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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 162

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Chapter 162: The correct way to wear a green hat 17

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4 chapters~

Have you heard the new Dreamcatcher’s comeback?

“You dead girl. You still know how to come back. I am about to die in anxiety because of you. If something happens to you, how could I continue to live?”

 Fan Fang heard the movement of her daughter coming back and quickly rushed over, “What’s the matter with you? Why are you so drenched in water? Did you fall into the river, or did someone throw the water at you?”

In the eyes of a mother, no matter how many wrong things a child does, their child is good, and they cannot tolerate others bullying them.

 “Tell mom who did it. I will go and find them.”

 The old lady took her daughter by her hand and was about to go out.

 “Yu Hongmei, you still know how to come back!”

 Aunt Man Chun rushed in and pointed at Fan Fang’s nose and asked, “You still dare looking for someone else to settle the account? Don’t you know what kind of ugly thing your daughter has done? What are you still acting so proud and arrogant for?”

Fan Fang’s nose was crooked in anger. She suppressed her temper as she gritted her teeth and said, “Sister Manchun, I respect you as the elder of Jiang Liu, so I have been holding myself from talking back to you. Yet, you should be aware of what exactly your identity is. In the final analysis, you and Jiang Liu are just old neighbours who have no relations at all. Do you think it is appropriate for you to intervene in other people’s household matter?”

She was really getting impatient with this old neighbour of the Jiang family. She was simply like a dog meddling with the mouse’s problem. Had it not been for her sudden disruption, the matter of her daughter derail in marriage would not have been spread around.

Because of her, everyone in the village now knew that her daughter and Jiang Tiancheng were already had an affair before she went out to work at the store. Now, her daughter was accused of fooling with another man at home when her husband worked outside to make money for her.

Although this was a fact, yet Fan Fang bears a grudge against Aunt Man Chun.

 “Jiang Liu has now forgiven my daughters. The two of them plan to live a good life. Are you so dissatisfied with others that you wanted to continue messing around like this? What benefit will you get if my daughter got a divorce from Jiang Liu? Or do you have an unmarried daughter who is interested in Jiang Liu and wanted to drive my daughter away so that she could take the throne?”

 Fan Fang’s words were too unforgiving. Aunt Man Chun was so angry that she wanted to tear the mouths of this pair of shameless mother and daughter.

 “I am not afraid of a crooked shadow. Unlike some people whose heart and eyes are dirt, so much that they thought everything other did is dirty like her.”

Aunt Man Chun retaliated: “Don’t provoke the feelings between Liu-zi and me. He said that he would forgive Yu Hongmei, and I respect his choice. Nevertheless, your family Yu Hongmei also did something wrong to him after all. Should not she correct her attitude and admit her mistake? Do you think that you can bully Liu-zi just because there is no elder in his house? I am telling you, not only me, Liu Manchun, all the older generation in this village are Liu-zi’s elder.”

People of the older generation naturally have their own life experiences. Aunt Man Chun could see the unwillingness in Yu Hongmei’s eyes. This woman would not stop her previous behaviour. Even if she admits her mistakes now, she will continue this old habit in the future.

There is an old saying to turn a blind eye. It is said that it was rare to be so silly. Marriages of their generation were built on partnership, and a lot of people put up with it. After all, Yu Hongmei and Jiang Liu still have two children. As long as Yu Hongmei knows a little shame, aunt Man Chun has no problem accepting Jiang Liu’s decision.

Aunt Man Chun has determined that Yu Hongmei was a restless woman who would eventually make mistakes. Hence, how could she agree with Jiang Liu’s decision to let Yu Hongmei come back home?

Nevertheless, she knew that Jiang Liu was in a difficult situation. He was suffering both physical and psychological blows, so Aunt Man Chun could only pretend to agree with his decision. Still, Aunt Man Chun had already thought about it in her heart. From now on, she has to keep an eye on this woman, Hongmei. If she dared to hook up on the outside and got caught by her, she must encourage Liu-zi to divorce her.


 Before Aunt Man Chun could continue, Jiang Liu walked out of the house.

 He is now able to walk without crutches, albeit like a lame. Hence, it was unknown if he could recover to normal in the future.

 “Why did you come out? Be careful of your legs.”

 The old lady looked at him distressedly. She held Jiang Liu’s hand as she steered him back into the house.

 “Auntie, I know what I’m doing.”

 Jiang Liu said sincerely. He could only feel ashamed for taking advantage of Aunt Man Chun’s concern for him in this matter.


 The old lady sighed, a little distressed. There was also a blaming tone in it regarding Jiang Liu’s confusing decision.

 “Just this one time.”

The volume of this sentence was not loud. Except for Aunt Man Chun, who was closest to Jiang Liu, the other two did not hear it.

“That’s right, Liu-zi said that he knows what he is doing, and he doesn’t need others to be nosy about his matter.”

Now that she had torn her face with Liu Manchun, Fan Fang no longer wish to pretend to be a good person in front of her. She did not hear the second half of Jiang Liu’s words. She only assumed that Jiang Liu was tired of Aunt Man Chun’s intervention. Seeing this, she started to act arrogantly as she yelled at Aunt Man Chun.

 “Mom, it’s already been a while since you came here. The children of the elder brother and the second brother also need you to take care of.”

Jiang Liu’s expression was a little cold. Fan Fang initially looked arrogant, but Jiang Liu’s word was like cold water drenched on her.

 “What do you mean? Are you trying to drive me away?”

 Fan Fang frowned. Her son-in-law’s attitude was a bit weird, ah. It seemed that he was still unhappy about the fact that her daughter had derailed.

 However, Fan Fang was relieved. If Jiang Liu were not angry at all, she would think Jiang Liu’s attitude was false. How could a man not get mad when he learned that his wife had cheated on him?

Now Jiang Liu is still angry, which is a good thing for her daughter. As long as her daughter coax Jiang Liu and perform well, she believes that after a while, Jiang Liu will soon forget this knot in his heart, a good life with Hongmei.

 Fan Fang felt calm as she thought this over.

“Okay, originally, I came here to take care of you and your two children. Now you can walk, this house does not need me anymore. I will pack my things and let Hongmei take me to the station tomorrow morning.”

“Mom, why are you leaving in a hurry?”

Yu Hongmei did not want her mother to leave. If her mother left, wouldn’t she have to face Jiang Liu and the people in the village alone?

 Fan Fang calmly patted the back of her daughter’s hand as she planned to have a good chat with her daughter tonight.

To be honest, Aunt Man Chun was a little displeased because Jiang Liu stopped her just now. This dissatisfaction was not because Jiang Liu was disrespectful to her, but a sense of powerlessness that came from others disrespecting her children. However, when Jiang Liu opened her mouth and secretly hinted Fan Fang to leave, Aunt Man Chun no longer being unhappy in her heart. She gloated as she looked at the old lady in front of her being swept out by her son-in-law. Without her, Yu Hongmei would be a toothless tiger. Aunt Man Chun could not wait for the day when Yu Hongmei reveals herself.


 “Jiang Liu.”

After Aunt Man Chun left, Yu Hongmei gritted her teeth and called out when she looked at her husband, who was walking straight into the house.

 She did not want to bow her head. Jiang Liu was the one who called her to go back home. How could he be so indifferent to her now? Yet, she also understood that her circumstances. Hence she should not be stubborn and has to bow her head.

 Jiang Liu did not respond to her call and sauntered back to the room without stopping.

 “Mom, look at him. He is showing his temper with me.”

 Yu Hongmei stomped her feet. Jiang Liu has always been holding her like a baby. Occasionally, when she gives Jiang Liu a good face, the other party would be so happy that he could not sleep all night. In her heart, Jiang Liu was just like her dog. No matter if she kicks or hit him, he would still wag his head, wave his tail as he stuck out his tongue and continued to surround her.

 Now Jiang Liu’s indifference towards her made Yu Hongmei angry. At the same time, there was a faint fear that could not be grasped, and that fear turned into a yell of anger as she felt like escaping from it.

 “My girl, take it easy.”

 Fan Fang hurriedly held her daughter and dragged her into her room as she analyzed her current situation.

 The light in Fan Fang’s room was on for the whole night. It was unknown what she had taught to Yu Hongmei. When Jiang Liu saw Yu Hongmei again the next day, she had utterly lost her arrogance and looked docile as she humbly cleaned the house. Even in the face of Jiang Liu’s indifference, she still endures it with remorse on her face.

 Even though she was reluctant, Fan Fang had to leave under Jiang Liu’s request. As she got on the bus, Fan Fang felt a sense of foreboding as she looked at the daughter, who was so confident that she could catch her husband’s heart again.


There is a river in the village. Many people are used to going to the river to wash their clothes. Since this river is fresh running water, there is no need to worry about its being unclean. When that time comes, you only need to take the clothes home for the final rinse. With this, they can save a lot of water bills.

In the past, Yu Hongmei had never participated in this thrifty activity that the village’s women enjoyed. After all, the Jiang family also had a washing machine, and Yu Hongmei had long been used to wash all the clothes in it.

Yet, now everything is different. Thinking of her mother’s indoctrination the night before she left, Yu Hongmei held a basin of dirty clothes as she rubbed her stiff facial muscles. She took a deep breath and walked with a smile towards the riverbank where the women in the village usually gathered.

“Stop talking; she’s here.”

 “Why did she come here?”

 “Who knows, didn’t she refuse to come to the river to wash clothes before?”

 The rustling voice reached Hongmei’s ears, making her smile a little stiff.

 “Fangfang, Xiaoliu, how’s your laundry going on?”

 Yu Hongmei called out softly as she walked to the side of the crowd. She put the clothes basin on the bank as if she were going to wash the clothes by the river.

 “Fangfang, have you finished washing? I’m done with mine.”

 “I already finished with mine. Let’s go home.”

 “Indeed, just when our conversation is going to begin, there come along the disagreeable one.”

As soon as Yu Hongmei squatted down, the people washing their clothes began to pack things up as they took their washbasin to leave. No one responded to Hongmei’s greetings, and no one gave so much a look at her body.

They treated Hongmei like the air and left in groups.

“In the past, didn’t that Yu Hongmei said that washing clothes hurt our hands, ah. Didn’t she ask us why we have to run to the river to wash our clothes just to save 10 yuan of the water fee? She even thought that we are stingy and refuse to buy a washing machine, but now she came over and wanted to join us.”

“That is right. Before that incident, she was so arrogant. She always felt that she was not the same as us. Now thinking about it, we are indeed not the same. We are not like her, who can still say hello to us as if she had not done something like that.”

 Those people did not lower their voices. Yu Hongmei bit her lower lip tightly as she listened to the fading chattering, wishing to tear the clothes on her hands.

This is yet the worst thing Yu Hongmei had encountered during this time.

Since being on TV, she has become a “celebrity” in this area.

You do not have to mention the villagers. Every time she went out to the town’s vegetable market to buy food, she has to bear the strange eyes of others. Some people even stop her and ask her straightforwardly if she is the cheating woman in the news. For Yu Hongmei, this kind of experience was not only humiliating but also torturing.

Yet, she still has to go to the vegetable market to buy food. After hearing her mother’s analysis, she realized that staying at Jiang’s house and getting forgiveness from Jiang Liu was her best choice.

Therefore, she must perfectly play the role of a good wife who knows her mistakes and can correct herself. She must endure until others gradually forget about it.

 Yu Hongmei wiped her tears, feeling that she had been wronged too much by others.

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 “What do you want to eat this afternoon? I will go to the vegetable market to buy it later.”

 After washing the clothes by the river, Yu Hongmei started to calm down. While drying the clothes, she asked Jiang Liu about his choice of dishes for lunch today.

 Yet, she knew that Jiang Liu would not answer her.

This man was too temperamental. He obviously asked her to come back, but he kept being indifferent to her after she came back. After more than a week, the number of times Jiang Liu talked to her could be counted in one hand.

 When her children were not at home during the day, Yu Hongmei felt that she lived under the roof with a dead person. She would rather have Jiang Liu scold her and beat her than this kind of tormenting indifference.

 Sure enough, just as Yu Hongmei had guessed, Jiang Liu still did not answer any of her questions. He just did his own rehabilitation exercise, slowly squatting down and then standing up, repeating this action non-stop.

Yu Hongmei held back her anger. She then took some money, closed the door and prepared to go to the vegetable market to buy the groceries.


 “Hongmei, you should cherish your good fortune. If you miss a good man like Liu-zi, you will cry.”

 “Liu-zi can forgive you because of his open-mindedness. So stop making troubles, take good care of Liu-zi and the two children, and live in peace.”

 “Not every man is as generous as Liu-zi. Since he can forgive you, you just need to smile.”

 On the way to buy vegetables, Yu Hongmei was stopped by many and heard many similar doctrines. Without exception, these doctrines belittled her and elevated Jiang Liu.

 Yu Hongmei really wanted these people to look at Jiang Liu, who has treated her with cold violence these days. However, since she determines to show her remorse, she still has to say that she would definitely correct her mistakes with a humbled expression on her face.

 Had it not been for Jiang Tiancheng, who went out of town and never come back after the incident was exposed, as well as listening to her mother’s analysis and knew that she had almost no possibility of marrying into Jiang’s family, she would not have stay and suffer these injustices.

As per usual, Yu Hongmei went to the town’s vegetable market to buy vegetables. Today, a batch of sea fish that had just been transported from the south came to the local vegetable market. The colour of the fish scales was still very bright, and it appeared to be very fresh.

For an unknown reason, recently, Yu Hongmei had started to detest fishy foods, so she bypassed the aquatic product stalls and planned to visit other places.


Just as she was about to walk out of the aquatic area, Yu Hongmei couldn’t help feeling nausea as she retching. She could faintly taste the taste of stomach acid in her mouth as she resisted the queasiness. Yu Hongmei quickened her pace and quickly passed through the aquatic area.

 As soon as she couldn’t smell the seafood, Yu Hongmei’s queasiness started to reduce.

 Is it because the pressure has been too high recently that her stomach started to be affected?

Yu Hongmei walked to the pharmacy next to the vegetable market with doubts after finishing her shopping. She wanted to buy some Chinese’ medicines to regulate her stomach and intestines.

It was unknown what was playing in her mind. However, when she bought the digestive medicine, she also asked the shop assistant for a pregnancy test stick. Like a thief, she brought the pregnancy test stick home.

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“I am pregnant!”

Sitting on the toilet in the bathroom, Yu Hongmei excitedly looked at the two red bars on the pregnancy test stick as if she had seen a turning point in her life.

This child was impossible to be Jiang Liu’s. The other party has been away from home for almost three months before he was sent back by Lin Ye. At that time, he was already a disabled person who could no longer move around. Yu Hongmei wouldn’t be able to have sex with Jiang Liu at that time.

 Apart from Jiang Liu, the only person who has had such a relationship with Yu Hongmei was Jiang Tiancheng. Hence, the child in her belly must be Jiang Tiancheng’s.

 As a woman who has been with Jiang Tiancheng for many years, Yu Hongmei naturally knows how much Jiang Tiancheng wants a son. Yet, due to his perennial tobacco and alcohol consumption, his sperm quality was inferior. Jiang Tiancheng has been to many treatments for infertility, yet the doctors gave him the same result. That is, it would be difficult for him to let the woman be conceived.

 In recent years, Jiang Tiancheng had many women, but none of them could give him children. As the years went up, Jiang Tiancheng’s desire to have a son to inherit the family business did not die out but instead become more and more pronounced.

 Now that she is pregnant with Jiang Tiancheng’s child, does it mean that she has the opportunity to marry into Jiang’s family?

 With such ambitions, Yu Hongmei could not care about cooking anymore. She quickly took her passbook and some cash as she planned to rush to the county hospital for a more detailed examination.

“Where are you going?”

When she reached the yard, Yu Hongmei was stopped by Jiang Liu.

Now you started to care and wanted to please her? 

 It is too late!

Yu Hongmei looked at the thin and haggard husband with secret pleasure in her heart. The child in her belly was her capital. Everyone said that Jiang Liu was a kind person. Still, Yu Hongmei felt aggrieved for having to commit herself to a disabled man.

Previously, she had to endure it to make a living. Now is different since she has Jiang Tiancheng’s child in her belly. What’s more, Jiang Tiancheng also has a net worth of nearly 10 million. Anything leaked between his fingers is more than anything that the current Jiang Liu could put together to give her. In this case, why should she need to wrong herself?

 As for these rumours surrounding her, as long as she moved to the city with Jiang Tiancheng, who would care about it? No matter what, they can also move to other cities. Anyway, Jiang Tiancheng is rich, and in these years, rich people have the final say in anything.

“Some important stuff came up!”

Yet nothing is absolute. Before she could ensure that Jiang Tiancheng would marry her for her children, Yu Hongmei decided not to say too much. She looked at Jiang Liu with a rather cold expression and then hurriedly left.

 Looking at Yu Hongmei, who was in hurried, Jiang Liu knew that the matter was done.

 When he first came to this body, he bought a particular pill for false pregnancy from the system mall. Taking this pill can cause the illusion of being pregnant. Whether it was traditional pulse checking or the modern B-mode ultrasound scanning, none of those methods could detect this false pregnancy.

However, the efficacy of the elixir was not long-term. The effect of this pseudo-pregnancy could only be maintained for five months. During this period, women who take this medicine will have normal pregnancy reactions. After they reach the five-month time limit, abortion reactions will start to occur. Hence, the outsider will mistakenly diagnose that the woman who took this pill had a miscarriage.

 In the past, people who bought these medicines were all women, especially the female tasker involved in women intrigue’s task either in the deep palace or the back house. They used this medicine for their own or to frame others. Jiang Liu almost ignored such a good thing because of its name. Fortunately, he was attentive. Whether it was helpful or not, as long as the system mall updates the product, he will carefully check its specific effects. Now it seemed that his decision to buy this pill was not wrong. This non-existent child will promote his entire big plan.

Yu Hongmei and Jiang Tiancheng’s children in the previous life were not conceived at the current timeline. Even so, Jiang Liu did not want to wait that long. According to the systems task requirements, he wanted to fulfil the true love requested by the system.

Yu Hongmei has lost her good reputation. What if the two elders of the Jiang family were unwilling to accept such daughter-in-law? Of course, to mend this, he has to give the Jiang family a son/grandson that they cherish in their hearts. After all, he is such a kind person. How could he bear to see the tragedy of a “true love” being broken up just because of the current situation?

 Seeing Yu Hongmei being annoyed at him, it seemed that she was already aware of her pregnancy. Now, everything is going well. He has given her a “chance”, yet she chose to trample his sincerity to the ground. After this incident, no one would accuse him of being intolerant and not generous enough. Even if he acts indifferently to her afterwards, no one going to say anything.

 After all, he is a poor man who had his sincere heart being trampled on repeatedly. His heart should already long been riddled with holes, right?


 “Where is Yu Hongmei rushing up to be?”

Aunt Man Chun was drying the quilt on the balcony when she saw Yu Hongmei running away from Jiang’s house in small steps. She could not help but feeling weird as she looked at Yu Hongmei’s retreating figure.

 “Xiu, ah, you help mom dry the quilt.”

 Aunt Man Chun reminded her daughter-in-law before she went downstairs and quietly followed Yu Hongmei. In order not to let Yu Hongmei found out, the old lady stopped a taxi and asked the driver to follow the bus. When she got to the place where Yu Hongmei got off, the money on the meter had jumped to the figure of 47 yuan.

 The old lady painfully paid the fare and then got out of the car and continued to follow.

“Why did she come to the hospital?”

After getting out of the car and walking for a few steps, the old lady realized her current location was at the County Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital. Aunt Man Chun had an ominous premonition in her heart.

 For fear of being discovered by Yu Hongmei, after following Yu Hongmei into the hospital, Aunt Man Chun only dare to follow her from a distance. She watched Yu Hongmei registered herself and then entered the obstetrics and gynaecology clinic for examination. She then took the bill and paid for it before walking to the B-ultrasound room.

 During this period, she mostly hid in the hidden corners. It was not until Yu Hongmei left the clinic and left hospital that she ran to the doctor to inquire about the situation.

 “You said that my niece is pregnant, and the child is more than a month old.”

 Aunt Man Chun made an excuse and told the doctor that she was Yu Hongmei’s eldest aunt. When she came to the hospital for an examination, she saw Yu Hongmei hurriedly leaving behind. Because she was curious if there is an emergency, she went to the doctor to ask about the specific situation. The doctor did not think much. After all, Aunt Man Chun accurately said the patient’s name. Furthermore, being pregnant was nothing to be ashamed about.

 “Yes, it’s still twins. You know that it is not easy to conceive twins. So, you must take good care of the pregnant women.”

Twin births are rare. Having twins of boy and girl are even rarer. The doctor thinks that the mother’s family will be pleased with the news.

 “Okay, this is great.”

Aunt Man Chun’s teeth were almost broken, but she had to continue to show a smiling face.

 This damn Yu Hongmei, I will really kill you.

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