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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 164

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Chapter 164: The correct way to wear a green hat 19

Jiang Tiancheng came back by the latest flight. Around 2:30 in the afternoon, he accompanied Yu Hongmei to go back to Jiang’s house.

“Are you coming to discuss your divorce with me?”

Yu Hongmei had drafted multiple ways on how to break the news. However, due to Jiang Liu, who had been waiting for a long time for the door to open, those excuses have now become useless.

“OK, let’s divorce.”

Instead of being hysterical as imagined by Yu Hongmei and Jiang Tiancheng, Jiang Liu spoke the word “divorce” as if discussing today’s weather.

 His attitude made Jiang Tiancheng felt insipid. As if the woman he was eager to obtain was something that Jiang Liu did not even want.

 You must know that before setting off to Jiang’s house, Jiang Tiancheng felt like he was a knight who was about to snatch a treasure like a woman from Jiang Liu’s hand. This was the evil nature of a man. Jiang Tiancheng felt that he has an unlimited charm for being able to snatch Jiang Liu’s treasure from his hands.

 It was uncomfortable to have the gas you have been holding back leak out before it could be released.

 Nevertheless, there was no other way to go. Who made Yu Hongmei pregnant with his child? Jiang Tiancheng calmed down and was about to speak when Jiang Liu’s mouth opened once again.

“The house I live in was built before our marriage. The house’s foundation was from the Jiang family’s ancestral property, so it cannot be divided. As for my 200,000 yuan from the injury compensation, it belongs to me legally. After all, my subsequent medical expenses have to be allocated from there. As for other things, if you want it, I will give it to you.”

The most valuable thing in the Jiang family was the house and the 200,000-yuan’s compensation. In addition to that, Yu Hongmei still has a deposit of less than 30,000 yuan in her account. Still, Yu Hongmei will never admit the existence of this money.

In the previous life, when Yu Hongmei divorce Jiang Liu, all the surrounding people praised her for being good and felt that she was a rare woman who was not greedy for money. In this life, however, Jiang Liu extinguished her chance to discuss property division as he generously expressed that he is willing to let her take anything from their joint property in addition to the ancestral property and compensation money. After all, this is Jiang Liu’s generosity, not Yu Hongmei’s generosity.

 Obviously, Yu Hongmei also heard the hidden meaning behind Jiang Liu’s words. Yet, since Jiang Tiancheng was standing next to her, she could not say anything. She could only put up a guilty expression.

“As for the children…”

“I am willing to raise the child.”

Before Jiang Liu finished speaking, Yu Hongmei interrupted him.

“I brought up the two children since they were young. You spend less time at home, and the person who accompanies the children the most is me. In addition, you are also not in good health now, and I am afraid that you have no energy to take care of the children, so I think the children should follow their mother. .”

“Why do you think that I have a little time at home? Isn’t it because I want to earn money to raise you and my children that I was forced to sacrifice the time that I should spend with my family? Are you telling me now that this is my fault? How about you? Having an affair with another man while your husband was away at work? Is that an excuse for you to cheat on me because I spend less time at home?”

Jiang Liu looked at her and said sarcastically, “You still have your baby in your belly. Are you sure that you have enough energy to take care of my two children?”

“How did you know?”

Yu Hongmei felt a little ashamed when Jiang Liu broke the fact that she had cheated with Jiang Tiancheng. However, what surprised her, even more was that Jiang Liu actually learned the news of her pregnancy.

 Who told him? Who else knew about it?

 No matter how stupid Yu Hongmei was, she knew that the child she is carrying would be called a wicked child born from an adulterous affair. This shame will accompany the child for life. Initially, she planned to hide the news and declare that the child was born prematurely.

 Unexpectedly, Jiang Liu would smash this plan in the first place.

“You don’t need to worry about how I know it. Who the child chooses and who they are willing to live with is all based on their own choice, and no one can interfere with it.”

Jiang Liu did not mean to solve Yu Hongmei’s confusion. He just glanced at Yu Hongmei coldly and then pointed in the direction of the door: “Determine when to divorce and give me a precise time. Now you and this man can leave my house.”

My house, not ours. From this moment on, Yu Hongmei has nothing to do with him.

“Hongmei, let’s go.”

Jiang Tiancheng felt that Jiang Liu’s attitude was a bit dragged. Who did he think he is? He is nothing but crippled. How long did he think he could spend his two hundred thousand yuan? Did he not fear that his children would resent him in the future?

Yu Hongmei sobbed quietly as she leaned on Jiang Tiancheng’s arm to leave.

“Bah, adulterer and adulteress!”

 “Bah, stinky shit!”

The villagers could not believe that Yu Hongmei was so brazen that she could bring her cheating partner to Jiang’s house to negotiate with Jiang Liu.

Is she simply having thick skin or a slut with no sense of shame?

Along the way, the two did not get a good look from the surrounding people. Despite this, Yu Hongmei comforted herself. It was OK. These people were jealous of her. Soon, she will be the wife of a multi-millionaire. She will give birth to Jiang Tiancheng’s heir. There will be a gap between her life and the lives of these mud legs.

“Paff-puff-paff -“

An old lady swept the road with a broom. Many of the streets in the country were still dirt roads. The big broom tied with bamboo branches brought up a wave of dust with each stroke. It did not take long for Jiang Tiancheng’s expensive suit pants to be covered with dust.


“What are you doing? You are the one who does not have long eyes when you walk. If you dare to soil my ground, see how I make you pay.”

The old lady glared at Jiang Tiancheng: “Why? Do you still want to hit me? I am telling you, I am 70 years old this year. If you dare to do something, I will lie down immediately. It just so happens that this old lady is sick with old age, and I want to go to the hospital and stay there for a while.”

Her words were too unreasonable that Jiang Tiancheng could only hold back his temper and walked forward with Yu Hongmei.


There was a sound of water splashing from above.

 Yu Hongmei and Jiang Tiancheng were immediately drenched in water. When the two raised their heads, they saw Aunt Man Chun stood on the balcony on the second floor with a washbasin in her hands.

“My hand is slippery. Maybe the water got excited and wanted to wash the dirt.”

The old lady held a pot with one hand with another hand on her hips as if challenging them to come up and beat her if they were unconvinced with her excuse. Although her second son Linye was not at home, she still has her eldest son and eldest grandson at home. These two farmers were very powerful. It will not be a problem for them to carry this Yu Hongmei and Jiang Tiancheng like taking a little chicken for one round.

“Go! Go! Go! Leave here quickly.”

 How Jiang Tiancheng could let himself being wronged by others when he was already this old.

 “As expected. People from a place with a terrible environment and bad customs often have some unacceptable personalities.”

Yu Hongmei unexpectedly was scolded by Jiang Tiancheng with this sentence. Her face continued to alternate between green and white. Yet, she could not get angry like Jiang Liu. She even had to comfort Jiang Tiancheng in a soft voice.

 It does not matter. Everything will be fine after the baby is born. After the baby is born, her position in the Jiang family will be stabilized.

 Yu Hongmei comforted herself like this.

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In the evening, Jiang Fu and Jiang Hua came back from school and got the news that their parents were about to divorce.

“It’s not that your father is unwilling to give your mother a chance, but that your mother’s heart is no longer in this home. She will have a new family and new children. You have one night to think about whether to live with your mother or me. “

This time, it was useless for Jiang Fu and Jiang Hua to cry and refuse. After all, the person who proposed the divorce is not in Jiang’s family. Her heart is already hard, and she will never give up this opportunity to fly to the high branch because of her child’s unwillingness.

“Brother, do father and mother really want to separate?”

Jiang Hua was a little apprehensive. She was terrified. One of her classmate’s parents divorced, and her father married another woman who became her stepmother. Suddenly, from a little princess at home, she was reduced to become a little maid.

 Her stepmother also brought a son over. Perhaps because she could not bear the children of her husband’s ex-wife, or maybe she wanted to ruin her classmate’s relationship with her father so that he would leave everything in the family to her children. For that, the stepmother had done many things, which led to her classmate’s life becoming more challenging and harder, with injuries on her body from time to time. Her grades also plummeted as a result.

In Jiang Hua’s heart, a stepmother is a terrible existence. Now that father and mother are divorced, will father marry a stepmother?

“Brother, I miss my mother.”

The original body stays at home too little over the years, not even more than two per year.

Children could hardly understand the dedication of their fathers who work outside to support the family. They only know that it was their mother who spends the most time with them. Hence, in their cognition, the person closest to them is also their mother.

What’s more, before Jiang Liu’s incident, Yu Hongmei’s act as a mother was also reasonably competent.

She was very generous and willing to spend money to dress up her two children, especially her daughter Jiang Hua, who lives like a princess in the country. All her classmates envied her for having a gentle and beautiful mother. Jiang Hua has always been proud of having such a mother.

Even if there was a scandal related to Yu Hongmei, the scandal’s impact has not yet fermented that it would affect the children in such a short period. Therefore, Jiang Hua could not feel the differences in her environment.

At this time, if Jiang Hua was forced to make a choice, she wanted to live with her mother even more.

However, on the other hand, if you asked her if she wanted to give up her father, he would definitely say that she was unwilling. After all, her father was also very good. Although the time to get along was short, he will prepare a beautiful little gift for her every time he went home and let her ride on his shoulder. He would hold her arm and let her experience the feeling of flying.

Jiang Hua had mixed feelings. Why do her parents have to separate?

Jiang Fu did not speak. He silently listened to his sister as he thought slowly in his heart.


“What, Fugui, are you sure that you wanted to stay with your father?”

Yu Hongmei looked at the two children. Her daughter, Jiang Hua’s choice, was within her expectation. After all, her daughter was closer to her in terms of affection, but her son’s choice surprised her. He actually chose Jiang Liu, his father.

Although this answer was what Yu Hongmei wanted, Yu Hongmei still felt a little unhappy when she thought that the son she raised had not chosen to stay with her.

“Mom has decided to leave Dad. Since my younger sister chose Mom, then Dad, Dad only has me left.”

Jiang Fu’s eyes are clear. For him, the adult world was too complicated. He only knew that if he chose to be with his mother, his father would become too pitiful and lonely.

“Huakai, you have to be good in the future. Your brother is not around to remind you to eat on time. You also cannot be picky about food. Don’t kick the quilt to sleep at night because will catch a cold.”

Jiang Fu touched his sister’s head and then stood beside his father, Jiang Liu.

From today on, he was no longer a child. His father depended on him to protect him. He finally becomes a man, yet truthfully, it was really uncomfortable to be a man.

Jiang Fu turned his back as he quickly wiped the corners of his eyes. He then turned his head and smiled at his sister.

Jiang Liu’s heart was a little bit sour. How similar this scene was to his past.

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