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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 41 (End)

Chapter 41: And then.


Author: Unagi


The King’s scandal had finally come into light.

The first move had been made to clear out those who had been working previously under him.


“Oh, I will do those later, move on to the next agenda”

“Julius-sama! The neighboring’s countries….”

“….It has already been arranged. Oh, that is right—-”

Originally the one who had been supporting this country was the Prime Minister rather than the King himself, thus with the collaboration between the Prime Minister and his son, the situation within the country quickly calm down.

The next move should be made towards the neighboring’s Royalty.

“It seems that the King of that country will change soon.”

“—why couldn’t you gathered more Intel on it….”

“With the King’s gone, the country should weaken eventually.”

“-No, the new King seems to be more competent…”

The neighboring’s royalties which had always thought themselves as up and above started trying to meddle with the country.

However, Duke Diogenes quickly took the matter to his hand.

Originally, Duke Diogenes was the one who should inherited the throne and thus he had already established his connection with the neighboring’s Royalties.

With his abilities, he smoothly restricted the meddling of the other countries in the current political situation.

In the end, whether the King owned a huge magical power or not, there were no changes in the national power that need to be concerned off.


“As expected of Duke Diogenes.”

“It was nothing, Prime Minister. Your son, Julius, is also an exceptional lad.”

“You are being too polite. He is still have a long way to go.”

Duke Diogenes and the Prime Minister was talking quietly.

“I did not think that this matter will settle down so quickly.”

“That’s true, however, we still have lots of things to look over.”

The Prime Minister sighed as he looked over at the document in front of him.

“Even so, for Didion-sama to go this far…”

The documents rustled as it was turned over.

With it, the letter from Didion was lined up together.


That Didion was currently moving towards the border of the country.

“Well then, which country should I go first?”

His head was currently full of thought about Leticia.

From now on, Leticia will no longer be harm by others..

And that was when Didion finally realized that he will never be able to meet her ever again after this… his most beloved person…..



“Th-That is, the abandonment of the engagement by Prince Daniel.”

“Are you stupid? Do you think that the King will forgive him?!”

“No, no. It was based solely on the judgement of Prince Daniel himself….”

It was a shocked that Didion had always been protecting Leticia.

And because of  that, that girl also need to be happy from now on.

“I see….—then.”

At that time, Didion had swore for his vengeance.

“From now on, this is the beginning of everything.”


“Should I go to the northern country?”

“North? For me, I preferred to go to the south.”

‘South? Hmm, the south is…”

Didion quickly turned to look over his back.

“Wa, eiii—-!”

“There are lots of delicious things in the south, right? So, south it is.”


“Eiii? You did not want to eat something delicious?”

“That is not what I mean! –Princess!”

Didion said that as he grabbed Leticia’s shoulder.

“Right now, I am no longer a Princess.”

“What kind of nonsense are you talking about….Oh, have you become the Queen now?”

Didion thought that it a valid pretext for Leticia to be named as such based on her social position.

“You are wrong. I have decided to abandon it and come out here instead.”

“Wa!? Are you telling me some kind of a joke…?

Leticia should be marrying Julius and become the queen…. was what Didion had always assumed it to be.

“Even if I were to become the Queen, I will not be able to rule effectively. Therefore, I have decided to leave. And naturally, my father will assumed the position as the King, right?”
Right now, only Duke Diogenes had the qualification for the throne.

Didion crouched down as he tried to digest the current situation.

“Are you really going to abandon your own father?! Such a thing….”

“Ara? There is no way I am going to abandon anyone. Previously, Didion had always been telling me to be careful! … But the person who had always been tailing me is my father, right? Apart from his work, he seemed to have been watching over me for hours. Besides that, he had also been preparing for my birthday present every years. But I did not managed to receive any of it. Don’t you feel that there is something weird about it?”

Didion had no other choice but to swallow the words down.

Didion admittedly had played some tricks in order to ensure that those presents did not reach Leticia’s hand

“…. You will not be able to forgive me for doing that?”

“I can’t really help it, can I? Even though I was depressed that my fake father was slightly cruel to me, it was better than to be directly aimed by the King and my stepmother. Even my father cared about my well-being…”

I realized that even her father who always spotted an iron-like mask to hide his real intention also helplessly fawning over her.

“Then, why did that kind of father let you to come here all alone?”

“I came here to pick up the Prince.”


“That’s right, Prince Didion.”

Because he had not been called like that in years, Didion could not help but felt embarrassed from it.

Leticia laughed when she saw his expression.

“I already cut off my relationship with the Royalty.”

Didion had promised Duke Diogenes that this time he will truly cut himself off from the Royal Family.

“That things is still under discussion.”

Didion’s eyes were wide opened.

“I mean, why are you so adamant to cut yourself off from being a Royalty?”

“Why is it, huh?”

“Mou, there is no one who going to find you unpleasant anymore, is there?”

Certainly that the father of his was no longer around.

“—I do not like you.”

Didion was so confused that he could not come out with a better excuse.

“That is a lie, right? I have heard about it from Julius.”


“Fuffuffu, everything!”

Leticia smiled widely.

“Since you are going to come back to the Royal family sooner or later, there is really no need for your name to be erase from the registry, don’t you think so?”

“–I am not going to return.”

“But, once you married me, you are still going to become a part of the royal family, right?”


“Didn’t you do all this things for my sake?”

Leticia knew the reason why Didion decided to abandon the Royal Family as well as the truth behind the uproar recently.

“I have heard about it. I am your first love, isn’t it? …Considering my age-”

“Stupid. Don’t say that anymore.”

Didion held his head on his palm.

He did not know where she had heard about it, however, it was the truth that his first love was Leticia.

“It is okay for me if you did not harbor the same feeling towards me now.—However, from now on, I want to stay together with Didion.

Leticia began to approach Didion.

“—Are you okay with that? Even though I myself unsure of where I am going end up from now on?”

“I’m okay with that. I am going to follow you to the end of the earth.”

Didion looked at Leticia in dazzled.

The girl who had always needed his protection had somehow grown into woman without his notice.

“…I am so stupid… I have decided to give up on you and disappear somewhere far. However with you here, there is no longer any need for me to go somewhere else….”

“Hmmm? Did you say something?”

“Nothing at all.”
“Then will you properly call my name?”

“–You, listen–!?”

Leticia giggled at him.

“I also like Didion.”

Didion quickly took initiative and hugged Leticia, and did not let her go for a long, long time.

A/N: Finshed.

It is thanks to everyone that I managed to complete this.

For the long support received, thank you very much.

T/N Owari!!!!!

Anyway, after finishing it, I realized there might be lots of places that I have mistranslated, so I hope that the meaning still come across.

There are about 9 chapters that still unedited. Initially, I thought of waiting for Aki to edit it first, but since it might took longer (I know that some University are currently on their Final Exam’s phase, mine also), Aki told me to post it first and Aki will come later to edit it.

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