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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 40

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Author: Unagi



Following the letter from the King, Didion walked towards the indicated venue.

When Prince Daniel saw Didion appearance as he went up the stage, he began to look at him disgustedly; however his repulsed expression quickly turned triumphant as he realized that Didion did not follow him from behind.

Despite that, neither the King nor the audience gave any reaction or looked at Prince Daniel’s eccentricities with any interest.


When the King finished with his greeting, he at once used a loud voice to gather everyone attention.


“I have decided of electing Didion as the next King. Even though I had previously train Daniel for this post, however after numerous incidents, I believed that Daniel was not qualified to become a king. All of these incident should be regarded as the water under the bridge; therefore, let’s forget about it. The real successor is my son, Didion!”

Prince Daniel was shocked.

“Fa-Father! What do you mean by that! Why did you put him as your successor—“

“Do you think that you really capable of becoming the King? Even in terms of intelligence and magical power, you clearly failed at both of them. That is why I had matched you with Leticia previously. But you still behave as such…”

“Leticia? So, as long as I have Leticia, I will become the King, right!”

Daniel stomped towards Leticia.

“Oi, I will marry you.”

Leticia looked at him with a disgusted expression.

“I am not willing to.”

“You, is there anything you feel unsatisfied with from being able to marry me?! In the first place, you had undergone the Queen’s education for the sake of being my bride and you should feel happy about it!!!”

“Ha~, you know, I am a Royalty myself, right? So I am not going to be at your beck and call….”

Leticia could not help but felt disgusted when Prince Daniel demanded her to be grateful for his offer.

For her to have him as a cousin, she could not help but felt ashamed by it.


The foreign delegate who were yet to leave the country could not help but cheered when they realized that the Prince Daniel who always shrouded with scandal could no longer become the King.

To those who recognized Didion, all of them congratulate him by saying that the suitable man to become a King had finally come back.


However, Didion expression remained cold, not a single trace of shocked could be seen from it.

He slowly made his way up into the stage before opening his mouth to speak.

“The current King should just abdicate his throne right at this moment.”

“W- Wait a moment. I will hand over the throne to you eventually. So you did not need to be so impatient about it.”

Didion quickly evaded when the King tried to put his hand on his shoulder.

“You cannot stomach the idea of stepping down from the throne, huh?”

“Let’s wait for another 10 years, we will discuss about it later on.”

Didion sighed.

“King, you had been sucking the magical power from me and Leticia since we were infants and kept proclaiming that it was yours to begin with.”

The venue began to buzz.

“Whether you are a King or not, a sin is a sin. It is deplorable of you to continue sitting on the throne.”

“Wha- What is it! Do you even have any evidence on it?”

Previously, with just the testimony from Didion and Leticia who were only an infant; it was quite difficult for them to pin the King with his crime.

Even though if one were to use Leticia’s choker as an evidence that she had been  force to supply the magical power to the Royal Family, it was difficult to determine that this scheme had been going on since her infancy.

“I will become the witness.”

It was Duke Diogenes who had stepped forward.

“Here is the record of people who had watched over Leticia over the years since her childhood.”

“T-this is a frame-up!”

The King snatched the record from Duke Diogenes and tried to tear it to pieces.

“The Royal Spy had also participated throughout the background investigation on Leticia. He will testify on this matter.”

Even though the soldier should come forward to arrest the King based on his crime but they kept at a distance as they were still confused on how they should proceed with the current situation as they watched the King collapsed on the floor.

However, once it was exposed to the public, all the previous misdeed had finally come into the light.


As he watched the King coldly, Didion voice reverberate as he made his declaration.

“I have long separated myself from the Royal Family, Therefore, I am not going to become the new King. Now that I am gone, Leticia should be the one who inherited the throne.”


Didion ignored the King’s demand as he got off from the platform.

“It will be the best if I can get away from this country as far as possible.”

Didion whispered this in Leticia’s ear before disappearing from everyone’s sight.

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