May 26, 2024

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 36


Author: Unagi



“Leticia-sama, Leticia-sama.”

“What’s wrong? Julius.”

Julius had come for a visit.

“I can get away now. So, let’s escape together.”

Julius reached out towards Leticia.

He had also contacted Duke Diogenes, who had prepared a carriage for them.


Leticia was quite worried of Didion.

“Leticia-sama. Didion-sama have decided that he did not want to become the King of this country. If you were also decided to give up, what will happen to our country in the end? You have to consider about the condition of this country. We did not have any other choice.”

She knew that Didion had never had any desire for the throne.

What’s more, since long time ago, Didion had always been expressing his hatred towards the Royalties.

Leticia also felt reluctant to assume the Queen’s duty.

However, she also understood that she could never let Daniel ascended the throne.


Leticia took Julius outstretched hand as Julius jumped over the window with her in tow.

“I- I can walk on my own.”

“I am worried that something might happened. So, please bear with it for now.”

Due to the soft whisper near her ears, Leticia unexpectedly became quiet.

As soon as they left the mansion’s compound, a carriage with the Royal Family’s crest appeared.

“Please board the carriage, Leticia-sama.”

As she boarded the carriage, her eyes met with the carriage’s occupants.

A worn-out Luka as well as the Duke Diogenes himself.

Now that she looked at those duo closely, she could see that Luka’s face had crumpled and messed-up due to his tears.

“O, Onee-chan~~”

Luka clung upon Leticia.

Although Leticia was quite shocked with his action, she hugged him back, ruminating on their past memories as Luka cried like a dog in Leticia’s arm.

Leticia who did not know what had happened to him since she left him, patted his back gently in assurance.

It had been a long time, since the last time she saw Luka cried like this.

She could not help but felt nostalgic.


While Duke Diogenes witnessed the reunion between this two siblings, he signaled for the carriage to start moving.

Although there was no changes in his expressionless face as he tried not to disturb the reunion between Luka and Leticia; however, despite that, Duke Diogenes could not help but felt somewhat lonely.

For Julius who knew the depth of Duke Diogenes love towards Leticia was having a hard time controlling his laugh as he watched over the fidgeting Duke Diogenes as he gave him the report on Leticia’s well-being.

“Luka-kun. Please move aside a bit.”

Julius, whose limit were approaching, called out towards Luka.

Luka who had just entered the world of two people with her sister quickly looked over Julius.

Since it had been so long since the last time he shown his spoiled behavior, his cheek redden due to his embarrassment.

“Leticia-sama, Duke Diogenes had been quite worried about you for a long time.”

Leticia whose head was full of Luka previously, quickly assured his father that she was okay.

But with him being watched by Julius and Luka, Duke Diogenes could not help but felt perplexed on how he should responded to Leticia instead.


Didion released deep breath as he watched Julius and Leticia left the mansion

Thus, the preparation should now commence–


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    1. He is the First Prince.. run away from the palace because he did not want to become the magic power supplier and to find way to avoid Leticia from become one too (though he is a bit too late) and end up being her bodyguard…

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