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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Tremble, Scumbag 5

Author: 打字机

T/N: I am not sure if I should stick to lucky star or change it to the original “Fusheng”.

“Mother, your lucky star is in pain and wants to cry.”

A child’s temper is always indulgent, especially for children like Jiang Liu, who are spoiled by their parents. Even a little pain can make him cry as if the sky is falling, let alone such a severe injury.

His mother didn’t react even after crying for so long, so Jiang Liu felt even more upset. He changed his loud wailing to a quiet sob as he pouted and touched the painful area before looking at his mother with tears, feeling extremely wronged.

“My Luc- my lucky star, don’t scare your mother.”

How could Jiang Miaoshi not be familiar with her son like this? Jiang Liu used to be spoiled when he was a child. Even if he had a small cut, she would have to coddle him for a long time. But that was when he was a child. Since the child grew up and had other friends, he has not been as intimate with his mother as before.

Jiang Miaoshi suspected that the injury on her son’s head might have made him stupid and brought his memory back to his childhood.

This made Jiang Miaoshi feel helpless. She, like traditional women, followed the principle of obeying her father before marriage, her husband after marriage, and her son after her husband’s death. Now that her three sons have separated, she chose to rely on her youngest son for her old age. If her youngest son became stupid due to this injury, she would have no one to rely on in the future.

And what about her lucky star? What would happen to him in the future? Thinking of this, Jiang Miaoshi couldn’t help but silently shed tears.

“My lucky star, be good. It doesn’t hurt anymore. Mom will help you blow it.”

Jiang Miao Shi hugged her adult son and calculated the remaining silver in her hand after the separation of the family. Selling the chicken in the house would be enough to gather the silver to take her son to the county to see a doctor. Perhaps her son’s injury was not so serious, and the doctor would be able to cure it with a couple of medicines.

Now she can only comfort herself like this.

Compared to Jiang Miaoshi, Bai Lan’s emotions were much more complicated. If Jiang Liu really became stupid from the fall, then…

Perhaps her gaze was too sharp. When Jiang Liu nestled in her mother’s arms and acted cute, he couldn’t help but look at her. When their eyes met, Jiang Liu shyly buried his head in his mother’s arms, then lifted it after a while and grinned at Bai Lan before hiding his head in Jiang Miaoshi’s embrace again.

His behaviour was like playing hide-and-seek, and it seemed like he was a little shy because he didn’t know Bai Lan.

Before this, Bai Lan doubted Jiang Liu’s “stupidity” because she had experienced a rebirth. Subconsciously, she would wonder if Jiang Liu’s change in personality after the injury was due to a similarly exceptional experience. Jiang Liu’s behaviour a few days ago made her feel that he might have noticed something was off about her. Maybe, he pretended to be crazy to fool her.

But Bai Lan quickly dispelled this idea.

That man had always been domineering. In his eyes, she and the two children were dispensable existences that could be beaten and scolded without a second thought.

If Jiang Liu were also reborn, he would probably harshly scold and insult her when he discovered her abnormality instead of tolerating her by pretending to be stupid.

Moreover, Jiang Liu’s eyes just now were too innocent, like a four or five-year-old child who didn’t know any better. That kind of look was not something the Jiang Liu she knew would have.

So Bai Lan also began to believe that Jiang Liu had become stupid, and now he was no different from a child.

But how should she deal with him if Jiang Liu really became stupid?


If it had been the previous Jiang Liu who had an affair with Meng Jiao-niang and bore an illegitimate child, Bai Lan could have mercilessly tortured and retaliated against him. But now, Jiang Liu acted dumb and childish. He is like a fool who doesn’t understand anything and has never done anything wrong. Hence, would there be any meaning in her revenge?

Bai Lan was not a bad person. So at this moment, she was feeling a bit soft-hearted.

However, she also felt unwilling to let Jiang Liu off easily. Why did she and her child have to suffer so much pain and so many sins without being able to hold the culprit accountable? Then, what was the meaning of her rebirth?

“Mother, I’ll make medicinal soup for my husband.”

Bai Lan didn’t know how to face this stupid man for a short time, So she made an excuse to brew the medicinal soup and left the room.

Jiang Miaoshi casually waved her hand and didn’t notice Bai Lan’s strangeness.

The first step was successful. Jiang Liu snuggled up in the old lady’s arms and whimpered. He finally heaved a sigh of relief in a place where no one could see


“Probably hit his head and lost his mind.”

The next day, Jiang Miaoshi and Bai Lan took Jiang Liu to the county to see the doctor. The chief physician in the pharmacy carefully examined Jiang Liu’s wound. He then closed his eyes to feel Jiang Liu’s pulse and then diagnosed the cause of Jiang Liu’s illness.

Medical technology was not advanced in this era. The skills of small-town doctors were not so impressive. The answer given by the doctor was based only on Jiang Liu’s wound and the symptoms described by Jiang Miao.

Nowadays, insanity, foolishness, and amnesia are all attributed to mind loss (T/N= shī xīn fēng). This disease is not a pleasant topic, yet Jiang Miao still had some hope that the diagnosis could be different. However, when the doctor really said those three words, she couldn’t hold back her emotions and almost fainted.

“Doctor, what can we do? My son is still young. He has a wife and children to take care of.”

Jiang Miao knelt directly and begged the doctor while hugging his thighs.

“Mind loss disease is difficult to treat. His condition is not so positive, and it’s better not to waste money. Besides, this disease is hard to say. In the past, some patients hit their heads and forgot their past, but after a few months or years, they remembered again.”

His ability could only help prescribe some blood-activating and stasis-removing herbal soups. Hence, when he saw that this family’s clothes still had patches and their accent suggested they were from a nearby countryside, he already deduced that the cost of these herbal soups would be a burden for them. Since it is so, this chief physician felt a little conscience and directly explained the situation.

“What can we do? What can we do?”

Jiang Miaoshi let go of her hands, hugging the doctor’s thighs, fell to the ground, and cried out in despair.

“Mom, did you get hurt? Huhu.”

Jiang Liu seemed to be unclear about the situation at hand. Seeing the old lady crying sadly, he thought she was hurt like him and sat down on the ground obediently to help his mother’s “huhu” the injured area, just like how Jiang Miaoshi always did when coaxing him.

Jiang Miao felt more heartbroken at her son’s obedient and filial behaviour. What did her son do wrong? Why did God punish him like this? She would rather be the one who lost her mind than let her son suffer such punishment.

“Old lady, although your son has forgotten many things and has the mental age of a four or five-year-old child, he is not crazy. You can teach him well, just like raising a child again.”

The chief physician saw that Jiang Liu could still speak clearly and logically. What was more admirable was that even though he had become mentally impaired, he still maintained his filial piety. Compared with other patients with hysteria, he clearly had a chance to recover.

Bai Lan, who was standing next to them, was moved by the old doctor’s words.

Indeed, now that Jiang Liu’s head has been “stupified”, his memories have returned to when he was four or five years old. With this, she can treat Jiang Liu as a son and teach him.

Now Jiang Liu is just a blank slate, and whatever she writes on it, Jiang Liu will become that way. She couldn’t let go of her hatred from her previous life, so she must let Jiang Liu compensate for her in this life.

She wants to teach this child to be extremely obedient and well-behaved. In the previous life, he made her and her children work like oxen and horses for him. In this life, she wants Jiang Liu to take on this responsibility for her and her children willingly.

Anyway, he is her man and also the father of Da Hu and Zhu Hua. Taking care of the family and bearing the financial burden should have been his responsibility from the beginning. She was making him start to shoulder this responsibility.

After realizing this, the big stone in Bai Lan’s heart finally fell.


“My lucky star, this is your wife, Bai Lan.”

As the doctor suggested, Jiang Miaoshi was preparing to teach her son again. Therefore, the first thing she had to do was to teach him how to recognize people.

“What is a wife?”

Jiang Liu licked the sugar cube in his hand and saw the little cutey Jiang Dahu staring at him with wide eyes. He thought that the little cutey wanted to eat the sugar in his hand, so he quickly stuffed the sugar cube into his mouth and very childishly opened his hand in front of Jiang Dahu, indicating that the sugar was gone and asking him not to stare at him anymore.

Jiang Dahu looked at his father with a puzzled expression. Now he truly believed his father was crazy because only a crazy person would do such a thing.

“A wife is a woman who lives with you and has children with you. Just like your father and your mother.”

Jiang Miaoshi looked at her son and felt even more heartbroken. She took her son’s hand and patiently explained.

“Then I don’t want a wife. Mom always yells at Dad. For sure, she will yell at me too.”

Jiang Liu spoke with a mouthful of sugar.

“Your wife won’t yell at you.”

Jiang Miaoshi’s temper flared up. She did often yell at her man. However, having her son point it out in front of her daughter-in-law made her feel a little embarrassed.

“Also, your son Dahu is two and a half years old this year.”

Jiang Miaoshi didn’t dwell on the issue of her daughter-in-law’s identity. Anyway, her son would understand the benefits of having a wife over time.

“Younger brother.”

Jiang Liu sat on the chair, swinging his two feet, with a proud expression of “I’m very smart, don’t fool me”.

He is only four years old this year, and the two-and-a-half-year-old child in front of him should clearly be his younger brother.

“Lucky star, this is your son. You can’t mix up the generations.”

This “younger brother” can’t be called; not only would it be unlucky for Dahu, but also others would laugh at her lucky star if it were spread out.

“Younger brother, younger brother!”

Jiang Liu shouted heavily twice.

Jiang Dahu looked at his biological father, who was pointing at him and shouting “younger brother”, and the revenge plan he had thought of before was directly aborted. What’s the point of revenge against this big fool?

What should he do with this foolish father? After Bai Lan, Jiang Dahu also began to think about this problem.

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