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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 165

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Chapter 165: The correct way to wear a green hat 20

“You girl, you are so confused!”

Regarding the divorce, Yu Hongmei adopted the method of cutting first and then playing. It was not until she and Jiang Liu received the divorce certificate that her mother Fan Fang knew about it. At this moment, the old lady was lying on the sofa feeling a little unhappy, as she thought of her daughter words that had just been said on the phone and couldn’t help sighing.

 Her daughter, Hongmei’s approach, was too sloppy. What about the child she was pregnant with? Not to mention the child’s gender, she has only been pregnant for more than a month. Whether she can give birth smoothly is also a question.

 What’s more, her current reputation was so terrible, yet, she and Jiang Tiancheng obtained the marriage certificate privately without the permission of the two elders of the Jiang family. Can those two older people see her as a daughter-in-law in their hearts?

 Because of the relationship between her daughter and Jiang Tiancheng, Fan Fang has secretly inquired about the Jiang family these days. It was said that Jiang Tiancheng has a girl named Jiang Ruyi. This little girl was raised by her grandparent and was so spoiled that she was like an arrogant little overlord. To suddenly receive a stepmother out of thin air, would this little girl be happy?

 When you put an unappealing daughter-in-law and unborn grandchild together with a precious granddaughter who has been raised for more than ten years, you can tell with your ass which side his parents will stand on.

 Fan Fang was upset at this moment, thinking about what she should do to help her girl.

“Mom, what is wrong with my little sister?”

 Fan’s house is an old-fashioned building with three floors. The old lady and two sons have one floor each. When the old lady received the call in the main room on the first floor, the eldest daughter-in-law, Du Juan, hid on the second floor and picked up the phone on the second floor to eavesdrop. Therefore, she already knew well what kind of conversation die Fan Fang have with Yu Hongmei.

 “Mom, it’s not that I don’t care about the little girl, but you also have to consider Hongjun and Hongbin. Both of them are your sons. You can’t patronize your girl and forget your two sons.”

 Thinking of that little sister-in-law, Du Juan, I could not help but felt angry. She already has a good life, yet she still wanted to have an affair with another man. Du Juan herself gave birth to a daughter. People always said that a niece is like her aunt. Her girl just graduated from technical secondary school. In a few years, she also needs to find a marriage partner. Yet, with such an aunt at home, wouldn’t people make a fuss about it?

 If Du Juan and Yu Hongmei’s relationship were good on a typical day, she would not fall into trouble now. Hongmei is not the kind of gentle sister-in-law. Every time she comes back to her family’s house, she always has to find her to make her angry. Not only did the sister-in-law not coax her husband, she even let herself being pregnant with the adulterer’s child. She even shamelessly divorced her husband and obtained a marriage certificate with her cheating partner. How could Du Juan not feel angry?

 Did she ever wonder how widespread her scandal was? Du Juan was also a face-saving person. She can almost imagine how everyone would scold Yu Hongmei and their family members after the incident was spread.

 Now Yu Hongmei is fine. She has a good life with her wealthy husband. Yet, her relatives are still living in the country whenever she thinks that all the gossip will be directed at their house, and her girl, Du Juan wanted to cut off her relationship with this little sister-in-law directly. 

“Du Juan, what do you mean by that?”

The old lady also knows in her heart. When she came back from her former son-in-law’s house, her two sons and daughter-in-law’s attitudes towards her had changed significantly. Du Juan was not the first person to say such things. Her second daughter-in-law, a Chinese teacher in the town centre elementary school, had shown her strong attitude regarding this matter. She directly went back to her natal house with her grandson. Her younger son, who was reluctant to be separated from his son, also followed her to live in his father-in-law’s house.

The second daughter-in-law had spread the news that they have never approved of the little girl action. Since the other party made a mistake, they obviously did not want to bear the brunt. Either the old lady vowed not to interfere with the little girl in the future, or their family would move out from the old house and bought a commercial place in the town. They should live separately in the future.

Fan Fang was the authoritative figure in the family. Who would dare to mention the separation of the family with her two sons? The old lady has too much desire for control. Otherwise, at this age, after her grandchildren were already so old, how could all of them still live under one roof?

 This time, Yu Hongmei’s affair actually gave the two daughters-in-law an excuse to live apart. Not only was the second daughter-in-law of the Yu family moved, but even the eldest daughter-in-law Du Juan had also discussed with her husband preparing to wait for her daughter to work and bought a smaller house near their workplace. When the time came, their family of three would gradually pay back the mortgage, and this house could be regarded as saving for their daughter.

 “Mom, I don’t mean anything. I want to say. You have three children, don’t take it too far.”

Thinking about the phone call just now, Du Juan felt that she should be hardened and moved out decisively like her younger siblings. Else Yu Hongmei’s muddy mud would mess with her own body.

“Compare your heart to your heart. You are now helping the younger sister to calculate her former husband. But if I were to have an affair behind Hongjun’s back and pregnant with a wild species, it would be strange if you did not strangle me to death.”

To think that this mother-in-law always prides herself on being fair. This heart ah, crooked with no edge and no line.

“You dare!”

 Fan Fang yelled. As soon as her voice fell, she was embarrassed and could only shiver as she watched the eldest daughter-in-law, who used to be respectful to her swagger upstairs.

 The old lady sat weakly on the sofa. She could not take care of her little daughter anymore. It was obviously more important to comfort her two sons than her daughter.

 Hence, without Fan Fang, the think tank behind her making suggestions, Yu Hongmei current situation was far from the shrewd and perfect performance of her previous life.

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“Dad, mom, Yiyi. Let me introduced you. This is Hongmei, and this is her daughter, Jiang Hua. She would also be my daughter in the future. Yiyi called them mother and younger sister.”

Jiang Tiancheng’s daughter, Jiang Ruyi, was 13 years old and in her first year of junior high school. At this time, she was staring at Yu Hongmei’s belly as if she was about to pierce through it.

“Not every cat or dog can be my mother.”

The little girl has been pampered by her grandparents and has been an only child for the past 13 years. Suddenly, she heard that her father remarried, and the new mother even have two younger siblings in her belly. She was a little girl who consciously felt someone had violated her territory. Hence, it would be strange if she were to welcome these two intruders openly.

 Additionally, this life was different from the previous one. During her previous life, Yu Hongmei worked in Jiang Tiancheng’s shop for more than half a year. She also spent half a year as Jiang Ruyi’s aunt and only married Jiang Tiancheng after pull down the little girl’s guard against her. She even continued to step on her own daughter, making Jiang Ruyi felt that her stepmother treated her better than her own daughter.

 It was also another year after that did she gave birth to Jiang Tiancheng’s children. At this time, with a good reputation, trust and respect from her stepdaughter, and having her own sons, Yu Hongmei was not worried that her position as Madam Jiang would be unstable.

 Yet, now, not only her excellent reputation is gone, but even the initial groundwork to smoothly blend in into the little girl’s life was also missing. Not to mention Jiang Ruyi, who is too arrogant. Even the two steady older people were looking down on Hongmei.

 Speaking of it, the Jiang family is actually not wealthy. At most, they could only be regarded as a middle-class family. Jiang’s old couple was always a worker. Hence, in the early years, the Jiang family was also an ordinary well-off family. Because of their promising son, the two elders started to regard themselves as rich and powerful people. They began to learn some nondescript rules of the rich from out of nowhere. Due to this, they started to have a higher vision. They cultivated an arrogant attitude, making them feel that their son was worthy of a better woman.

 Yu Hongmei, a girl who has been fooling around with their son while still being married, not only did not have a family pedigree, she also someone with no educational background. Such a woman was not even within the range of candidates for their daughter-in-law.

Yet, who made it that Yu Hongmei was pregnant? She even has two children in her stomach. Considering the face of her son and the two unborn grandchildren, the two elders could only bear it.

“Yiyi, don’t be so rude.”

Jiang’s old lady raised her eyelids and glanced at Hongmei and the little girl she had brought with her. She then beckoned her baby granddaughter affectionately. Even though she seemed to be scolding her granddaughter, but her face was full of smiles.

Instead of telling her granddaughter to call the wild woman [mother], she glanced directly at her son and said, “Take that one to her room.”

 Who do you mean by [that]?

She is someone with a name. Yu Hongmei could not help but felt extremely humiliated. She will never forget this grudge. Once she gave birth to the golden grandson of the Jiang family, she will make these two elders of the Jiang family treat her like a bodhisattva.

There is also Jiang Ruyi, that spoiled little girl. When she gives birth to a son, she will make sure that she would not get any of Jiang’s property in the future. Let see how long would she be able to laugh.

 Suppose Yu Hongmei herself was feeling humiliated facing the people in front of her. How could Jiang Hua, a little girl who has been a little nervous since leaving her father and brother, be happy?

 She silently followed her mother and Uncle Jiang to the room on the second floor. Yet, she did not know that her silence has made the two Jiang elders put the impolite hat on her head.

“Mom, I’m afraid.”

Jiang Hua was a little scared. When the nanny was going to take her to the room that had cleaned up before, she could not resist holding into her mother’s thigh and was unwilling to let go.

“Huakai, you have to be good. Mother is very tired.”

 Yu Hongmei glanced at Jiang Tiancheng’s face and was relieved to see that he was not upset by her daughter’s words. She then started to blame her daughter’s ignorance.

“The Jiang family’s grandparents and sister are all very nice people. You will get used to it soon. Now, will you go to your own room with Nanny Lin?”

Yu Hongmei was perfunctorily in her word. Since this was the first time she steps into this magnificent villa of the Jiang family, she also wanted to enjoy herself living in her and Jiang Tiancheng’s room.


Jiang Hua did not dare to cry. She wiped her tears, murmured, and then left with Nanny Lin.

 Although the two elders of the Jiang family did not like the daughter-in-law and the children brought by her, they would not be so vicious as to abuse a seven-year-old girl.

 Jiang Hua’s room was originally a tiny vacant study room on the second floor. The area was not too big. Before Jiang Hua came, Jiang Tiancheng asked the nanny to buy a small bed and then install a desk and wardrobe.

After all, she is not his biological daughter. Jiang Tiancheng will naturally not bother to decorate this small room. Yet, the nanny was still very attentive. Considering that the child who will stay in this small room in the future was a girl, she installed a pink curtain and bought the bed linen and duvet cover in the same colour. It makes this simple room look a lot warmer.

 But Jiang Hua was in no mood to pay attention.

 Suddenly entering a completely unfamiliar environment, Jiang Hua just wanted to tell her mother that she hoped that her mother could sleep with her for one night. Yet, her mother’s attitude just now made her a little uneasy.

 She felt that this was not the mother she knew off. It was apparent that the two of them were so close before. Yet, Jiang Hua thought that she was alone. As if her mother had abandoned her.

 In such a small room, Jiang Hua felt empty in her heart. She curled up on her little bed, only dare to sob silently.

 She missed her father and her brother too.

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