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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 189

Chapter 189: My Profession is Zombie King 21

Author: 打字机

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“Before the end of the world, I had a dream.”

Tang Ao went straight to the point and introduced himself, knowing that if Chi Ruojin were of the same kind as him, she would understand what he meant.

If it were an ordinary dream, he wouldn’t mention it now. Since he had come explicitly to Chi Ruojin to talk about it, this dream must be unique.

Tang Ao was being vague because Jiang Liu and Chi Ruoyu were present, and he was not sure if Chi Ruojin had told them about this.

If Jiang Liu and Chi Ruoyu didn’t know about Chi Ruojin’s past experiences, they naturally wouldn’t understand the meaning of this sentence.

But Jiang Liu and Chi Ruoyu knew because they were also “reborn”.

Jiang Liu understood that everyone was prepared to be open and honest now. Hence, even if he could hide his thought still pretended to be shocked. Although this shock disappeared quickly, it was still caught by the observant Chi Ruojin.

As for Chi Ruoyu, she had not survived the apocalypse for a long time, nor had she experienced too much of the wickedness of human nature. Therefore, her thoughts were relatively simple. Consequently, Chi Ruojin had never suspected that her younger sister had a similar experience as hers.

But when Tang Ao mentioned his dream, Chi Ruoyu’s emotions were even more evident on her face than Jiang Liu’s, and Chi Ruojin immediately understood that her younger sister was also a “reborn”.

This made Chi Ruojin a little anxious because she didn’t know if her younger sister had gone through any cruel experiences in her past life.

“That dream was quite strange.”

Tang Ao focused on Chi Ruojin and didn’t notice the unusual expressions on Jiang Liu and Chi Ruoyu’s faces.

He continued, “There weren’t three suns in my dream, but there were many zombies like in Resident Evil.”

His eyes were fixed on Chi Ruojin, afraid to miss any changes in her emotions.

“It’s quite a coincidence; I had a similar dream.”

If it were the day before, no matter how Tang Ao tried to probe, Chi Ruojin would not have confessed to this. But now things were different; they had an enemy hidden in the dark around them, perhaps not just one, but a group.

To protect her loved ones, Chi Ruojin could not guarantee that she would not reveal her abilities beyond ordinary people when encountering that group of people. By then, Tang Ao would be able to guess her identity. Moreover, Chi Ruojin was indeed interested in Tang Ao’s abilities.

“That dream was fascinating. In that dream, my big black mutated dog grew several times its original size and triggered lightning powers.”

When Tang Ao heard Chi Ruojin admit she was also reborn, the light in his eyes became even brighter.

“My big black dog is really powerful. I rely on it to protect me in the apocalypse. Its size has increased, and a zombie’s head turns into mush with one bite. Not only that, but its lightning powers are also powerful. One lightning bolt can turn a group of zombies into bone ash.”

Tang Ao said these things to tell Chi Ruojin that his mutated dog Dahei was mighty and he had the capital to cooperate with her.

“My dream was a little different from yours. My dream had no mutated animals, but my luck was good, and I triggered ice powers.”

Chi Ruojin understood that Tang Ao’s Big Black dog was still mutated like in his past life, so she hadn’t seen Dahei wandering outside lately. It was probably being held captive by Tang’s family due to its increased size, and they dared not let it out.

Since Tang Ao was honest, Chi Ruojin also confessed her abilities.

However, she kept a trick up her sleeve and didn’t tell Tang Ao about the space her sister and Jiang Liu shared. After all, Tang Ao’s attention was entirely on her now, and he didn’t notice anything strange about her sister and Jiang Liu.

Furthermore, Chi Ruojin couldn’t be sure whether Tang Ao was hiding his cards from her.

“Ice-based ability!”

Tang Ao was a bit envious. In this scorching environment, ice-based abilities were like cheating.

“That’s right. When the temperature drops, the thermal motion of molecules will weaken, and the arrangement of molecules will become more compact. Objects will become ‘brittle.’ When I can proficiently use ice-based abilities, I can freeze zombies and slow their mobility. Then, it’s just smashing the zombies’ heads to kill them.”

Since they would form an alliance, she naturally had to tell Tang Ao about her ability.

“Moreover, as a variation of water-based abilities, ice-based abilities are almost unbeatable in any situation with water. When ice-based abilities are mastered to the extreme, they can condense the water vapour in the air into ice needles as fine as cow hair and then use these ice needles to penetrate the crystal nucleus of the zombies.”

“That’s right. Although elemental abilities seem to only be able to control a single element, in reality, as long as they are used well, various elemental abilities can be superimposed on each other. Like my big black dog at home, its thunder and lightning power will increase several times during rainy weather because water can conduct electricity. I love to take my Dahei out of the base to kill zombies on rainy days. One big move can knock down a bunch of low-level zombies.”

“It’s a coincidence. One of the ability users on my dream team is a thunder-based ability user. The water and thunder abilities complement each other, resulting in twice the effort for half the work.”

The two of them started to discuss ways to kill zombies making Jiang Liu a bit depressed.

Don’t they feel any pain in their conscience discussing this in front of a zombie?

More than an hour later, Tang Ao left Chi Ruojin’s house. The content of their conversation, from beginning to end, started with the words “in my dream.” But both of them knew in their hearts that the abilities they possessed now were probably similar to the ones they dreamed about.

After Tang Ao left, Chi Ruojin’s attention naturally shifted to Jiang Liu. As for her younger sister, Chi Ruoyu, she planned to ask her questions when the two sisters were alone.

“You’re also a reborn person, right?”

Chi Ruojin had been suspicious for a long time. Why would Jiang Liu, who had disappeared for five years, suddenly return to Haoan Village? Perhaps it was not only because of his mother’s passing but also because he had experienced the end of the world and wanted to find a safe place to hide before the apocalypse arrived.

“That’s right.”

The reason why Jiang Liu revealed a flaw for Chi Ruojin to discover was to confess that he was also reborn. Of course, he would never admit that he was a zombie. He did not want to experience Chi Ruojin’s unique skill of killing zombies.

According to Jiang Liu’s description, the end of the world he experienced was similar to the extreme weather they were currently experiencing. However, there were no three suns at his end, so he did not know what direction this end of the world would take.

“Wow, that’s so coincidental!”

Chi Ruoyu couldn’t help but speak up: “I also encountered extreme weather. The world was suddenly thrown back into the Ice Age, and the entire earth was covered in ice and snow. The land was frozen, and everyone lacked food. I was hungry for more than ten days at home and didn’t dare to go out. Then, I starved to death.”

When listening to her older sister and Tang Ao describe their experiences in the apocalypse, Chi Ruoyu thought she was lucky. Besides being hungry, she did not have to face those inhuman monsters.

At first, Chi Ruojin was annoyed that she couldn’t hide her experiences from her stupid younger sister. But when she heard that her younger sister had only lived for a little more than ten days in her past life and died of starvation, she was left with only heartache.

“Shall we have hot pot today? Luckily, there’s a hot pot base in the space, and there’s still some leftover pork from the meat we bought from Uncle Sanhan. We can ask Big Sister to freeze it and slice it into thin pieces for the pot. Oh, I remember there’s also plenty of lamb in the space, and there’s still some sour plum juice I made the day before yesterday. Please bring some ice cubes; the cold sour plum juice will go perfectly with the hot pot.”

Jiang Liu suggested having a hot pot. Although it was hot outside, the room had a solar engine installed, and with the air conditioning on, the temperature inside could be kept at around 30 degrees. Coupled with the ice cubes produced by Chi Ruojin, the temperature could be lowered to about 25 or 26 degrees, which was comfortable enough and suitable for having a hot pot.

“I want to drink Coke!”

Upon hearing Jiang Liu’s clear plan for their dinner, Chi Ruoyu suddenly felt that it wouldn’t be so bad if she had starved to death in her previous life. At least they were all reunited in this life and could still have a hot pot.


Chi Ruojin now wished she could feed her little sister until she was full. Hence, she didn’t ask for details about what Jiang Liu had experienced in the apocalypse.

However, for some reason, Chi Ruojin always felt that Jiang Liu was hiding something.

She watched as he kept taking out ingredients and feeding his little sister with the cooked food stored in the space. Was the apocalypse he had gone through really as he described it?


“Brother Xu, do you think we should hide?”

A group gathered in a house in the suburbs, each with a large bowl of dry rice in front of them. The table was full of homemade delicacies such as pickled vegetables and cured meat, clearly showing that they belonged to country folks.

Perhaps they were too hungry; they stuffed food into their mouths and sprayed rice grains while asking the man sitting in the top position. He was about twenty-five or twenty-six years old, with an ordinary appearance but a very arrogant attitude. Although he disguised it, his eyes still showed a hint of looking down on ants. He held a woman in his arms as she obsequiously peeled apples for him.

His name was Xu Kunjie, and he was also the leader of this group of people.

He had a hidden identity as a reborn person.

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