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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 166

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Chapter 166: The correct way to wear a green hat 21

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“Huakai, your Uncle Jiang has completed the transfer procedures for you. From now on, you will go to the county’s primary school with your sister, Yiyi.”

County No. 1 Elementary School and County No. 1 Middle School are located on the same ground. According to the conditions of the Jiang family, Jiang Ruyi can go to a better school. Still, the two elder of the Jiang family was reluctant to leave Fengyang County and be separated from their baby granddaughter. Hence, Jiang Ruyi ended up enrolling at County No. 1 Middle School.

Previously, Jiang Hua and her brother, Jiang Fu, went to the town’s elementary school. Her previous school’s teaching level and qualifications could be considered a little bit lower than the level of the county school. Hence, Jiang Tiancheng was kind enough to help her with the transfer procedures.

“Huakai, hurry up and thank your Uncle Jiang.”

Yu Hongmei was talking about this during breakfast time. Seeing that her daughter being quiet like a goose, she secretly kicked her under the table.

“From now on, you will go to school with Sister Yiyi. Sister Yiyi has a good academic performance, so you should study with Sister Yiyi.”

Yu Hongmei used her word to praise Jiang Tiancheng and Jiang Ruyi, which made the Jiang family’s impression of her, got a little better, even though it was only slightly.

“Mom, I don’t want to transfer school.”

Jiang Hua was crying until she fell asleep last night. At the moment, her eyes were still red and swollen, yet, Yu Hongmei seemed to be ignoring her daughter’s condition. Instead, she got up early and prepared a breakfast table filled with all of Jiang’s family favourite dishes.

Initially, Jiang Hua comforted herself that her mother has not changed and everything was okay. She still has her older brother. Both of them are still students in the same class. When she was in school, she could find her brother to complain about her grievances. Yet, now, her mother wants her to transfer to another school. Wouldn’t that mean that she could not see her brother after this?

 “Xiao Hua, ah, the primary school in this county is different from the school you used to study. To enrol in this, you must have either a local urban registered permanent residence or someone with a good academic record for them to make an exception for you. For you to be able to enter this school, your Uncle Jiang had made a lot of effort.”

The Jiang old man put down the newspaper in his hand. His word was half showing off and half-preaching: “You are young and don’t know the significance behind the quality of your education. Perhaps your life has changed drastically starting from today.”

This country girl even has a migrant worker as a father. Without his son, he was afraid that this girl would not have much success in the future. Nevertheless, now, it is different. The starting point of this little girl has changed. The old man Jiang thinks that this little girl should be grateful to his son, who gave her this chance.

Since their family developed, the Jiang old man has been fond of preaching to others. At this moment, when he heard that the small oil bottle brought by his daughter-in-law took his son’s kindness as something unrewarding, he naturally could not help but preach.

“Dad, the child is young and ignorant; I will talk and explain it to her well.”

Yu Hongmei smiled at her father-in-law and then gave her daughter a dark look.

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“Can you understand the current situation? Your mother is now pregnant with your younger brother. She is already exhausted and has no time to worry about you.”

After dinner, while the Jiang family watched the morning news on the TV, Yu Hongmei pulled her daughter Jiang Hua to her room and then tapped her forehead warningly.

“Mom, I’m afraid.”

Jiang Hua said stammering.

“What is there to be afraid of? Now you live in a small villa and will soon attend the County No 1 School to study. If your brother knew how good your life is now, he might regret not coming with mother at the beginning.”

Yu Hongmei feels that her daughter was really someone who did not know how blessed her current life was.

“What is wrong with you? When you were at home before, didn’t you call those neighbours, grandpa and grandma, so happily? Why did you not do the same when you arrived at Uncle Jiang’s house? Are you human? Mom does not want others to think that you are a rude child. I also do not want your grandfather Jiang and grandma Jiang to think that your mother does not know how to teach children and that I raised a wild daughter.”

In the past, Jiang Hua was a lively little girl with a sweet mouth. No matter whom she met in the village, she would always call them grandpas, grandmas, uncles, and aunts. Therefore, many elders in the village liked her. They also praised her and said that she would do big things in the future.

It was precisely due to her daughter’s sweet mouth that Yu Hongmei has always hoped that she can coax two old things from Jiang’s family, like how she coaxed those ignorant older people in the village. Now it seems that this daughter has let her down.

“Mom, I miss my brother.”

Jiang Hua lowered her head and looked at her toes, tears dripping on the surface of her slippers.

Her heart felt stuffy. Why did her mother no longer like her previous mother as soon as they changed to another home?

In the past, her mother would never scold her. Every day she kissed her, hugged her, said that she was her mother’s favourite little princess. However, last night, she cried for a whole night, yet, she did not see her mother come in to comfort her.

Furthermore, why did her mother want her to get close to that fierce and mean old people as well as that sister? She really did not like this new home at all.

“Don’t talk about your father and your brother in front of your Uncle Jiang from now on.”

How can a man like his wife’s ex-husband? Yu Hongmei had already thought about it and decided to gradually diminish the existence of Jiang Liu in her later life.

“But mother, do you not want my brother?”

Jiang Hua did not understand. Those people were her brother and father. Why could not she mention anything about them?

Yu Hongmei was frustrated. She could not really tell her daughter that when her son chose her ex-husband, she already did not want to care about him, right. After raising him for so many years, in the end, she was not as good as that man who only stay for a few months each year. Such an unscrupulous son was not something worth her attention.

Besides, she will soon become the mother of two children again. These two children are the guarantee of her happy life in the future. Her heart was not big that she could hold too many people in it.

It was just that these words were something that could only be thought of but not spoken. Looking at her daughter’s innocent eyes, no matter how selfish she was, Yu Hongmei was still too embarrassed to say those words.

“Are you going to listen to me or not? Do you want to be a bad girl hated by me?”

Yu Hongmei said impatiently. If she knew that this girl would be so annoying, she would not even want to bring her along to Jiang’s house.

Jiang Hua sobbed quietly, her tears getting more and more turbulent.


“Yiyi, I heard that your dad remarried?”

On Monday, when she went to school, Xu Xumei, a good friend of Jiang Ruyi, blocked Jiang Ruyi at the classroom door and then took her to the classroom corner.


Jiang Ruyi nodded. Even though her dad took the little bitch home, it would not last long. After all, the two of them had been on TV before, so how many eyes were on them.

Her friend, Xu Xumei, also lived in the same community as her. Additionally, her mother was also well known as a gossiper’s homemaker. Hence, it was not surprising for her to know this news.

“Is that woman “that woman”?”

Xu Xumei winked at Jiang Ruyi.


Jiang Ruyi was a little impatient. She did not want to talk about it. In the beginning, her father had an affair with Yu Hongmei and was beaten up on TV by one of his girlfriends. Because of that, she had to take the whole week off since she was afraid that the other students would be looking at her with strange eyes.

Jiang Ruyi has always been like a class flower. She has good academic performance, good looks, and excellent family background. Many girls in the class were not in a good term with her. Hence, when her father’s scandal was exposed, and she immediately became a joke. Jiang Ruyi could not possibly scold her father, so she could only blame Hongmei and the yellow-haired girl who hurt her father’s reputation.

Now that Yu Hongmei had divorced her lame husband and married her dad, Jiang Ruyi could already imagine how those disgruntled girls in the class would laugh at her.

“No way. Why did your grandma allow her to come in? Is it really the same as the rumours, that woman is pregnant with your father’s child?”

Xu Xumei was worried about her friend. How a woman who could easily betray her husband could be considered a good woman? Who knows how that woman will deal with the Jiang family after giving birth to a son? Those things were often portrayed in TV drama. This kind of woman is very scheming. Besides, if you have a stepmother, you will also have a stepdad. Hence, it would be best if you planned for yourself now.

“What done is done.”

Jiang Ruyi has a headache. Could she still kick that woman’s belly? If she did, her grandparents would not forgive her.

“Even if you can’t move that woman, you can still teach her a little lesson.”

Xu Xumei leaned towards Jiang Ruyi’s ear, “Didn’t she bring a small oil bottle to your house. It just so happens that my cousin is also in the first grade. I asked her to help promote the great achievements of the mother of that small oil bottle.”

“No way.”

Jiang Ruyi was a little moved by the prospect, but she was still hesitant about it.

The little girl brought over by that woman brought over had small courage. She was only seven years old, and it seemed a bit bullying to do it.

“What’s wrong with that? Her mother has done such shameless things. Why do you have to feel sorry for what she did?”

Xu Xumei continued to persuade: “Furthermore, what we said is the truth. Her mother did that shameless thing. We are just trying to spread the word. As for the matter, how those kids react to it has nothing to do with us.”

These words sounded a bit reasonable. Jiang Ruyi was silent as if consenting to the idea.


Everything in the county’s primary school was unfamiliar to Jiang Hua. Her Mandarin has a slight accent. After listening to her classmates’ fluent Mandarin, Jiang Hua felt a little ashamed to speak. In addition, the children in the class had been familiar with each other for half a semester; hence this silent transfer student who suddenly came to their class was naturally even less popular.

However, for Jiang Hua, it is a good thing to be ignored by others. She was instead immersed in her study and wanted to adapt to the new environment quickly.

“Hey, is your mother a mistress [Xiaosan]?”

While Jiang Hua was doing her homework, the boy sitting at the back table grabbed her braids.

“My mother said, this kind of woman is the most shameless. She told me not to be friends with you.”

“Xiaosan’s child is also a little Xiaosan, and I don’t want to be friends with a little Xiaosan.”

This was not the later generation with advanced information. Children in this era are still a little naive. They do not necessarily understand the true meaning of being a mistress, nor do they know how much harm their naive cruelty will cause Jiang Hua.

“My mom said that Xiaosan is dirty. Since she is a Xiaosan’s child, she must be a stinky kid too.”

“Wow, it is so smelly here. I don’t want to be at the same table with this smelly kid.”

The children all around laughed. Jiang Hua was pushed by her tablemate and laughed at by her classmates. The patience she had accumulated these days has completely collapsed as she cried and rushed to the teacher’s office.


“Huakai, can you please stop making trouble for me?”

This was the first time Yu Hongmei was being called to school by a teacher. The teacher said that Jiang Hua was having trouble with her classmates. Yet, when she asked her why she was crying, Jiang Hua refused to say it but kept crying for her mother, father and brother.

Yu Hongmei thought that this child was looking for trouble.

“They don’t like me. I miss my brother.”

Jiang Hua sobbed.

“Why don’t they like you? Should not you reflect on yourself? It may be their problem if a classmate does not like you. However, if so many classmates don’t like you, it must be your own problem.”

Yu Hongmei said impatiently. She thought about the expressions of the two elders of the Jiang family before going out. This daughter is really a disgrace.

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