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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 38


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Author: Unagi


The King’s face turned pale as he looked over the documents that arrived one after another from the neighboring countries.

Everything that he had managed to hide until now had been exposed.

Apart from magical power, the unique item available in this country had also become a great leverage that contribute greatly to the foreign relationship of the country.

The other countries were particularly interested in both the operating and the keyboard machines.

The royalty of the other countries were looking to the technology which were only available in this particular country.

However, those keyboard machine did not even make their appearance during the Royal Engagement’s party.

Those Royal Family was fuming with anger as they said [I came to this country to listen to the keyboard machine’s performance; I certainly did not come here to watch your Royal Family’s drama].

And out of nowhere, rumors began to scatter around saying [Neither the operating machine nor the keyboard machine belongs to this country].

Once the King heard about it, with the current lack of magical power; it will be a big problem if all those technician decided to abandon them, so, he had put an instruction to pursue the no 1 technician and bring that person to the castle.


“Didion, you bastard, how dare of you to hide this from me!”

The King moved closer to Didion.

Didion shrugged his shoulder as if he did not understand anything that he had been accused off.

“You are that technician, right! Why do you kept silence about it?! If you were to sell the right of those machine, this country–”

“Wa? So you are going to pay for it?—you, the kind of person who always love to leave it to others.”

Didion looked at the King with a disgusted face.

“I- I am your father! Whatever right you have is mine!”

The King began to scold Didion.


‘A~ that thing huh…I no longer have those right.”

“What- what do you meant? Tell me who you gave it to. Which country it is?”



“It belongs to Leticia. – since long time ago.”


Didion began to reminisce the olden days.


“Oni-san, what are you doing here?”

“You, as well, what are you doing in such place…”

“Me? You know, right now, I am running away from my mother.”

That girl was able to converse coherently despite of her lisping

“From your mother? You are–”

“It’s okay. That person is not my mother.”

That little girl began to grin broadly.

However to Didion that smile seemed so sorrowful.

“Then, why did Oni-san came here?”

“I am studying right now. This number is difficult.”


That small girl leaned forwards as she stared into Didion’s paper.

“It is still too early for you.”

“Ne~ this is wrong, right?”

As that small girl moved her finger, she gave the answer for each and every questions.

“H- How did you do it?”

Didion was surprised.

The degree of difficulties for one who study the number was high. So there were lots of experts who dedicated themselves in this branch of knowledge.

“It is easy, I’m just playing with the number in my head?”


That small girl crouched on the ground as she drew something on the sand.

“Did you understand it?”

The things drawn by that small girl was something that Didion had never seen before.

“This sphere here, you put the number–”

The little girl started to explain slowly.

Didion listened carefully before asking lots of questions to her.

A few days had passed since he met that small girl when he finally understood the form and the way of using the formula.

Didion managed to learn a lot of things from that small girl.

Didion had grown up being called a genius, but in this little girl’s knowledge, there was a world unfamiliar to him.


After a while, Didion left the Royal family with the intention of materializing all the things that he had learnt from that little girl.

After he completed the operating and keyboard machines, he once again return to the Royal palace, however that little girl was already a different person.

It was not a matter of forgetting.

The girl was fundamentally a different person.

The face and the hair color was totally different.

Without understanding the reason, Didion kept searching for that little girl.

And when he finally met her, the King and Duke Hydorosa had already came into agreement for their exchange.


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  1. Wait, wait, wait!!! Leticia-sama was able to do number formulas and walk around on her own before she even turned 2 years old?!! Maybe, Marianne’s mother wasn’t completely over-exaggerating,,,,,,, Now, the only question is why she has a lapse in memory after the switch

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