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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 161

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Chapter 161: The correct way to wear a green hat 16

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“Daddy, why mom is not coming home yet?”

Jiang Hua anxiously looked at her twin brother on the side, then turned her head to look at her father asked in a low voice.

She still could not understand what it means for her mother to have an affair with other men. Nevertheless, she vaguely realized that this should not be a good thing. The atmosphere at home these days was too depressing. Even Jiang Hua, who often acted coquettish and spoiled, had turned quiet.

“Fugui, Huakai, if father and mother were to be separated, who will you choose to be with?”

Jiang Liu did not answer her daughter’s question but instead looked at the two children and asked.

 “Dad, didn’t you forgive mom?”

 Jiang Fu raised his tiny head.

Children at this age have a blurred boundary between good and evil. Even if you asked a sensible and mature child, like Jiang Fu, if he is willing to be separated from his mother one day, his answer would definitely be no, even if his mother has done something wrong.

 Only with the existence of a father and a mother would they considered it as a complete home.

When he heard his father raise such a question, Jiang Fu realized that perhaps his home would be scattered.

“Teacher told us that making mistakes is not a terrible thing. As long as you admit your mistakes and repent on time.”

Jiang Fu clenched his clothes, looked at his father with hopeful eyes, and said earnestly: “Mom did something wrong, but as long as we teach mother well, let her know that she is wrong and help her to correct it, and they won’t it be right?”

The little boy looked at him with straight eyes, his lips pressed tightly, trying hard not to shed any tears.

Jiang Hua was a little confused. He glanced at her brother and then at her father: “I don’t want to be separated from father, mother and brother.”

Why should I choose between my father and my mother? Isn’t it good for everyone to live together as before?

“I gave your mother a chance, but the question now is not whether I am willing to forgive her or not. Your mother’s mind and heart are no longer in this house, no longer in your father.”

Daughters are more difficult to teach than sons. Jiang Liu has other means of education for her. However, for this son, Jiang Liu wished to take this opportunity to make him more sensible and mature.

 “No, no, mom will change.”

 Jiang Fu shook his head repeatedly.

Although his mother did something sorry for his father, in his opinion, his mother loved him and his sister. Even for their sake, their mother would surely stay at home with them.

 When the time comes, he will take good care of his mother and educate her. He will never let her make the same mistakes ever again.

 Jiang Fu was panicked, but he still stood firm in his position.

 “Daddy, let’s not separate, okay.”

 Jiang Hua did not like this kind of atmosphere at all. With tears in her eyes, she cried and took Jiang Liu’s hand as she begged.

 After a long while, Jiang Liu nodded.

He did not intend to do it all at once. Today was just a set-up. Either for the kid or XX. This was just the beginning.

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[Come home] has become a famous phrase in Fengyang County and the surrounding areas. Many people used this short sentence to make exciting jokes, making the story behind this word spread widely.

 Everyone knows a woman named Yu Hongmei in Sanlin Village of Fengyang County who had an affair with other men while her husband was out working. She ended up being beaten up by the male adulterer’s serious girlfriend.

There was a mischievous Female Lead in this story—a Male No 2 who stepped on multiple boats and ended up capsizing. Female No 2 was betrayed by her boyfriend and ended up tearing his cheating boyfriend with his mistress and a Male Lead who was willing to wear a green hat and called his wife to come back home.

Such a dramatic story was something that could only be found in TV series. Such a story was full of vicissitudes and dog-blood, making people unable to guess what would happen next naturally attracted many people’s attention.

Now everyone is guessing whether the woman in question will go home after her husband tells her to come back or whether she will continue with her error to the end, get divorced and then married her cheating partner.

 Yu Hongmei was ashamed to go home and has been hiding in a small hotel these days. However, she was not really isolated from the world. Naturally, she also saw the news broadcasted on TV.

 As opposed to the feeling of the masses, Yu Hongmei was not moved by the forgiveness and deep feelings manifested by Jiang Liu. In her opinion, this was an inevitable choice for Jiang Liu.

 After all, Jiang Liu likes her very much. If he likes a person, shouldn’t he tolerate the other’s minor mistakes? Moreover, she also gave him a pair of twins. For the sake of the children, the other party should also forgive her.

What’s more, whenever she went out in disguise to buy supplies and heard the comments from people she did not know discussing the matter between her and Jiang Liu, Yu Hongmei could not help but sprouting some grievances in her heart.

Jiang Liu was a disabled person. If it were not for her, would there be any fool who is willing to marry him? Despite his affectionate manner now, it was impossible to be sure that he is not trying to drag her into his misery.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt Jiang Liu’s deep and sinister thoughts. Hence, how could he touch Yu Hongmei’s heart? In fact, she almost hated Jiang Liu.

 But no matter what, she still needs to go back.

 Yu Hongmei had run out of money. When she left the police station, Jiang Tiancheng gave her a handful of cash to temporarily avoid the limelight. After the money was given to her, Jiang Tiancheng disappeared. The other party was capable and felt that this matter was too embarrassing, so he decided to fly away for a while and come back when the limelight of this matter has passed.

 But Yu Hongmei could not do that. Jiang Tiancheng did not give her much money. These days, she has to spend money to stay in a hotel and to eat and drink. Because she could not go home, she also needs to buy some toiletries and a change of underwear.

 By the fourth day, she could no longer afford to stay at the hotel. Yu Hongmei could only packed up her things and went home.

 Don’t look at Yu Hongmei feeling that she had not done anything wrong. She always regarded that it was Jiang Liu’s inability that forced her to derail. In fact, she still had some guilty conscience. Hence, when she returned to the village, she especially did a meticulous disguise.

 She adorned a pair of sunglasses bought from a small vendor for ten yuan and a disposable mask taken from the hospital hall. These days, Yu Hongmei relied on these two pieces of equipment to buy her daily necessities. 

 Yet, she had forgotten that the people in Sanlin Village were not strangers who had only seen her partial mosaic photos on TV. At this moment, the figure of her wearing sunglasses and a mask ended up attracting the attention of others instead.


Just as Hong Mei was walking home along the small path, a basin of water was poured over her face. The water should have been used to wash the fish as it has a strong fishy smell.

 Yu Hongmei’s luck was relatively good. The water basin did not splash on her directly but splashed in front of her, with only a few drops of water splashes into her shoes and trousers.

 “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

The woman who poured the water was shocked that she almost spilt the wastewater to the people outside. She quickly came over to say sorry.

Not many people walked on the small path in front of her house. In addition to that, Yu Hongmei also kept her voice down for fear of attracting others’ attention. Therefore, that woman never thought that someone would be walking around there.

 “Right, wait, you are Yu Hongmei!”

The woman was still apologizing as she prepared to wipe the water stains off Yu Hongmei’s shoes with the apron tied to her waist. Yey, before she could do it, she first recognized Yu Hongmei’s identity.

 “Heh, and here I thought who this could be?”

The woman stood up with contempt in her eyes. Before Yu Hongmei could recover her senses, that woman swaggered home and then closed the door with a bang in front of her face.

“What kind of attitude is this?”

Yu Hongmei gritted her teeth and looked at the closed door. Thinking of her current situation, she could only recognize this dumb loss.

It’s just that she hasn’t walked away for a few steps when she heard a squeak and the door of that house opened again. Yu Hongmei turned her head, and this time, a bucket of water was splashed on Yu Hongmei’s body.

 “It’s really unlucky today. I will splash a few more buckets of water later to clean the dirt at the door.”

The woman who splashed the water seemed to have not seen her and closed the door again after spraying the water.

Yu Hongmei was shivering in anger. She knew that this person deliberately splashed the water on her.

She rushed to the door in a few steps, raising her hand to knock on the door, and finally stopped her action. She took a few deep breaths, turned her head and left. This time she accelerated her walking speed, lowered her head and covered her face as she rushed towards the direction of her house.

 Water drops were falling from her body, leaving traces all the way.

 The person who just splashed her with water was still pasting her ear on the door, listening to the movement outside.

Just splashing water on Hongmei was already an impulsive move by her. She felt a little scared as soon as she did it. 

After all, even if she did it for a reason, but it was still wrong. If Yu Hongmei was determined to make a fuss, even her family might not be able to help her.

Yet, she has to say that the feeling of splashing water on Hongmei was so refreshing. Especially when she recalled Yu Hongmei’s astonished expression, it was just as cool as eating a Popsicle on the hottest day of summer. It really made her heart floated in the sky.

“Looks like she’s gone.

The woman whispered as she heard nothing from the outside. 

“Bah, it must be a guilty conscience. She also seemed to be aware that what she has done is so embarrassing.”

 The woman curled her lips, ignoring the fish that had just been killed, and rushed back to the living room. She picked up the telephone’s receiver and planned to chat with her sisters, telling them about Yu Hongmei’s return and her feat just now.

 One pass ten and ten passes a hundred. As soon as Yu Hongmei arrived home, everyone in the village also received the news that she had returned.

 Aunt Man Chun always remembered Jiang Liu. Moreover, as one of the few families closest to Jiang’s family, she naturally hurried to Jiang’s family when she heard the news.

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