May 26, 2024

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 37


Author: Unagi



“It is good that you are here–”


Leticia smiled at Julius.

Julius suddenly knelt and held Leticia’s hand.

“Leticia-sama, will you marry me?”

Leticia’s eyes rounded at the moment.

“Ju- Julius, what’s wrong with you?”

“For you who will become the queen, I would like to stand beside you and support your endeavor.”

Julius brought his mouth close as he kissed her fingertips.

In the blink of an eye, Leticia’s cheek redden.

“I- I could not possibly become the Queen.”

Leticia shook her head vehemently.

“Then, who are going to become the new ruler?”

Unquestionably, the current King had ascended the throne by borrowing the power of other, as for Prince Daniel, it was impossible for them to leave the country in his hand.

As for Didion….

As Leticia thought about Didion, her face turned sorrowful.

“Leticia-sama had also previously received the training for the King’s position.”

The weight of the country suddenly befall upon Leticia.


Julius led the way as he brought Leticia to the Government’s office.


“Le- Leticia-sama.”

All the officers began to gather around.

“Is it true that Leticia-sama can use the operating machine?”

“E~ I can use it, but–”

“Can you lend us a hand with it?”

Behind those officers, the documents seemed to have been piling up.

“Why this had–”

“Actually I do not have the permission to operate those machine.”

“Previously, I had figured out that Didion was the responsible technician for these machines, but currently the right have been transferred to Leticia-sama!”

“The right is with me?”

Although Leticia did not have any recollection of receiving the right from Didion, but the document left by Didion indicated it so.

Leticia who had been pushed around by the enthusiastic officer finally relented.

Of course, for the owner of the right to be exposed at the current timing was totally Didion’s scheme.

“Then I will borrow one of the machine.”

The officer quickly ran get the machine.

Leticia who had never involved herself in the practical work began to slowly go through the document.

“E~ this is?”

“Sorry! Is it difficult?”

The officers meant to KIV the difficult task which could not be solved at a later time when he saw Leticia tilting her head.

It did not seem so difficult from what she had seen.

Leticia unconsciously moved her finger as she began to operate the machine.

As the officer watch over Leticia’s hand movement full with knowing motion, they began to stand up and become excited, when in reality Leticia had already derived the necessary solution for it.

For the problem to be solve one by one, those officer felt like they were actually dreaming.

They could not imagine that she could use the machine and solved the problem to this degree.

For Leticia, those tasks were actually easy; the training provided by Didion had prepared her for more advanced assignment instead.

As the work began to progress smoothly, the officer from other department began to gather around.

All the urgent documents from various offices which was sent in were quickly returned to their respective department–

And for the first time, her action reached the ears of those people in the Royal palace.

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  1. Despite the similar words, offices are usually filled with clerks (office workers) and not officers (military or otherwise). 😀

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