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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Tremble, Scumbag 4

Author: 打字机

“Jiang’s Third Brother, I heard that you are sick.”

Meng Jiao-niang blushed and glanced at Jiang Liu. Her eyes seemed to have a hint of affection, like little hooks that tugged at the man’s heart. If it were the original owner, he would probably be overjoyed by now, thinking that this woman really liked him.

But Jiang Liu was different. Meng Jiao-niang‘s skills in seduction were far inferior to his own. He was not one to be outdone when it came to enticing people. Someone like Meng Jiao-niang would have to call him “ancestor” even to try to outdo him.

Furthermore, Jiang Liu could distinguish between true and false feelings. The ones who had been taking care of him tirelessly these days were the original’s mother and wife. Although the current Bai Lan may not be genuinely taking care of him, the Bai Lan, from his memories, definitely did.

Compared to these two, Meng Jiao-niang‘s display of affection through her words was too insincere.

But this Meng Jiao-niang was a perfect woman in the original owner’s heart. If it weren’t for her affair with another man later on, her ideal image would have been preserved in his heart forever. Else, how could Jiang Liu come to this world?

Meng Jiao-niang had a difficult upbringing. She had five older sisters, and it wasn’t until her mother’s seventh pregnancy that a son was born. Because of having so many girls, the Meng family was looked down upon in the village. Some of Meng Jiao-niang’s sisters died of illness or starvation, and only three survived. After the younger brother was born, their parents treated the three sisters like garbage and were sold off like pigs and cows.

Meng Jiao-niang‘s marriage was the worst. Her husband was a chronic tuberculosis patient. He married her to celebrate his birthday and hopefully bring joy and improve his luck in life. At that time, Meng Jiao-niang was only fourteen years old.

However, the wedding did not bring joy to her husband’s family. Her husband died in the second year after Meng Jiao-niang entered the family. Her husband’s family thought that her bad luck was the one who killed him, so they kicked her out of the house. On the other hand, Meng Jiao-niang’s own family did not allow her to return home, fearing that her husband’s family would come to demand the dowry back.

So, Meng Jiao-niang lived alone in a dilapidated grass hut at the edge of the village and started doing skin and flesh business to make a living [T/N: Prostituition].

Meng Jiao-niang‘s husband’s family had good conditions. Therefore, she only had to serve her sick husband during the years she spent there. The comfortable life there made her skin radiant, and her previously shrivelled hair became as fluffy as if it had been blown up. Gradually, she blossomed into a seductive beauty like a juicy peach.

Before this, the men in the village were still concerned about Meng Jiao-niang‘s in-laws. Hence, they only dared to gossip behind her back, saying that she was a flower planted in cow dung, that she got cheapened by her sick husband’s lack of ability, and so on and so forth. However, when Meng Jiao-niang was kicked out of her husband’s house, those men who initially had a thief’s heart but lacked the courage began to be tempted and soon turned their temptations into actions.

For her livelihood, Meng Jiao-niang also accepted those men’s actions.

Zhang San’s pork, Li Si’s flowered fabric… These things helped Meng Jiao-niang to live better, and she became the most beautiful flower in the village.

This is especially pertinent when she is being compared to other women who always had to work in the fields and take care of household chores. Meng Jiaoniang only needed to dress up and flatter men, day in and day out, while those women were tied down with family affairs and daily chores. The gap between her and those women in the village naturally became bigger and bigger.

Of course, Meng Jiao-niang was also very careful. So, even though those women in the village hated her to the bone, they never caught her handle. That was also why the original owner of this body, who had a soft ear, regarded all of these rumours against Meng Meng Jiao-niang as jealousy and slander.

From the original owner’s memory, Meng Jiao-niang and he were not a good people either.

Meng Jiao-niang had an illicit affair with him without any marriage formalities, which led to the original wife’s death and the abuse of his child. If Meng Jiao-niang hadn’t been caught cheating, he probably would have remained a fool until death.

Meng Jiao-niang‘s life was undoubtedly pitiful, but what she did later was very hateful. She didn’t seek revenge against those who hurt her but instead hurt many people who had never wronged her. The original owner was the same, hurting his loved ones who truly cared about him for the sake of a woman with ulterior motives. It wasn’t until the last moment that he learned the truth and began to regret it.

In Jiang Liu’s view, both of them were extremely selfish people. Even though in this life, the original owner’s wish was to treat his wife and children kindly and live a harmonious life, in Jiang Liu’s view, this was only because the original owner had realized that they were the best people to him. He didn’t have to worry about being betrayed. The essence of this compensation was still due to his selfishness.

Yet, this task was within Jiang Liu’s acceptance range. The previous life’s Bai Lan and the original self’s two children were indeed pitiful. However, the other task proposed by the system gave Jiang Liu a headache.

There was an important reason why the original self’s relationship with Meng Jiao-niang deepened in the previous life.

According to the original trajectory, the original self gradually woke up not long ago and learned about the Jiang family’s separation. When he discovered that the property given to him was not as much as he had imagined, he blamed his mother. Under the seduction of Meng Jiao-niang‘s sweet words, he got drunk and had sex with her.

Perhaps after tasting the sweetness, the original maintained this improper relationship with Meng Jiao-niang since then.

The original self was foolish and didn’t care about the weak-willed woman in his family. When he interacted with Meng Jiao-niang, he never thought of avoiding others. Soon, Bai Lan discovers their relationship and decides to follow her husband and ends up discovering their affair and beats Meng Jiaoniang in anger.

This violent beating caused Meng Jiao-niang, who was pregnant at that time to suffer a miscarriage.

The original resented Bai Lan for the death of his son in Meng Jiaoniang’s stomach. Jiang Miaoshi also had some grievances against Bai Lan because she killed her unborn grandchild.

However, Bai Lan was essentially a kind woman. Although she was angry at her husband’s affair with Meng Jiao-niang, she also felt guilty for the lives she had taken. From then on, she stepped back whenever she was in front of the original body and Meng Jiao-niang.

Later, Meng Jiao-niang and the original body had another son. Hence, strictly speaking, this was not their first child.

The second task of Jiang Liu was related to this child. As the saying goes, “Heaven has mercy on the innocent child when parents are wrong.” His task was to protect this child and ensure he was born safely.

To Jiang Liu, this task seemed ridiculous. He is now a married man. Asking him to have a relationship with Meng Jiao-niang to conceive their previous child was challenging enough for him. He would instead let his little brother (T/N: His reproductive organ) rot than have to be intimate with Meng Jiao-niang.

“Host, some thoughts cannot be casually entertained,” said 001 in a low voice.

“Because in the myriad worlds, those higher up can always find a body with a broken little brother for the host to wear. Hence, the result may be too much for the host to bear.”

However, having a relationship with a woman like Meng Jiao-niang is really challenging his limits. He really would rather have his little brother rot than sacrifice his purity to complete the task.

Fortunately, the penalty for failing task two is only triple the points, and after experiencing so many worlds, Jiang Liu can afford this fine.

“Jiang’s Third Brother.”

Seeing Jiang Liu not responding to her seduction, Meng Jiao-niang called out to him again and even took a few steps forward to tug at his clothes.

In the past, just showing a little kindness to this simpleton would make him happy and led him unable to contain his excitement. But why was he staring blankly at her when she was trying to show him her favour this time around? Did her charm decrease somehow?

Meng Jiao-niang pondered over her outfit for the day, unable to figure out what went wrong. It appeared that she didn’t attract Jiang Liu’s attention as she had planned.

Just as Meng Jiaoniang’s hand was about to touch his sleeve, Jiang Liu felt a burning sensation coming from behind him.

This burning sensation was not physical. However, Jiang Liu’s keen intuition told him someone was staring at him from behind with intense hatred. Obviously, the owner of this gaze was full of hatred towards him.

Who could it be?

Watching Meng Jiaoniang approaching and thinking about the abnormal Bai Lan and Jiang Dahu at home, Jiang Liu started to shudder and subconsciously took a few steps back. He saw a pile of stones not far away and decided to take a chance. He pretended to trip and fell towards the pile of rocks with determination.

“Thud-” Jiang Liu fell heavily to the ground. Although he controlled his strength to avoid serious injury, the intense pain in his body and head still made him clench his teeth.

Seeing Jiang Liu’s closed eyes and the blood flowing from the back of his head, Meng Jiao-niang was so scared that she ran away.

Shortly after Meng Jiao-niang left, Bai Lan slowly walked to Jiang Liu’s side with a very obscure expression. She thought Jiang Liu should have been eager to entangle with Meng Jiao-niang‘s favour, but she didn’t expect him to avoid it.

This didn’t happen in her previous life. Bai Lan looked at the unconscious man and pondered for a long time before finally bringing him back to the Jiang family.

Anyway, she wouldn’t let him die easily.


“What happened? How did he fall again? Did he offend some back luck deity somewhere? Maybe we should go to the temple and pray.”

At first, Jiang Liu pretended to be unconscious but eventually fell asleep. When he woke up, he heard his mother’s voice.

After composing himself, Jiang Liu slowly opened his eyes. He childishly rubbed his eyes with his fists and cried out, feeling the pain in his body.

“Mom, your lucky star is hurting so much, waaah!”

This childish behaviour shocked both Jiang Miaoshi and Bai Lan. They wondered if Jiang Liu had injured his brain from the fall.

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