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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 32

Chapter 32 (Party 4)

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Author: Unagi

Edited by: Aki.

This, where am I right now?

I will not be able to go home if I did not know my exact location.

As I gradually got along with Duke Diogenes, I slowly managed to guess his emotions despite his expressionless countenance.

He probably worried about me now–

It was good that currently I am with Didon, however, in the first place, I still unable to grasp his true identity…

For example, in that choker’s case, if you think about it carefully, who was the one who let me wear it in the first place?

What did it mean that someone actually held Didion’s magical power?

Such a thing, how could it have happened?


Still, Leticia herself didn’t seem to have any distrust towards Didion.

For Leticia, Didion was her one and only ally.

Didion was the only person that Leticia was able to put her trust in.

This is the thought that she have since her childhood that it had become an imprinting in her heart.

Didion had always been thinking about her at any time.

But, this current Didion was different from the Didion that she had always known

— and that was the kind of feeling that she had at the moment.




A series of knocks echoed from the door


“Come in?”


The one who came in was Julius.

Since Julius was part of the Prince’s entourage, Leticia had been introduced to him previously, but their relationship was not one where they were considered to be close to each other.

Leticia could not help but put her guard up.

Rather than her, Julius seemed to have had a good bond with Marianne instead.


“Does Leticia-sama regard me as one of your enemies?”


Julius spoke while grinning at her.

Julius had always given the impression of someone who was cool and collected, but his current countenance made him look like a normal young man.


“That’s true. You are the kind of person who maintained good relationship with both the Prince and Marianne-sama.”


Leticia still remembered that the Prince, Julius, and Marianne had always stuck together.


“Ma~ that was one of my jobs.”


Julius adamantly explained to the end that it was part of his groundwork to prepare himself for the role of a Prime Minister.


“Really, I am truly not the ally of those people.”


Even though his mind was conflicted with his heart, Julius was the kind of person who prioritized the King and the Prince over anything else.


“However, that is truly not the case. Right now, in this country, who do you think currently holds the strongest amount of magical power?”


The first one should be the King. It should not have changed.

Even though Leticia had previously experienced the extent of magical power that she possessed, it surely did not exceed that of the King, who was already a legend. This was what she was thinking at that moment.


“Even Leticia has surpassed the King himself. However, it seems that Didion might actually possess even more magical power than that.”


Julius had recently come to know of the existence of Didion, who had personally contacted him, leading him to put his guard up towards Didion initially.

Of course, Leticia did not believe Julius’ story at all. It was because she knew that this would lead him to betray both the King and the Prince which was totally unlikely of him.

But, there was more to Didion than what met the eyes.

Didion’s true identity was someone that Julius had been respecting for a long time.

And so was Leticia.


At that time, the party venue was buzzing with noise.

Marianne, who had been indicted earlier on, had been taken away.

Daniel was still unable to accept the truth regarding Marianne.

He did not want to admit that he had been deceived by someone.

And to think that Leticia actually possessed that much magical power.

Her power surely put her above him. What’s more, she was also a Royalty.

It was only a matter of time for Daniel.


Even though the King should settle the current situation but he looked abnormally upset since the appearance of Didion.

What’s more, those words spoken by Didion–


The guests who had watched over those two people began to feel worried about the future of their country.

No one seemed to pay attention to the neighboring royalties who were preparing themselves to head back to their home countries.


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  1. I thought the reason she had no friends was because she didn’t trust didion? wait is this stockholme syndrome then?
    I really want that duke to face some punishment for using women as tools. Not only did he toss his daughter onto some random woman but he watched his daughter suffer and did nothing. Since he supplied mariane with magical power it’s too late to say he didn’t know.

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