May 26, 2024

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 31

Chapter 31 (Party 3)


Author: Unagi

Edited by : Aki


Everyone seemed to predict that something was going to happen.

Softly, the wind blew as Leticia closed her eyes for a moment

However, when she opened her eyes and looked around, she did not see anything that was amiss from her surroundings.

She touched her chest in relief.


“Le- Leticia-sama–”


However, everyone eyes seemed to have been drawn towards her.

When Leticia followed everyone’s gazes, her eyes caught the sight of something glittering.




Julius, who was standing nearby, unexpectedly offered her a mirror.

The one who was reflected in it was not the usual Leticia.

No, the appearance had not changed.

It was just that, the colors of her eyes and hair now were sparkling and shining.


“Wha- this–”


The Royalties from other countries gasped in surprised.

The King of this country had been famous due to his large amount of magical power, but based on this, it seemed that Leticia had far surpassed him.

Her magical power was overflowing to the extent that it affected the color of her hair and eyes.


“Wha- what the heck is this-”


Marianne raised her voice in shock.


“Even so, so what?! For that amount of magical power, even I–”

“Your magical power was actually given by Duke Diogenes.”

“Ha~ I had never received any of that sort from him!”


Certainly, Marianne did not seem to wear anything that could help her store her magical power.


“Well, Marianne-sama usually dined in the Royal Residence, right? It was fused inside your meal.”


Magical power can actually be ingested orally.

However, in that case, since the magical power was ingested, it was impossible for it to penetrate the core of the body. Therefore, it did not change her appearance, unlike how it did for Leticia.

Although Marianne was be able to use the magical power, it was an inconsistency in her case, so the magical power was incapable of influencing her appearance.

“It has been several days since the last time Marianne-sama consumed anything from Duke Diogenes’ residence. Surely, you cannot use your magical power anymore, right?”

Marianne stared at her own hand, stunned by that revelation.


“Putting that aside, Didion! Why are you here?!”


The King got down in panic.

Didion, who was grinning broadly, began to laugh.


“Lady Leticia, how are you connected to Didion?”


Leticia reflexively shrank her body when the King began to yell at her.


“Oioi, don’t you dare to start screaming at Princess. Was it so unpleasant for me to actually be here?”


The King’s face began to turn red.


“You bastard–”


The King’s magical power began to overflow in his anger.


“Oioi, isn’t it better for you to stop yourself from doing something so useless? You cannot actually use that much magical power anymore, right?”

“What are you trying to say–?”

“Don’t you understand? I will no longer provide magical power for you. For you, who depended on our magical power, from now on, what are you going to do?’



Didion was smiling evilly with some kind of expression that Leticia was unaccustomed to.


“Guard, apprehend them!”


The King spontaneously pointed his hand at both Didion and Leticia.

Even though the guards were startled with the sudden order, they quickly moved to execute it.


“Princess, we are going to run away.”


Didion grabbed Leticia’s hand and began to float in the air.


“They are floating!”


Even though they were only applying the wind magic under their feet, the surrounding people looked in amazement at the delicate magical operation.

With the help of the wind magic, the both of them jumped out from the hall.




Despite the whizzing sound of the wind, Leticia raised her voice, calling for Didion.

It was unknown whether her voice reached him or not, but his expression did not change, and before long, they finally arrived in front of an unfamiliar mansion.


“Here, Princess, come inside, come inside.”

“Wa-wait a minute, whose mansion is this?”


Leticia worried that they would be accused for illegal trespassing.

In the first place, she had done nothing wrong, so why did it turn out that she was running away together with him?


“This is now your residence.”


Didion smiled at her as he said that.


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  1. Thanks for the new chapter! Wow That was a really unexpected turn of events. I only thought Leticia’s magic would be revealed and show how much she exceeds Marianne. Didn’t expect an escape scene. XD

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