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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 190

Chapter 190: My Profession is Zombie King 22

Author: 打字机

In his past life, Xu Kunjie was just a “loser.” In the era where everyone had superpowers due to a meteorite’s impact on Earth, his power was almost useless. Other people’s abilities were to control the elements or have physical mutations, such as strength or speed. However, Xu Kunjie’s ability was strange; he could control sound. He could make sound within a specific range remain silent, undetectable even by the most sensitive machines.

This power might have been helpful in a world overrun by zombies, as most zombies rely on sound to locate living creatures. Having this ability could reduce the chances of being discovered by zombies to some extent. However, the apocalypse Xu Kunjie experienced was the invasion of extraterrestrial creatures from outer space. The meteor shower that caused everyone to develop superpowers also brought alien eggs, which hatched countless aliens on Earth, leading to an apocalypse.

Those aliens did not rely on sound to locate living creatures, so Xu Kunjie’s power was almost useless. After the apocalypse, Xu Kunjie only survived for half a month before dying at the hands of aliens.

In his second life, Xu Kunjie was initially hopeless because even with his power, he would still face a dead end. However, to his surprise, he was given a completely different apocalypse, where his ability was useful.

He thought this might be his opportunity, the starting point for becoming a king.

“Don’t worry; no one saw us at the time. Moreover, our operation occurred during a power outage, and those cameras on the road were just decorations. Even if the police tried, they couldn’t catch us.”

Xu Kunjie took a bite of the orange and hugged the woman beside him tightly, burying his head in her neck and taking a deep breath.

Unfortunately, there was a severe water shortage, and even Xu Kunjie’s woman could not take a shower every day. She could only wipe herself with a towel, which was already the limit for her. Plus, the weather was hot, and she was sweating heavily. Xu Kunjie couldn’t smell the woman’s fragrance but instead smelled a complex mixture of sweat and sweet body lotion.

The smell choked Xu Kunjie, and he almost couldn’t breathe. He kept his head down, unsure of what to do. After a while, he regained his composure and pretended nothing had happened.

“Xu-ge is right,” someone echoed.

Zhong Hong was unaware of her body odour being despised. Today, she deliberately used an expensive body lotion that she was reluctant to use, thinking that the rich fragrance on her body would attract Xu Kunjie.

“Our good days now are all thanks to Xu-ge. Look at others; can they have white rice for every meal with meat and vegetables every time like us?”

Nowadays, who doesn’t live frugally? Even households with food reserves eat porridge every meal for long-term planning. Because of the rough and straightforward way of obtaining things, they do not know how to cherish them.

“Xu-ge, I think we should act quickly. The people in Hou’an Village may have already discovered that we robbed and killed, and they may be alert afterwards. Instead of waiting for them to be well-prepared, why not take the whole village in one go?”

Zhong Hong’s eyes flickered. Her cousins were in that village. She wanted to see them crawl at her feet due to the lack of food.

This Zhong Hong is precisely Chi Ruojin’s maternal cousin and the woman who killed her in that world.

However, Zhong Hong was not so lucky. She was an ordinary person and had no memories of her past life. The Zhong family did not have a habit of storing food, and Zhong Hong scoffed at the end-of-the-world rumours on the internet. Therefore, after the world’s end, the Zhong family could only rely on relief food to survive.

That bit of food could not fill Zhong Hong’s stomach; this Xu Kunjie was Zhong Hong’s neighbour. Before the world’s end, Zhong Hong was a goddess Xu Kunjie could not get. Now that he had special abilities and could obtain a lot of food through this ability, Xu Kunjie naturally captured the heart of the goddess, who surrendered herself to him for food.

Although Zhong Hong surrendered herself to Xu Kunjie, she still looked down on this little hooligan who had no skills before the world’s end. Zhong Hong did not blame herself for being greedy and vain. Instead, she blamed her cousin Chi Ruojin and Chi Ruoyu.

When the Zhong family ran out of food, the first people they thought of were the Chi sisters. Even though the two families had a falling out over the inheritance of the Chi family’s parents, in the Zhong family’s hearts, when they were in trouble, the Chi sisters should still help them out of consideration for their relationship as relatives.

Therefore, Zhong Hong went to the house in the city where the Chi sisters lived and called Chi Ruojin again after receiving news of their return to the village.

On the phone, Zhong Hong requested that Chi Ruojin send food to the city, but she refused, and the number was then blocked. However, Zhong Hong couldn’t bring herself to Hao’an Village to ask Chi Ruojin for food, and just then, Xu Kunjie appeared in front of her. She offered herself to Xu Kunjie, a man with superhuman abilities, while holding a grudge against Chi Ruojin.

If Chi Ruojin had sent them a few hundred kilograms of food out of consideration for their relationship as relatives, perhaps Zhong Hong wouldn’t have ended up in such a humiliating situation with Xu Kunjie.

Of course, as shrewd as Zhong Hong was, she would eventually submit to Xu Kunjie since he was a lucky man with superhuman abilities. However, using food as an enticement differs from striving for it through hard work. Zhong Hong has already vaguely felt that Xu Kunjie no longer admires and cherishes her but treats her as a dispensable plaything. This change in attitude makes Zhong Hong very nervous, and she has stopped being aloof in recent days, instead trying to please and pursue Xu Kunjie.

After this siege, besides Xu Kunjie obtaining news of the abundant food storage in Ha’an Village, Zhong Hong’s pillow talk also played a role.

She couldn’t help but want to see the Chi sisters suffer after losing their food. Considering their relationship as relatives, she wouldn’t let Xu Kunjie kill them. Still, without food, the fate of the beautiful women in Hao’an Village would be beyond her control.

Despite the appearance of a calm and peaceful environment under Government control, many dark events are still occurring due to the arrival of the end times in every corner of China. Zhong Hong has seen many women selling their bodies for a bite of food, and their lives now are no different from those of prostitutes.

Zhong Hong is waiting for the Chi sisters to experience such a life. Then she will walk proudly in front of them and enjoys their misfortune.

Thinking of this scene, Zhong Hong could wake up laughing from her dreams.

“Honghong is right,” said someone.

Even someone like Zhong Hong, who had no previous life experience, could extinguish their humanity like this, let alone Xu Kunjie, who had experienced the alien apocalypse and seen the mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

The nine lives he had taken before didn’t make Xu Kunjie feel guilty or remorseful at all.

As for most of the people that Xu Kunjie had recruited, they weren’t good people even before the apocalypse. Under the promise of a better life from Zhong Hong and Xu Kunjie, they naturally threw their conscience to the side.


The next day, the police arrived in Hao’an Village as promised, but they didn’t collect much evidence and left after leaving a warning to be extra careful.

The people of Hao’an Village expected this ending, but it still disappointed them.

For the next few days, the village arranged for people to take turns patrolling whenever the sun went down. Except for the young and small babies, everyone in the village who could move was armed and ready to defend themselves at any time.

However, their defences still had loopholes, such as the time of their patrols.

Generally, people nowadays prefer to be active from 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM because during this time, there is no sun, and the outdoor temperature is still within a comfortable range.

But can ordinary people endure the outdoor temperature between 4:00 AM and 6:00 AM? Of course not.

Usually, the temperature during this time will rise to around 40°-44° as the sun rises. Although it is still hot, it will not kill people. However, this temperature will make people feel uncomfortable when they are outdoors.

According to the thinking of ordinary people, this time is no longer suitable for outdoor activities. Therefore, although the village people had made a tight patrol arrangement, they did not consider fortifying during this time.

In their view, the criminals would not appear at this time because if they did, they would not be able to return to their base with the stolen food. Little did they know that Xu Kunjie had planned to launch a surprise attack and occupy the village.

Xu Kunjie had thought it through. With his ability, he could kill a few families without making a sound and hide in the houses of those he had killed. After that, he will launch a surprise attack on a few more families when the sun goes down.

This time, Xu Kunjie planned to take a big step and turn Hao’an Village into his stronghold. If it were successful, all the food in the village would be his.

Unfortunately, he was one step short of his plan. If ordinary people were caught off guard, would Jiang Liu and the others, who had already been tricked once due to negligence, be unprepared?

Although his sound ability was strong, the other people he brought with him were just ordinary people. Can they compare to the Dahei (Big Black), the mutant dog, or Chi Ruojin, the ice-type ability user? The ultimate result can only be falling into the trap.

From being full of confidence and ready to receive the loot from the Hou’an Village, Xu Kunjie and others found themselves tied up. As the people from Hou’an Village rushed over, they finally felt despair.


Since the mutation, this was the first time the mutated Dahei had left home to run freely. Therefore, after obeying the command of his master Tang Ao to subdue Xu Kunjie and others, Dahei couldn’t help but raise his head and howl proudly.

“The dog god, the dog god, has descended!”

At this time, Dahei was almost as tall as an adult, resembling the divine beasts depicted in picture books.

The attention of the villagers who came out to investigate the noise was not focused on Xu Kunjie and others but was instead attracted to Dahei.

Some superstitious old people couldn’t help but kneel and kowtow to Dahei as they prayed to it.

Only Erzai, who came out with the Li family, ran to Jiang Liu’s side and affectionately rubbed his thigh because it wasn’t tied to a dog leash.

Compared to its’ companions who had eaten an enlarging agent, obviously, this friend was more familiar to this silly dog.

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