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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 163

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Chapter 163: The correct way to wear a green hat 18

“What did you say? You are pregnant?”

Jiang Tiancheng, on the other side of the phone, was shaving his beard. When he heard Yu Hongmei’s words, his hand shook, and the razor almost cut his nostrils.

Do not look at Jiang Tiancheng, who dotes on his daughter on regular days. In fact, his thoughts were very feudal. He thinks that his daughter will marry out eventually, and the son will be with him to the end. The older he gets, the more wealth he has earned, which had become a headache. If he does not have a son, would not the family business he work so hard would be left to the outsiders in the future.

Therefore, Jiang Tiancheng has never extinguished his heart to have a son in these years. When he first learned about the technique of artificial insemination, he also had spent a lot of money to try it in Thailand, but his sperm motility was really bad. The two embryos that were successfully cultivated at one time were both sheds after being implanted in the mother’s body.

Surrogacy was not only expensive but also bothersome. After several attempts, Jiang Tiancheng finally gave up.

Yet, he has never given up on natural conception. It is a pity that there are so many women around him over the years, but none of them can get pregnant smoothly.

Therefore, now that Yu Hongmei is pregnant, Jiang Tiancheng is more happy than surprised.

“Yes, the doctor said that they were twins.”

Yu Hongmei was sitting in a park with no people. There is a big smile on her face, yet her tone of voice was tense and humble.

“You know, Jiang Liu went out to work a few months ago. After returning, he had been bedridden for a long time. So I did not have any relationship with him at this time. As for you and me… We did not seem to wear condoms at that time….”

As she talked, Yu Hongmei cried, “Old Jiang, what should I do? If Jiang Liu learns about this, he will definitely kill me. You do not know the way he looks at me these days. He must hate me. I’m so scared.”

She knew Jiang Tiancheng’s temperament. He liked delicate women, preferably the kind of dodder flower who likes him wholeheartedly and can only cling to him for survival. The more she needs him, the happier Jiang Tiancheng will be.

What’s more, there is still his child in her belly now.

“He dares!”

When he heard that there were twins in Hongmei’s belly, Jiang Tiancheng was so happy. Two children, regardless of male and female, at least the bloodline of Jiang Tiancheng will increase. Furthermore, Jiang Tiancheng also believed that his luck should not be too bad. There must be at least a son in her belly.

Therefore, at this moment, when he thought that Jiang Liu might do something to his son, Jiang Tiancheng was naturally anxious.

“Old Jiang, or else maybe I should abort these children? I can’t fight against Jiang Liu, woo… But I can’t bear to kill these children. Old Jiang, what should I do….”

Yu Hongmei’s sobbing hit Jiang Tiancheng’s heart. Now her position in Jiang Tiancheng’s heart is different. She was not only his woman but also the mother of his future children. She was not the kind of woman that can be abandoned after just playing.

And to be honest, Jiang Tiancheng still likes Yu Hongmei very much. This woman is not only knowledgeable but also interesting. Her character was also good. Even after her man doing this and that to her several times now, she still did not plan to divorce her husband.

Obviously, everyone knows that Jiang Liu, the lame man, is a drag, but she is still willing to live with Jiang Liu. What does this mean? It means that this woman is a good woman who can share happiness and suffering.

Although the previous exposure of their adultery had caused a lot of trouble to Jiang Tiancheng, he also understood that it was not Yu Hongmei’s fault. On the contrary, he still felt that he was dragging down Yu Hongmei.

Even though he did not know that woman, he felt that his rival might have instigated the other party. How could Yu Hongmei, a woman who lived in the country all year round, offend such a person with extraordinary powers and able to set up such a well-plan scenario? Since this matter was aiming at him, Jiang Tiancheng felt a little guilty for letting Yu Hongmei being implicated by it.

“Hongmei, you and Jiang Liu should be divorced. You should leave the money and the house to Jiang Liu. I will support you.”

This time, Jiang Tiancheng finally gave Yu Hongmei the promise she had been waiting for.

“Old Jiang, I’m satisfied with your words, but I still can’t divorce Jiang Liu. He is like this now. If I divorce him, wouldn’t I force him to die?”

Yu Hongmei was so happy, but she could not act too eagerly.

“That you willing to separate our child from their parents. These two children ah, you really willing to?”

Jiang Tiancheng was not angry. On the contrary, he felt more and more that Yu Hongmei was affectionate and righteous.


“There’s nothing to worry about.”

Jiang Tiancheng interrupted Yu Hongmei’s words domineeringly.

“Old Jiang, I have to think about it. Even if I do not think about Jiang Liu, I must consider the two children Fugui and Huakai. If and if I say I want to take these two children with me, would you blame me?”

Yu Hongmei hesitated and said: “You know, I brought up these two children since they were young. With Jiang Liu’s current condition, I will not rest assured to leave the children with him… Forget it… Maybe I was too greedy. Regarding the two children, I will think of a solution. “

Suddenly hearing Yu Hongmei’s words about her and Jiang Liu’s two children, Jiang Tiancheng felt a little unhappy in his heart, but then he thought about it. If Yu Hongmei could easily abandon her pair of children, then would she still be the Yu Hongmei in his heart?

He likes her, not only for her appearance but also for her gentleness and kindness. If Yu Hongmei abandoned her children to marry him, Jiang Tiancheng would have to re-evaluate the relationship between him and Yu Hongmei.

“Don’t worry. It’s just two children. I can still raise them.”

Jiang Tiancheng really has no shortage of money to raise the children. If the two children are obedient enough, he can pay them to finish college. It will be livelier with many children in the family, and the brothers and sisters could also support each other.

However, if those little cubs are difficult, isn’t the child’s father still alive anyway? They could throw them back to the child’s father to raise them.

At that time, Yu Hongmei and his children were also born. With these two newly born children to keep Yu Hongmei’s busy, she would not be so sad about it.

The abacus in Jiang Tiancheng’s heart was beating; Yu Hongmei also thought similarly.

She had never thought of bringing the two children to Jiang’s house together. Her plan was the same as when she discussed it with her mother before. She only plans to take her daughter Huakai to Jiang’s place. Her reputation was already bad enough, and she did not want to add another charge of being an incompetent mother.

Moreover, there is a bargaining chip when you have a child. The daughter is raised by her side. Hence, from now on, Jiang Liu would have to regard her daughter’s face and would not dare to speak ill of her outside.

No one knows Jiang Liu’s love for the two children better than her. Although his temperament has changed drastically during this period, so much that she could not guess his thought, but Yu Hongmei felt that Jiang Liu’s love for his two children would never change.

“Old Jiang, you are so kind to me.”

After Jiang Tiancheng answered affirmatively, Yu Hongmei breathed a sigh of relief and said with admiration.

“Don’t rush home. I will be back now. Then I will accompany you to Jiang’s house.”

There is still his child in Yu Hongmei’s belly. He could rest assured to let Yu Hongmei go back to Jiang’s house alone. If Jiang Liu kills the baby that he finally conceived, Jiang Tiancheng can stun himself to death.


Yu Hongmei hung up the phone and let out a long sigh of relief.

Her good days are still to come.

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“Liu-zi, is Yu Hongmei back yet?”

Aunt Man Chun ran back to Jiang’s house in a hurry. She thought that she was delayed in the hospital for a while and would arrive home a little later than Yu Hongmei. Unexpectedly, Yu Hongmei never came back. Only Jiang Liu was left at home.

“Yes, she has no face to come back. She must have gone to find that adulterer.”

Aunt Man Chun stomped her feet with bitterness, “Liu-zi, aunt going to tell you something. You have to promise auntie that you are going to be steady. Don’t be anxious, don’t be angry, it’s not worthy for that kind of person.”

“Auntie, what the hell is it?”

Jiang Liu faintly guessed the intention of Aunt Man Chun. This scene was not in his plan. According to Jiang Liu’s expectations, the news of Yu Hongmei’s pregnancy would be revealed soon. Still, the people who exposed the matter would not be Aunt Chun. Fortunately, this deviation does not affect the entire plan.

“You promise Auntie first.”

Aunt Man Chun said in a deep voice.

“Okay, auntie, I promise you.”

After receiving a positive answer from Jiang Liu, Aunt Man Chun told what she had just seen in the hospital.

“Yu Hongmei is actually pregnant!”

The people passing by the door heard it, covered their mouths in surprise, and then quietly left, sharing the news with others.

“Liu-zi, what’s wrong with you? Say something, don’t scare me.”

Aunt Man Chun did not know that others heard these words. She looked at the silent Jiang Liu and wondered whether it was right for her to tell him this news.

“Auntie, I, I’m fine.”

His body swayed a little: “Can you help me move the chair over. I want to wait for Hongmei to come back and listen to her in person.”

“Don’t worry. I will not be stupid. I have already given her the opportunity once. If she chooses to leave me this time, I will not hold her back. I, Jiang Liu, is not so cheap that I will let her, again and again, stepped into my self-esteem.”

Jiang Liu’s remarks were equivalent to reassurance. Aunt Man Chun was really afraid that Yu Hongmei’s good words will coax him.

“Sure, aunt will wait with you.”

Aunt Man Chun hurriedly moved two chairs. She was afraid that Yu Hongmei would bully this kind and honest person.

“Auntie, let me wait alone.”

Jiang Liu looked at Aunt Man Chun pleadingly and said.

“Then, that’s good. If there is anything, call me out. I will prick up my ears in that room and listen.”

The old lady struggled for a while. She knew that this matter had something to do with Jiang Liu’s self-esteem as a man. Finally, she agreed and left as she continued to look back at each step she took.

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