May 25, 2024

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 35

Chapter 35 (Side Story-Luka)


Author: Unagi


Luka had been kicked out from the mansion and currently wandering around the town.

Luka who rarely walked around the town had not notice it yet, however, that town had also been drastically affected from the loss of magical supply which was usually provided by Leticia—

Luka who realized that he would not be able to live if he was kicked out from the mansion, tried to resist against Duke Hydorosa.

He only managed to remain at the mansion for several days with the company of the grievance Duke Hydorosa before leaving; after all, their relationship as a parent and children had been completely broken.

With this, there was no one who will become his successor, Luka began to wonder from where would they going to get it from now on…

On the contrary, Marianne had not been cut off from the family register.

Considering that Marianne will be a part of a royalty, this move should be regarded as a reasonable judgement from Duke Hydorosa.

However, since Luka had left the mansion before the engagement party, there was no way for him to know what had happened to Marianne in that party.

Luka extravagant clothes which indicated his rich status easily attracted the surrounding gaze.

He could just imagined what could happen to him if he were to lose himself in one of those little alleyway.

He had been homeless for several days and he started to get worn out.

He managed to survive these past days by pawning some of his valuable.

As of how, Luka could not help but regarded his current predicament as his punishment.

Now that he thought about it, he only had Leticia as his sister.

Leticia had been so kind towards him.

Only now did he remembered about his sister Leticia.

The one who had raise him since he was young.

Why had he forgotten about it?

There were tears in Luka eyes.

Is it when he realized that Leticia might not have been his real sister?

Or when he learned that she was about to be engaged to Prince Daniel?

Since then, Luka heart had slowly distancing himself from Leticia.

He had prepared himself since then to accept whatever it was.

For whatever grievance he had cause Leticia, he willingly to be punish as much.

At that time a horse drawn carriage suddenly stopped in front of Luka.

It was a carriage with the emblem of Royal Family.

It was father and mother who had acted all this out.

It cannot be helped if there were to be punished by the Royal Family.

Luka stood there motionless, waiting for the knight to apprehend him.

“Luka-kun, get on the carriage. This road is dangerous for someone like you to wander around.”

“Y-You are–”

It was Duke Diogenes who appeared in front of him.

“Hurry up.”

With the urged from Duke Diogenes, Luka boarded the carriage.

Despite his initial observation, the space inside the carriage was pleasantly comfortable.

“Wh- why are you…”

He could not understand the reason for Leticia’s real father to act like this.

It was not weird if Luka were to be condemned by him.

In fact, Luka was actually in an awkward position if they were to count out the responsibility of both his father and mother towards Leticia.

“You are the younger brother of Leticia.”

Luka began to doubt his ear.

He already knew about the truth.

Of course, and it was more likely that he is the son of Duke Hydorosa rather than Duke Diogenes  Therefore, it will not be weird if he was born from the womb of Marianne’s mother—

“You are the son borne from me and Marianne’s mother.”

But still, Duke Diogenes declared it so.

“That kind of thing should be impossible. During the time of my birth, Duke Diogenes had yet to return from your expedition…”

“That’s true. I also don’t understand. That is why you are my son.”

Duke Diogenes had already applied to register Luka as his own child.

Similar with Leticia, he had used similar excuse to transfer Luka name to Duke Diagones’ family register.

“But, my hair–”

“Hair? A~ you are talking about the color? Those information is only privy among the Royalty. You should have enough magical power within yourself; so no one will doubt that you are my child.”

Luka’s hair color resembled neither Duke Hydorosa nor Duke Diogenes.

It was totally impossible for Duke Diogenes not to notice about those differences.

Once Duke Diogenes realize that Luka was not his own child, he still decided to welcome Luka into his family.

“Why would you–”

Luka cannot comprehend the reason for Duke Diogenes to publically declare it so.

“Leticia had always told me about you.—I had never directly discussed it with her, but I knew that she will be upset if she were to know that she will not be able to have you as her brother despite the lacked of blood connection. I was also worried about you who had just left your own parents. I had also admired you very much. One way or another, for the offer of staying together with us; it was something that I would like to request you of.”

Luka’s vision began to blur with tears.

“I know that you are a good brother towards your sister. Therefore, even though both of you did not share a drop of blood, you are still Leticia’s younger brother.”

As soon as Duke Diogenes said that, he turned his back towards Luka.

For Luka whose face was crumpled with tears, that gesture was nothing but full of gentleness.

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