’t know anything. Like the two children, they are also innocent. Yu Hongmei did those things behind her husband and children. You really shouldn’t come over and ask them these questions.”

 Aunt Man Chun looked at the surrounding reporters. She could no longer look at the pitiful Jiang Liu as she pushed through the crowd and blocked Jiang Liu’s from others with her fat body. She guarded Jiang Liu as if she was an old hen guarding her little chicken.

 “It is Yu Hongmei who did the wrong thing and not a Liu-zi. You should go to Yu Hongmei and ask if she has ever thought about a husband who earns money outside when she does these shameless things. Have she ever thought of these two innocent and lovely children?”

 Jiang Liu wanted to give her a thumb up for the old lady words.

 But he could not do that now. The show was far from over.

 “Then, what…”

 Several reporters were a little embarrassed. This interview was a task given by the station, and they were also here for work.

“Mr Jiang, can you say something?”

The older and more experienced reporter had thick enough skin. He bypassed Aunt Man Chun and raised the microphone in front of Jiang Liu. He wanted to hear a few words from the person involved in this affair. They just wanted to go through the process. As long as Jiang Liu say a few words, they can also deal with each other.

Everyone was quiet. They also wanted to know what Jiang Liu would say in the end.

Will he be scolding Yu Hongmei, or…

Among them, Aunt Man Chun’s mood was the most complicated. While she hates Hongmei, she also understands how much Jiang Liu likes her. There are also their two children. Do you really want them to be motherless children?

“To be honest, I am still dizzy.”

Jiang Liu paused as he glanced at his son and his daughter, hiding behind the door and did not dare to come out. After a long time, he spoke.

“Just come home.”

 Word by word, spit out from the mouth difficultly and obscurely.

 There was numbness in his eyes, pain, shame and anger in his eyes, as well as inexpressible love.

 After saying this, Jiang Liu turned and walked back to the house. Yet, these short words also showed his attitude.

 Even though he could not accept the fact that his wife had an affair, and at the same time, he was also ashamed and angry about it, but Jiang Liu chose to forgive in the end.

 Everyone present was shocked.

 Although Aunt Man Chun had been mentally prepared, she still could not help but felt wronged for Jiang Liu. Fan Fang, on the other hand, was stunned. She did not see Jiang Liu wrong. This kid truly loved her daughter to death.

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The interview during the day appeared in the evening news of the local TV station. Knowing there would be a follow-up the next day, many families in the area were glued to their televisions at night, ready to watch the emotional news unfold around them.

 When Jiang Liu said that it would be good for her to come home, the women inevitably become jealous.

 Regardless of the rapid development of the era these years, men and women are still very unequal. Hence, many women have not adjusted their status in their hearts.

 In the family, women tend to forgive their men when they cheat. They, sometimes, even ignore their men’s provocative behaviour. However, when it comes to women, it’s different. They will be scolded with whatever words are unpleasant such as slut and bitch. Not only they were scolded by men, but even their fellow women also joined in. Moreover, most of the women’s derailment ended in divorce.

 Of course, it was definitely wrong for both sexes to cheat. Still, the different degrees of criticism that both sexes receive after cheating has always been a real problem.

It was different now. A man says that he waited for his wife to come home in front of so many people. He endures the cuckold and chooses to forgive. It was conceivable how much he loves his wife, ah. Hence, these women were naturally envious.

Although the men could not understand Jiang Liu’s weak choice, they could still imagine how much a man likes a woman before choosing to endure such a shame.

 Except for a handful of voices that belittle Jiang Liu, it was the criticism against Yu Hongmei that started to get more powerful than ever.

 I am afraid Fan Fang could not understand it anymore. Obviously, Jiang Liu chose to forgive, but why is her daughter becoming more and more infamous?

At this moment, she was struggling to deal with the relatives and friends who kept calling and bombing her with questions. She kept explaining to them that her daughter had not derailed and everything was a misunderstanding. At the same time, she was anxiously waiting for her daughter’s return.

 Jiang Liu was sitting on the bed in the second-floor room. The two children, Jiang Fu and Jiang Hua, stood opposite him.

 001 once asked him, [Do you really want to show these cruel, bloody things in front of these two children, when, obviously, he has countless ways to minimize the impact of this incident on the children.]

 But Jiang Liu chose the former.

Mother, daughter, father and son have always been in a relationship since ancient times. Even in modern times, don’t look at some people on the Internet who casually put the term severing relationship on their lips, yet, public opinion does not allow it to be realized. Even the law does not allow it. In China, as long as you are a parent, you are already on the high moral ground.

Parents can be unkind, but children cannot be unfilial. The Chinese people have grown up believing that the grace of birth and rearing could upset any major demerit under the heaven. Some of the shackles were put on when everyone was born. Jiang Liu did not want to whitewash and beautify their mother’s behaviour in front of the two children. He just wanted the two children to know what their mother was like. He did not want to work hard to bring up two children himself, only to let Yu Hongmei came to pick the fruit when she was old and lonely.

 He wanted these two children to hurt more deeply. At least they will experience the pain once. The wound might be scabbed slowly, and there may be scars, but at least it would not be life-threatening.

 He did not want to teach them to tolerate their weaknesses. If someday this woman were to use her identity as their mother to injure them twice or thrice or many more, by then, the wound in their heart would be fatal.

 Not every mistake deserves to be forgiven. Jiang Liu looked at the restless pair of sons and daughters. He hardened his heart, feeling that he is making the correct decision.

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