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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 33

Chapter 33 (Party 5)

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Author: Unagi


“Didion? I would like to return home, but–”


As soon as Leticia found Didion, she uttered her wish with a timid voice.


“Home? Where is it?”


Didion looked down at Leticia with a cold gaze.


“You can always stay here forever.”


There had never been a time Didion looked at Leticia straight in the eyes.


“Duke Diogenes was worried about me.”


Surprisingly, Leticia had discovered that she was quite fond of her new father.

Even though, until now, she had experienced life like she was wading through uncharted waters, she had recently done quite well in adjusting herself to her clumsy father, who had difficulties with expressing his own emotions.

And to be honest, Duke Diogenes was much gentler in comparison to Duke Hydorosa–.


“Wa? – That person was actually aware that you had been exchanged with that fake Marianne previously, you know? And he left things as they were. You should not be wasting your time worrying about him.”


Didion spat out his words in resentment.

Certainly, Leticia was also concerned about that particular matter.

Why had Duke Diogenes not claimed and taken her back to her original home?

However, she did understand one thing.

There must be an unavoidable reason surrounding this matter.

Every time Duke Diogenes’ eyes fell upon Leticia, they always turned gentle.

Even though he was someone who always looked cold and expressionless, towards Leticia, he was always her gentle father.


“Hey, you knew right? That I had also used that things before?”

“What are you talking about?”


Didion shot a cold gaze towards Leticia


“I am the one who gave you the choker previously. Did you forget about that? The King had previously ordered me to have your magical power sucked off.”

“That was a lie. The King himself should have enough power by himself.”

“That was originally my power. But back then, I no longer wanted to pass my magical power to him that I decided to sacrifice you in my place.”


Didion was broadly grinning before laughing as he said that.

Leticia was quite anxious whether she could leave the mansion or not.

And even though Leticia tried to rest her mind and heart by sleeping, she was haunted by the nightmare that kept her awake.

As soon as she regained the recollection that Marianne’s mother had tended her during her childhood, her past memories of being oppressed by that person kept recurring inside her dream.

Although it seemed to be a quite traumatize experience for a small children, it appeared that she did not have recollection of it until now.

She had always been treated unkindly which led her to escape to the garden to console herself.

That was the kind of dream she had.

As she grew up, she got better at escaping so she had spent much of her time at the garden; however for some reason Leticia could not remember what she had done at those particular time

She began to wonder if this was due to the fact that Marianne mother’s harsh treatment was too much of a burden for the young Leticia.

Leticia gradually began to get drained from it.

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