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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 39

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Author: Unagi



Prince Daniel was currently on the verge of falling over.

Marianne had been caught and Daniel also about to be punished due to his action of sending out the wedding invitation without permission.

If only his engagement with Marianne had gone well, it will overshadowed the fact that he did it without the permission from the King.

The fact is, the punishment itself did not bother him much as compared to his shocked over the fact that Leticia possessed overwhelmed magical power as well as the presence of Didion during the ceremony.


“– Therefore, Prince Daniel, due to the absence of Marianne-sama presently, you need to return all the money which had been expended on her previously. To think someone like her who did not actually have any relationship to the Royalty to actually use that much of money… I heard that you did not even spend as much as 1 pera for Leticia-sama–”


Leticia… for her to hide that much of magical power.

What’s more, that Didion?

It seemed that he was my older brother…. what’s more, it appeared that his status as royalty are yet to be revoked.

What’s more, he had also tried to escape from the Royal family!

Why did father let Didion existence to remain until today!
Even though he was my older brother, I will not let him become a hindrance in my life–


“—subsequently, the royalty did not have any more money to spare. So you need to pay it on your own. Prince Daniel? Did you hear me?–”



(King’s POV)

If it was not for the matter related to Leticia, Didion had planned to never ever coming back again…..

For him, there is nothing but betrayal here.

Be it then or now, it is still the same.

Nevertheless, with this, I will be able to settle everything.

I should be able to tie him down by marrying Leticia to him and reinstated him as the next King.

By doing that, the problem with magical supplies will naturally solved.

Though I am unwilling to hand over the throne as of yet, I should still be able to persuade Didion with the notion of the next King’s royalty obligation.

What’s more, with Leticia status as Didion’s fiancée, I should be able to tap on her magical power.

Based on the rumors, the computing machine deeds should already belongs to Leticia.

Therefore, the union between Leticia and Didion is a must.

This was not something that you can easily hand over to anyone else….


I need to be careful with it this time in order to avoid the disaster that had happened previously.


“Father! It is true that you also wanted to absorb that girl’s power?!”

“That girl? A~ you are talking about Marianne? That’s true. I noticed the huge magical power that she had when she was still a little baby–”

The King was grinning.

Right now, that girl was Leticia.

“It can’t be, she was still a small girl, right? My magical power alone is not enough for you?”

“Is it enough with Didion alone? It is not a matter of being enough or not, the more magical power we have, and the better it is.”

Didion started to feel angry that his magical power began to burst out.

“W-wait, I will postpone it until later. Duke Diogenes is yet to come back home. Until then, let’s think of a way to avoid from having this matter exposed to others.

The King was afraid that he will be opposed by Duke Diogenes that he tried to find a way to absorb that power without being noticed by others.

And in order to stop this, Didion decided to start researching on the magical power.

And then, when he found out that the original Marianne had been replaced with someone else entirely, Didion reason to stick with the Royal family had finally disappear.

Even though he had decided to put a distant between himself and the Royal family, he could not avoid from their surveillance. Thus, he hide himself from their eyes by manipulating the magical tools that he had previously created.


The King could not help but frown as he remembered about those memories.

At that time, he could never imagined that the country will be weakened due to Didion’s revenge towards the Royal family.

What’s more, since he was incapable of using the keyboard and the computing machine, the King himself had never seemed to care to investigate the identity of its creator.



….Still, he was my own blood-related son. As long as I explained it to him properly, he will surely understand….

Thus, in order to build a closer relationship to his son, the King had decided to write a letter to Didion.

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  1. ….Still, he was my own blood-related son. As long as I explained it to him properly, he will surely understand….

    Or will he?

  2. What a man!
    Really what a kind of man the king is!
    It seems all the more likely that Daniel is that king’s son!
    Now whose son is Didion if he is a man of such calibre?
    Thank you for the chapter! 🙂

  3. That king really is a lost cause.
    His kingdom depends on these machines and he had no idea behind the inventor?
    Though I still wonder why they couldn’t use whatever they used ten years ago (before the invention).

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