May 26, 2024

Hana ni wa Toge ga Arimasu

[Flower have thorns]


My fiancée is the second Prince, Shira-sama. Towards that cool Shira-sama, sometimes there will be unknown woman aiming for him. It was brave of you to challenge me! Misunderstood lady, this is the story of Mary and the people around her.

Author: Jikan Ryoko


My most favourite things are flowers, sweet desserts, beautiful clothes, glittering jewel and chit-chatting with everyone about the latest rumours. As well as, this country’s second prince, my fiancé, Shira-sama.

My golden hair was beautifully drawn up as my makeup was done in a way that will make my blue eyes shine more.

My preparation will be done as soon as I wore my two-tone colours of turquoise blue and white with lace trimming dress that complimented my eyes.

I was going to bring my two maids with me for my reconnaissance at Shira-sama’s workplace.


The 25 years old gentleman, Shira-sama, was 7 years older than me.

He was currently assisting the First Prince, who was going to become the next King. It seemed that these two people had been kidnapped by the King and the Prime Minister to work on the country affairs.

My engagement was decided due to my powerful father. Therefore, it was the kind of engagement that can be resolved at any time.

Currently, I was in the kind of situation where I can’t see him due to his busy workload.

However, even when the times already comes to the point where I was accustomed to this kind of day; there will be a day when the heart of a girl still feeling so deprived by it.

Plus, there were also many possibilities that the Second Prince will be snatched away from me.

Therefore, I went to meet the prince every day, during his working hour, to avoid overlooking any kind of possibility.


When I knocked on the door, one of Shira-sama’s attendant opened the door and welcomed me in with a full smile.

I felt slight discomfort from it.

Usually, they will only show a slight smile at me for a moment before turning back. However, today, he was beaming with a smile.

This is it!

Perhaps, finally, it has come to this. As I feel excited over the possibility, I entered the room to be greeted by the usual cool Shira-sama.

Sparkling green eyes with short black hair.

Tall stature with a sturdy body.

To think that he currently belonged to me made my cheek redden.

Shira-sama smiled at me softly whenever he saw me.

Today’s Shira–sama greeted me with a smile as he embraced me tightly.

Until now, it was the usual flow.

Shira-sama who hugged my body while stroking my head and kissed my cheek was the kind of gentlemen who like doing intense and splendid kind of skinship.

I was glad. However, I felt a little bit awkward considering the possibility that he might have greeted other women the same way in a place where I could not see.

As I pounded on Shira-sama’s back, I raised my face to see him. He then kissed my cheek.

He is indeed a sweet person.

I had heard of rumours that he was stiff like iron. However, you really could not count on the rumours as he was a 180-degree difference from his appearance.

And that was what I thought.

Even so, I was still a woman who could not be stopped.

When Shira-sama finished with his work, he told me that he would like to have his meal with me. Therefore, I decided to wait for him in the room for the time being.

From the corner of my eyes, I could see that Shira-sama had returned to his desk. I should immediately start today’s reconnaissance.

First of all, I still remembered the face of that man that I had met at the door.

Weird. There was absolutely something happening around here.

That being said, Shira-sama began to speak as I slowly approached that man’s desk.

I thought that I might be a hindrance towards them who was working. Therefore I began to pick up the sweet and the cookies on the plate.

I tilted my head as I thought why the timing happened now.

It was for sure, that assistant man. It is like he was hiding something. He also kept looking over his head as if trying to blame someone. He keeps calling my name and Mary until he finally unwillingly headed back to Shira-sama desk.

He also picked up the small dish with the cookies.

The heart-type.

Weird. Totally weird.

“What is it?”
“Who makes that cookies?”

Shira-sama responded with a slightly teasing smile as he looked over somewhere.

“It is said to be made by the woman who was working in a restaurant called [Borage] in town.”

Is it? I answered as I picked a piece.


Shira-sama smiled as he took the cookies from my hand and finished it off.

That smile hits my heart, but I felt like I had been cheated on.

This called female instinct.

That woman who was working at the diner had to be someone with a lower status.

It might be bad for Shira-sama, but even if Shira-sama preferred that woman over me, I still hold much advantageous position.

It seemed that it was tough for him to arbitrarily dissolved this engagement.

If you are going to win over me, you have to be prepared for it.


The next day, I secretly borrowed the maid uniform as I made my way into the town.

I wore a long dark skirt without any embellishments. I let my hair down with no smear of makeup on my face.

I walked tall; there is no trace of me being an aristocrat’s daughter could be seen from anywhere.

I had inquired in advance from the maid about the shop’s location. So I was able to reach the destination at once.

By the way, I did not tell anyone about coming here, so there will be a huge fuss if I did not return early.

Because it was right after the opening, there was still no customer around.

As soon as I sat at the seat near the window, I received the menu from the shop assistant.

The shop assistant has stutteringly greeted me. If you had finished talking, you should quickly fall back, you big doll! I felt like screaming.

I began to look around to see from where that doll had appeared before. However, she was nowhere to be seen.

I really did not know the shop assistant well for me to inquire about it.

When I asked for a tea, a beautiful woman with brown skin-coloured came and served me.

I was a bit nervous as I asked her with a loud voice.

“Are you in a relationship with the gentleman from the castle…?”

I felt like smiling and laughing as I looked at that frightened face.


Then that woman shook her body.

“I… will not behave like that… I will not do that anymore.”

For sure.
My feeling was right.

“Yes, it will help me a lot if you do that.”

I gave her a full smile as she lowered her head. She then quickly turned back to where she comes from.

This was the match.
I couldn’t win if I gave up just for this kind of obstacles.

I would not yield my precious Shira–sama to any other woman unless I knew that I am unable to defeat her.

Drinking my tea, I quickly went home without depending on anyone to show me the way.


A few days later, I intruded Shira-sama’s workplace as usual. The man who always greeted me at the door no longer had any smile on his face.

But Shira-sama hugged me as usual as he kissed my cheek.

As expected of Shira-sama, no matter what happened; his usual attitude while working will never change.

I took a glance at Shira-sama’s desk.

“Is there no heart-shaped cookies, today?”

While tilting his head, Shira-sama smile bitterly as he glanced over his assistant.

“It looks like there is no more.”
“Is that so?”

At such a moment, the assistant began to cry at his desk.

Tilting his head, Shira-sama took my hand.

“This is going to be annoying for a while, there are only cake and no cookies, but let’s have a break together.”

Shira-sama who did not know anything.

Until marriage, there will be a lot of unknown woman aiming for you; however, please be prepared for this Mary, who was going to dismiss all of them.

As I began to declare by readiness for battle, I showed my brightest smile towards Shira-sama, when he replied with a smile that melts my heart.

I will not lose to anyone.

Translator note: What is this? Is it her own delusion or something big is happening in the background! Fighting Mary!!

Ha..ha… there is actually part two “Hana ni wa Mitsu ga Arimasu” [Flower have honey]. Still, it was triple long from this, so, hahaha…..

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