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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 191

Chapter 191: My Profession is Zombie King END

Author: 打字机

“How is this possible? How is this possible!”

Xu Kunjie, who believed his plan was foolproof, looked in disbelief at Tang Ao’s mutated dog and Chi Ruojin, who had just displayed her ice-based abilities.

He did not expect to lose, nor did he wish that there were two reborn people in this small village of Hou’an. Xu Kunjie was not an entirely foolish person. At the beginning of his rebirth, he had seen various versions of the end-of-the-world prophecies circulating online. At that time, Xu Kunjie had guessed that he was not the only reincarnated person in this world.

As more news spread on the internet, and even videos of domestic and foreign ability users appeared, Xu Kunjie had a vague suspicion that perhaps these ability users were also people who had been reborn like him. Similarly to their past life, their abilities had come to this world along with their rebirth.

Therefore, when he saw Tang Ao and Chi Ruojin, Xu Kunjie immediately linked the two with those reborn people.

Unfortunately, his calculation failed, and he fell into the hands of these two insignificant people.

Xu Kunjie looked at Tang Ao and Chi Ruojin with hatred. If it were not for the two of them hiding the fact that two reborn people were in the village from his informants, he would not have been caught.

“I’ll kill you!”

The family members of the victims who had been previously massacred by Xu Kunjie and his men could not control their emotions and rushed towards them, throwing punches and kicks. They vented all their sadness and anger on them, wishing to beat them to death.

“Please spare me.”

“What are you going to do? Are you planning on killing people? Help me!”

“You can’t kill me. Killing is against the law.”

These people who followed Xu Kunjie had done all kinds of evil deeds, yet they forgot about their crimes and cried out that killing was against the law, hoping that the people of Hou’an Village would spare them.

However, the villagers just watched coldly from the sidelines. No one came forward to stop the emotional Jiang Bin and others. Without the Dog God’s help, these people might have killed the whole village. How could they sympathize with these beasts? They wished they could beat them up as well.

“The sun is about to come up. Take them to my place first.”

Li Dong used his hand as a fan. The current temperature had risen, and the wind he fanned was all hot. He looked at the horizon and thought that the sun would soon rise. He asked someone to take Xu Kunjie and his men to his place. His house was spacious and had a solar-powered generator, just enough to be used as an interrogation room.

“Xu Bao, why are you running away?”

Everyone was angry, so naturally, no one said anything wrong. A group of people walked towards the house of the village chief Li Dong, except for a few exceptions: Xu’s widow, her daughter-in-law and her grandson.

“The sun is up; I’m sleepy. I want to go home and sleep.”

Everyone had doubts in their hearts. This was not the style of Xu Widow and her family, especially Xu Widow’s daughter-in-law. Who didn’t know that she was notorious in the village? Most of the rumours and gossip in the village came from her. It didn’t make sense that she was not interested in such big news.

“Wait a minute, why do I feel like I’ve seen this person before?”

An old man leaned closer to Xu Kunjie. “You guys look at him. Doesn’t this kid look like someone?”

“Like, he looks so similar to Xu Bao! Yes, I remember; Xu Bao’s grandfather had a brother who moved to the city years ago?”

“I have the same impression. Hey, what’s your name, kid?”

Jiang Bin, who hated the killer of his loved one and wanted to bring justice to everyone involved in the murder and robbery, did not let anyone get away when he realized that Xu Widow’s family was acting suspiciously. He immediately began to interrogate Xu Kunjie.

“He, his name is Xu Kunjie.”

Before Xu Kunjie could confess, some of the people he brought with him couldn’t wait to redeem themselves.

“Surname Xu?”

Not only did he look somewhat similar to Xu Bao, but he also happened to have the same surname, Xu. This was a big problem.

“You Widow Xu!”

Jiang Bin had never hit women, but when he thought of his parents, wife, and children who had died tragically, he could no longer summon compassion for Xu Widow and her family of three.

He wasn’t stupid and naturally guessed why Xu Kunjie and others would come at these specific times. It is evident that they had an insider. He knew that the young adults in Hao’an Village would go to the mountain to search for the dried wild game after sunset. That person also should be aware of the time the people in the village would be patrolling, so this beast could be prepared for this surprise attack. The reaction of Xu Widow’s family and the resemblance between Xu Bao and Xu Kunjie further proved that there was a high likelihood that this family was the insider.

Jiang Bin rushed over in one step, grabbed Xu Widow’s hair, and used all his strength to slap her.

The rest of the people also woke up as if from a dream and abandoned the siege of Xu Kunjie, who was tied up by Jiang Bin and others and instead beat up Xu Widow’s family of three.

“Why? Only someone with a cold heart could do such a thing.”

The softer-hearted women in the village looked at the tragic appearance of Xu Widow and others and sighed helplessly. Although Xu Widows might have a grudge against the people in the village because of their precious grandson Xu Bao’s participation in patrols and their digging up of roadblocks outside the village, these grievances did not warrant them to do such monstrous things.

Nine lives end at their hand; wouldn’t they have nightmares when they closed their eyes at night?

Moreover, judging from the attitude of Xu Kunjie and others, their target was not just the original three households; their goal was the entire village, and Xu Widow’s family was prepared to trick the whole village.

Thinking of this, everyone hated Xu Widow’s family to the extreme. Compared to Xu Kunjie, who had no kinship or friendship with them, the betrayal of their people was even more disgusting.

“I’m afraid they’re also eyeing our grain. You don’t know, the village chief said not to sell the grain, but Xu Widow is greedy for money. She saw that the price of grain in the city was high and sold almost all the grain. However, their family doesn’t want to be frugal. Xu Bao eats white rice every meal, and the several chickens in the house die of heat not long after. A few days ago, Xu Widow even asked to buy my grain, paying in cash. It’s just that I didn’t sell it to her. I’m afraid she colluded with this group of people because of this.”

“Taking advantage of the fact that we were too easy to talk to, she felt we owed her. She also came to buy grain from me a few days ago. You say, what’s the use of money now, and the price she offered was last year’s grain price. How could I sell it to her?”

Everyone muttered to themselves, and they probably figured out the main reason why Xu Widow’s family betrayed the whole village.

In fact, several families in the village sold their grain almost as much as Xu Widow’s family before the apocalypse. Still, those families had more face and decisively saved the remaining grain carefully. In addition, they had relatives and neighbours who were helpful to them in daily life so they could survive temporarily.

Xu Widow’s family lived too recklessly before the apocalypse, always thinking that the people in the village would still tolerate them and let them take advantage of their kindness. Therefore, they did such inhumane things after being rejected.

Soon, the Xu family members, including Xu Kunjie, were beaten and bruised before being tied up and brought to Li Dong’s house by the villagers.

The truth soon became apparent. Everyone couldn’t withstand torture and interrogation.

The hiding place of Xu Kunjie and others’ grain was revealed under questioning, and the collaboration between Xu Widow’s family and Xu Kunjie was naturally exposed.

“I, sob… sob…”

Zhong Hong saw the sisters Chi Ruojin standing in the crowd. It had been almost two months since the apocalypse began, and they seemed to have suffered no hardship or pain. Even Chi Ruoyu, whom she had always looked down upon, was even fatter and whiter than before the apocalypse.

Especially the man standing next to her! Zhong Hong looked at Jiang Liu, who was pretty handsome. During their fight just now, this man had been guarding Chi Ruoyu, the idiot, every step of the way while Chi Ruojin treated her like a precious gem.

Why? Why was it that when she slept with Xu Kunjie for a meal, this little fool Chi Ruoyu could have a sister and a man protecting her? Why could Chi Ruojin, an orphan without parents, have superpowers?

Zhong Hong’s heart was being devoured by jealousy, and at the sight of Xu Widow’s fate and others, a poisonous plan suddenly sprang to mind.

After all, she was Chi Ruojin’s cousin. If she were to say that the village spy was also involved with the Chi sisters, how could the two sisters survive in this village?

However, before she could finish her words, she felt her throat being frozen by an icy coldness. She could only make an “Uh, uh, uh” sound. She could no longer frame the Chi Ruojin sisters anymore.

“What are you looking at, you malicious and despicable woman?”

At this point, Zhong Hong dared to glare with a face full of resentment and madness. The woman beside her couldn’t stand it anymore and couldn’t help but scratch her face a few times, causing Zhong Hong to curl up in pain and not dare to think any more twisted thoughts.

Chi Ruojin looked at Zhong Hong, and that bit of obsession in her heart finally disappeared.

In any case, Zhong Hong, who had harmed her in her previous life, was now receiving her due retribution in this life.


Finally, Xu Kunjie and others were locked in the barn of the threshing ground.

The barn had no air conditioning, and when the temperature rose to its highest, it was like a furnace. When the police were ready to take Xu Kunjie and others away in the evening, they were all like dehydrated fish, just a breath away from death.

In addition to the brutal beating they received from the villagers during the day, there weren’t as many medical resources available for these criminals to squander. On top of that, they were responsible for the deaths of nine people, and in such chaotic times with heavy penalties, it was likely that they would face the death penalty.

As for the food that Xu Kunjie and others had stolen was naturally taken back by the people of Hou’an Village and returned to its original owner. Although that group of people had wasted and squandered it for a few days, they still managed to salvage some of the losses.

When Xu Kunjie and the others’ matter was resolved, the villagers finally focused their attention on the mutant dog in Tang Ao’s house and the ice ability displayed by Chi Ruojin that day.

The country no longer concealed the news about reincarnated individuals because there were more and more people like Xu Kunjie, causing chaos. Some had even higher abilities than Xu Kunjie and required deploying state-sanctioned reincarnated individuals to subdue them.

Nowadays, apart from the inspiring interviews that talk about the same old things, the news on TV mostly features official information about the government’s efforts to bring back reborn individuals from the private sector.

Therefore, the people in Hou’an Village also realized that Tang Ao and Chi Ruojin might be the kind of talents the government is highly eager to have, as portrayed on TV.

“Tang Ao, we’ve brought offerings for the Dog God.”

As soon as it got dark, the entrance of Tang’s house was filled with devout followers bringing offerings for the Dog God.

Ever since Tang’s mutated dog, Dahei, appeared in front of the villagers, the once prosperous Dog God Temple in the village became deserted. Compared to the unseen and intangible Dog God, everyone obviously had more faith in Dahei, the dog raised by Tang Ao.

In the eyes of the villagers, Dahei‘s appearance and abilities perfectly fit their expectations of the Dog God.

Tang Ao tried to stop them several times but couldn’t prevent these devout villagers from doing so. After seeing how this helped Tang’s family integrate into the larger community of Hou’an Village, he acquiesced in their behaviour. Of course, he didn’t consume all the offerings but instead fed half of them to Dahei for nutrition and gave the other half to the village committee to assist elderly widows and orphans in the village.

Of course, apart from the Tang family, Chi Ruojin’s abilities were also highly sought after.

After all, her ability is ice manipulation. In such hot weather, turning water into ice cubes and placing them in a room can lower the temperature. Drinking water turned into eating ice, which could last much longer in the mouth, providing a more quenching feeling.

However, the villagers didn’t focus on these two things for too long. Soon there was a new development that took over this news.

The news is that the officials have finally cultivated a new variety of seedlings. This new variety of seedlings is said to be able to grow under extreme conditions of exposure and lack of water. For the villagers facing a food crisis, this is excellent news.

The country’s action is quick. The first batch of new seedlings is distributed, and everyone can receive new seedlings according to the number of people. Of course, these new seedlings are not provided free of charge. After the harvest, each bag of good seeds must be handed over 100 jin of grain. According to the officials, one bag of good seeds is enough to harvest nearly 500 jin of grain. This tax is not considered high.

The villagers started working again every day, cultivating the land, sowing seeds in the evening, and watering the fields with a small amount of water as instructed by the officials.

Not only in rural areas but also in urban areas, people are using any available space. When these distributed seedlings sprout, everyone cheers and jumps for joy. Some even kneel and kiss the dry and cracked soil.

Seedlings represent hope, and they are saved.


“Why do I feel like I’m on vacation?”

Jiang Liu looked at his experimental field in the cellar. He really couldn’t underestimate the power of the country at any time. He thought he was pretty capable, but the country had already started distributing the first batch of seedlings before his experiment yielded results.

“Isn’t it good to be relaxed?”

001 floated in mid-air. If it could have expressions, it would be showing a guilty expression at the moment.

Um, don’t humans always like to give a stick and then reward it with a sweet date? 001 hopes that in light of how easy this world has been, the host can be a little happier when he goes into the next world.

“But the host still has one task to complete.”

001 thought for a moment. One of the tasks in this world is to eliminate zombies. Due to the overlapping of multiple dimensions, the world that should have been a zombie apocalypse has become a natural disaster-type apocalypse. The only zombie in this world is the host himself.

To complete the task, he had to eliminate himself.

“Rare things are valuable. I am the only zombie in the world. Shouldn’t I be protected?”

Jiang Liu waved his hand. Who said that eliminating zombies means that he must kill himself? He could live to be seventy or eighty years old and choose to be cremated when it was time for the human lifespan to end, right?

His other task is to take care of the little cutie for the original owner. He must cook delicious food for that little foodie for the rest of his life. When the little cutie no longer needs him, he can retire with satisfaction.

001 didn’t know Jiang Liu’s thoughts and listened to his words thoughtfully.

It thought humans wouldn’t welcome zombies as protected animals, even if it were the only zombie in the world.


The first wave of new seedlings has been harvested. The yield of the new seedlings is not high, but they can grow in such a harsh environment, which is enough to make people excited and move to tears.

Everyone regarded this as the dawn of a new era, but disasters are not constant.

Just as the third wave of seedlings had been planted not long ago, a snowstorm suddenly struck.

The cold awakened those who had slept naked on cool mats. They put on their thickest clothes, took out their thickest blankets, and cautiously opened the windows. Outside was already covered in white, with everything covered in snow and ice.

Sometimes extreme cold is more frightening than extreme heat. Because of this snowstorm, many power lines were frozen, and communication was temporarily cut off. Electrical appliances were also unable to function correctly.

People transitioned from one disaster to another.

However, human resilience is beyond imagination. Some people froze to death, some were driven to despair and committed suicide, but more people chose to grit their teeth and survive. The two bountiful harvests before the snowstorm gave them hope to persevere.

From then on, the earth had only two seasons.

Six months of high temperatures, which can rise to over 60 degrees Celsius, and six months of ultra-low temperatures, which can drop below minus 30 degrees Celsius.

Gradually, everyone began to learn how to plant crops during the high-temperature season, and store snow and ice during the low-temperature season, waiting for the high-temperature season to use. After all, life had to go on.


“Let’s have lamb soup.”

There were quite a few meat products stored in the space before, and because of the cold weather, Jiang Liu cooked a pot of lamb soup.

“Has sis come back?”

After closing the door, Chi Ruoyu returned from the ice cellar and stomped her feet for warmth.

Last year, Chi Ruojin and Tang Ao were recruited by the country. For capable reborn individuals, the treatment given by the state was very generous.

In recent years, more and more reborn individuals have chosen to join the official organization. Most of them stayed in their original registered residence and were responsible for maintaining public order. Chi Ruojin and Tang Ao’s office was in the city committee, and they would come home every few days.

Perhaps because of their similar experiences and becoming colleagues, the relationship between Chi Ruojin and Tang Ao became closer and closer. There was just a layer of window paper left to be broken between them.

As for Jiang Liu and Chi Ruoyu, their relationship was unpredictable. One liked to cook; the other wanted to eat. Their relationship was neither like siblings nor relatives, but they felt comfortable with this kind of interaction. So Chi Ruojin did not intervene in the relationship between her sister and Jiang Liu.

Not long after Chi Ruoyu returned home, Chi Ruojin also returned, braving the wind and snow.

The family of three gathered together, drinking hot lamb soup as if it were before the end of the world; life was plain and warm.


“I still want to know what you are in the end.”

Years later, Chi Ruojin stood by Jiang Liu’s bed and asked.

At this time, Chi Ruoyu had already passed away. Due to her superpowers, the 70-year-old Chi Ruojin still looked like a beautiful woman in her thirties or forties.

Jiang Liu was dying, or he felt that it was time for him to die.

“You promised me before.”

Jiang Liu smiled, didn’t answer the question, but looked at Chi Ruojin and said softly.

When Chi Ruoyu passed away, Chi Ruojin promised him that if he died someday, his body would be frozen and sent for cremation. Although she didn’t understand why this extra condition was necessary, Chi Ruojin agreed.

After saying this, Jiang Liu closed his eyes, and Chi Ruojin felt he had no breath. She closed her eyes, held back her grief, froze his body, and sent him for cremation.

“This thing was burned out of Mr Jiang’s body.”

When Chi Ruojin took Jiang Liu’s ashes and prepared to bury them with her sister’s ashes, the staff handed her a crystal-like object.

Although more than fifty years had passed, Chi Ruojin still recognized the object as a zombie crystal at a glance.

The man who had accompanied her sister all her life was a zombie!

Now she didn’t need Jiang Liu to tell her; the mystery she had always been curious about was solved.


Chi Ruojin felt relieved. She put the crystal into the urn with the ashes and then left the crematorium.

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