June 23, 2024

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 34

Chapter 34 (Party 6)


Author: Unagi


At that time, an incident happened at the town.

Suddenly, the magical power supply had been suppressed, thus affecting the daily lives of the citizen.

For the citizen who had experiencing abundant and stable magical supplies since the coronation of the current King; it had led them to feel dissatisfied with him once the magical power supplies were ceased to exist.


“This is a disaster! The rest of magical supply is already–”


The King who needs lots of magical power to live in the Royal Palace had cut the magical power supplies meant for the commoner for his own use; however, the magical supply had been dwindling and only few of its remained.


“Your Majesty, you need to provision your magical power to us!”


Everyone wished for the King to devote his magical power to the supply tank.

But, the King could not do it.

Frankly speaking, the King himself did not possess abundant of magical power meant to be used by the citizen for their everyday lives.

What’s more, until recently, all of it were covered by the magical power taken from both Didion and Leticia.

In the first place, Duke Diogenes was the one who was supposed inherited the throne.

Duke Diogenes, who was born with enormous of magical power had been given name fitted for a king and had been decided to inherit the throne over his older brother.

Apart from his enormous magical power, Duke Diogenes also possessed great characters that enough to qualify him as a king.

However, because he was too excellent and impartial, there were many who considered him as a nuisance.

And at that time, a child was born from that older brother of Duke Diogenes.

From then on, the magical power of that older brother suddenly exploded and the one who were fit to become the new king was that older brother and no longer Duke Diogenes. Such voices began to rouse from the surrounding people.

In the first place, Duke Diogenes was the prime contender for the throne solely due to his large amount of magical power; however since it was already been surpassed by his older brother, by the time his father, the former king dead, his older brother was the one who had been crowned instead.

And that was the current King, the father of Prince Daniel.


It just that, from here on, the scheme had been deeply hidden.

The King had not actually used his own power. By exploiting the abundant magical power from his own child, he had glossed over the fact that he actually had mediocre amount of magical power and used it to show his might to others.

However, at that time, this matter had been left without any investigation. Truthfully, there was a rule indicated that children should not be exploited for their magical power. Therefore, it was actually unthinkable that the King had actually been ruling over the country for so many years by draining the magical power from a child.

The King also came to know about the existence of Leticia in the same manner.

When Leticia was still called Marianne, he had turned up to meet his newly born niece and noticed the huge magical power resided within her.

If he were able to exploit those power from his niece, then his position as a king will become more established.

Those were the thing that played in his mind as he tried to figure out the way to absorb the magical power from his niece.

However if he were to do it arbitrarily, his act for sure will be discover by Duke Diogenes.

Despite that, he still determined to make an attempt on it, for he thought that others might actually overlooked it. Yet, in order to avoid himself from arousing any suspicion from others, he ordered Duke Diogenes to participate in an expedition.

Still the next time he met his niece, he was shocked to find out that she only possessed little bit of magical power.

It was because, at that time, Leticia and Marianne had been replaced with each other.

Yet, it never occurred to him that was the case and only assumed that it was due to the interference from Duke Diogenes.


Due to that, the King once again searched for other magical power supply and thus arrived at Leticia.

Duke Hydorosa happily offered Leticia’s magical power to the King.

As a reward, Duke Hydorosa managed to establish his current position.

And for the sake of sucking off the magical power out of Leticia, the King gave out the choker.

The King then had asked the number one technician in the country who declared that it will be a piece of cake for him to put that choker on her.

Without knowing who and why that technician agreed to his request—

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